The remnants of Hurricane Hilary are expected to reach southwestern Saskatchewan tonight.

Mexico was first hit with the tropical storm Sunday morning before it moved onto California. The storm carrying massive amount of rain was nearly through Nevada early this afternoon moving into Idaho and Oregon.

The majority of the precipitation in Saskatchewan is projected in the northern grainbelt but the southwest will still pick up some rain.

"Rainfall amounts will be lesser the closer you get to the United States border," Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang said. "We may see some thundershower activity in there just because this moisture is coming from the subtropics... We will probably see that linger around for Tuesday." 

Swift Current has gone without any precipitation since August 12, although the last three days have been rather cool compared to the region's 30-year temperature average for this time of year.

The colder weather will stick around for most of the week before warming up come the weekend.

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