Monday February 22nd

Something we from 2009 that may have come as a surprise: Greenland ice samples shows Europe froze solid in less than 12 months 12,800 years ago, partly due to a slowdown of the Gulf Stream. Once triggered, the cold persisted for 1,300 years.



Today’s Olympic Schedule:




Spain sells Florida to the United States for five million U.S. dollars. If they would have only known that in 100 years they could turn it into a large retirement community…



It became illegal for airplanes to fly over the White House. In Canada, it’s still just a slap on the wrist if you climb the parliament roof.



Health officials in Vancouver criticised the tobacco industry for trying to increase their sales through campaigns directed at young people. In one specific promotion, free packs of cigarettes were distributed to university students. Public health authorities warned that these tactics compromised the health of the entire nation.



Johnny Cash proposes to June Carter when they perform in London, Ontario. She says yes



Miracle on Ice: In Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeats the Soviet Union hockey team 4-3, in what is considered to be one of the greatest upsets in sports history.



Health Canada project finds traces of cigarette smoke compounds in fetal hair; first biochemical proof that even offspring of non-smoking mothers are affected by passive smoke.



Bloc Quebecois leader Lucien Bouchard returns to the House of Commons where MPs give him a standing ovation; he had lost part of his leg to the so-called flesh-eating disease in late 1993.



The first cloning of an advanced mammal, a sheep known as Dolly, is announced in the news media. Dolly was cloned from a mammary cell, her name being taken from the top-heavy Dolly Parton.



At least six men stage Britain's biggest robbery ever, stealing £53m (about $92.5 million or 78€ million) from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.




National news headlines this morning:

America is reeling today because of early footage of their speed skater, Apolo Anton Ohno, yawning just before the start of the race as he was on the verge of becoming the Winter Olympian with the most medals in U.S. history. (He did, with a bronze.)

It is being revealed today that the yawning lets extra oxygen into his lungs in the seconds before bursting across the ice.

Today’s lesson is don’t be so quick to judge what you don’t fully understand.






Drew Barrymore –35- ET, Scream, Never Been Kissed, Charlies Angels,


Vijay Singh –47- is a Fijian professional golfer who was number one in the Official World Golf Rankings for 32 weeks in 2004 and 2005. He has won three major championships.


Steve Irwin –wb48- was an iconic Australian television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist. Irwin achieved worldwide fame from the television program The Crocodile Hunter.