A hub for live entertainment that’s been connecting community in Swift Current since 1912 is working hard to re-open to the public. 

The Lyric Theatre closed its doors in May due to upgrade requirements to meet current fire and safety standards. 

Bob Jamieson, a board member for the theatre, said their first step is to purchase and install a multitude of fireguard drywall. 

“There's no construction going on at the moment,” he said. “But we're ready to roll at any moment here now. We're quite excited about it, actually. It's a project that's going to be materializing very quickly.” 

Wyatt Eckart from P3Architecture Partnership out of Regina is working closely with the Lyric Theatre to get their renovations and upgrades completed.  

The drywall needs to be installed in the ceilings to prevent a fire from spreading from one story to another.  

Once their main concern is dealt with accordingly, the next step will be metal doors and sealing off the furnace room. 

"It's going to involve some fundraising,” said Jamieson. “To get the materials and the labor covered—but we're well underway with all of that at the moment.” 

To complete all of the required upgrades to the historical building will cost the Lyric Theatre roughly $150,000. 

Jamieson added that they won’t be paying the total sum up front, as they’ll be working in phases. For the immediate installation of fireguard drywall, the arts venue will spend $50,000 to $60,000. 

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