The collision by Webb along the Trans-Canada Highway, remarkably, was non-fatal.

RCMP have shared few details regarding the car that became lodged underneath what appears to be either an oil or water trailer hauled by a semi-truck. 

Bits and pieces of the car on the highway. Shrapnel from the incident on the highway. 

Corporal James Countryman, with the Swift Current Rural RCMP, shared some new information regarding the three occupants of the car. 

"Occupants were treated for injuries and taken to hospital," said Countryman. 

The car in question, a red Mazda, collided with the tanker trailer as it was crossing the highway's westbound lanes. The car had its roof flattened and crushed by the trailer undercarriage. 

The driver of the semi-truck has not been reported as injured at this time. 

Motorists are encouraged to slow down during rainy and low visibility weather and to always turn their lights on during rain, fog, and other visually impairing weather.