Folks who have been walking along the Chinook Pathway may have encountered something new recently.

That would be the new bike park being built by the Kiwanis Club in partnership with the City of Swift Current.

Elden Moberg, the youth services co-chair for the Kiwanis Club, explained how the park will mostly be for kids, but that's not the exclusive purpose.

"The main purpose would be for younger riders to go in there and to use it," expanded Moberg. "But obviously because it's right on the main pathway along 13th Avenue in the Elmwood Golf Course, everybody could go in and use it."

The park is a legacy project for the Kiwanis Club, with the idea that it will be part of the identity they leave behind in the city. They wanted to build something in hand with the City for the community. The bike park is an excellent collaboration on that thought, as it will serve generations of kids to come. Allowing them to build those precious memories of learning to ride with friends and family in a unique space.

The park itself will be shaped like a bicycle, with different bends, turns, and intersections set up to give kids a chance to practice road safety, stopping and going, as well as hand signals with their peers.

While the City has provided around $60,000 to prepare the area, Kiwanis Club used a duo of grants totaling roughly $50,000 for design and materials, while the City is providing the manpower to bring it into reality.

"I think it was something that the City was excited about," said Moberg. "Whenever they can put something in place that can help the citizens in the city and get some funding from a local organization to support that. I think that helps them out in being able to spread their dollars to different projects around the city as well."

On August 12 the park officially opens, and will also be the day they install the Kiwanis time capsule on the site. The capsule will be opened in 50 years, in 2072.