This week is National Soil Conservation Week (NSCW).

“The Soil Conservation Council of Canada embraces collaboration with all groups and individuals who share our passion for protecting Canada’s soils. Together, we can improve soil health, we can bring the benefits of soil to all Canadians and we can strengthen our country’s role as a world leader in soil conservation,” said Soil Conservation Council of Canada Chair Kier Miller.

This year the Soil Conservation Council of Canada is focusing on a few things:

1. A simple experiment can be done anywhere there is soil. Participants just need to bury a piece of white cotton. After a few months, they can dig it up and share their soil experiment experience online.

2. Senate Study on Canadian Soil Health - Senator Rob Black continues to move his initiative in the Senate of Canada to launch a major study to update our understanding of the state of Canada’s soil resources.

SCCC is also working with Drs. Mario Tenuta and David Lobb at the University of Manitoba and other soil experts to produce an annual Soil Health Report Card that tracks successes and challenges with the state of Canadian soils.