The Health Standards Organization (HSO) recently updated its recommendations on national long-term care service standards.

HSO recommended that residents of long-term care homes should get at least four hours of direct care a day, as well as paying long-term care home employees on par with other health workers.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority provided an email response on behalf of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health stating all long-term care (LTC) residents deserve safe and effective care.

"In Saskatchewan, all facilities that provide LTC must operate in accordance with the standards set out in the Program Guidelines for Special-care Homes to provide safe and effective care. These guidelines are considered minimum standards and many facilities exceed the required minimum standards. The Ministry of Health conducts inspections to assess homes’ compliance with these Guidelines."

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health added that they are continuously reviewing and updating policies with the goal of improving care.

"Our officials will be reviewing the recommendations of the Health Standards Organization and considering them as part of this ongoing review." 

It would usually be up to provincial governments to mandate the standards if they choose, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to legislate safety in long-term care across the country.