Southwestern Saskatchewan will have a few more days to bask in the summery temperatures before the inevitable fall weather glides in. 

Daytime highs today and tomorrow could reach the upper 20s, which is well above the normal high of 16 C for Swift Current this time of year.

The cozy weather is being attributed to an upper ridge of high pressure according to Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"Unfortunately we're going to get some winds to come along with those temperatures from the southeast but I think for the most part we will take the temperatures while they're here," she remarked.

A cool front will begin to sweep its way across the southwest Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Temperatures during the day until the weekend will remain around a high of 20 C.

"Might even get a sprinkle out of that but not much in the way of showers, it will just cool the temperatures off a few degrees," she said. "Then the jet stream flattens out and that brings us more seasonal temperatures."

The cooler weather is setting the stage for next week when Lang believes temperatures could facilitate the first widespread frost event of the year in the southwest.

"If the wind goes down then there is a good chance for frost," she said. "We tend not to get frost when there is winds because it mixes the lower atmosphere around and then the frost can't form because cold air tends to sink."

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