Thursday March 4th

Something we learned from 2009 that may have come as a surprise:


NHL Trades:



A Day for 1sts for Women


first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.


first woman to serve in the Cabinet as secretary of labor.


first Canadian female senator appointed


first woman to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada.




Explorer Christopher Columbus arrives back in Portugal from his voyage to what is now The Bahamas, Jamaica and other islands in the Caribbean… this guy is said to be a hero and important historical figure. All I’m seeing here is a guy on vacation in January and March.



In the first ever peaceful transfer of power between elected leaders in modern times, John Adams is sworn in as President of the United States, succeeding George Washington.



The first case of Spanish flu occurs, the start of a devastating worldwide pandemic.

Swift Currrents Lyric Theatre would become an isolation unit for people suffering from the Spanish Flu.



RCMP to replace remaining dog teams with snowmobiles.



Toronto actor John Candy dies at 43 of a heart attack while filming Wagons East on location in Mexico



Martha Stewart left federal prison after serving five months for her role in a stock scandal.



Quenching your thirst and giving back to the Swift Current Broncos organization at the same time.
The Broncos, for the first time, are allowing fans to enjoy their alcoholic beverages in their seats.

In the end, no negative reactions were found. The only major complaint in Broncoland was that no clamato juice was on hand to go with the beer.



National news headlines: The powerful magnitude 8.8 earthquake that rocked Chile was strong enough to shift the planet's axis by 3 inches and shorten the length of a day, and came soon after the catastrophic magnitude 7.0 quake that devastated Haiti and right after a magnitude 7.0 event hit off the coast of Japan. Next?

Early this morning, a powerful earthquake has shaken southern Taiwan, causing injuries due to falling objects, as well as damage to buildings and transportation infrastructure.

Officials said the magnitude 6.4 quake shook buildings for several minutes, triggered blackout in parts of the capital Taipei and disrupted the island's high-speed train links in the south.

Local news reports say several people were injured when the quake struck early on Thursday, but there have been no reports of any fatalities.

Just 50 miles off the Pacific Northwest coast is an earthquake hotspot that threatens to unleash on Seattle, Portland and Vancouver the kind of damage that has shattered Chile.

The fault has been dormant for more than 300 years, but when it awakens — tomorrow or decades from now — the consequences could be devastating.

Recent computer simulations of a hypothetical magnitude-9 quake found that shaking could last 2 to 5 minutes — strong enough to potentially cause poorly constructed buildings from British Columbia to Northern California to collapse and severely damage highways and bridges.

Such a quake would also send powerful tsunami waves rushing to shore in minutes.





27- George Jones marries Nancy Sepulveda at the home of his sister, Helen Scroggins, in Woodville, Texas. The newlyweds eat their wedding dinner at a Burger King in Jasper, Texas


Catherine O'Hara –56- a Canadian-American actress and comedienne. She is well known for her comedy work on Beetlejuice, Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, and The Nightmare Before Christmas;


Carroll Baker –79- American actress who has enjoyed popularity as both a serious dramatic actress and, particularly in the 1960s, a movie sex symbol.


39- Pierre Elliott Trudeau marries Margaret Sinclair in St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church; first Prime Minister to marry while in office; couple divorce in 1984.




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Ham it up with Humpties Secret Location:

800 Griffiths Way in Downtown Vancouver .. last weak~?

A: GM Place was temporarily renamed Canada Hockey Place for the 2010 Winter Olympics