The blizzard conditions that pummeled the southwest yesterday caused numerous motor vehicle collisions, some that emergency crews couldn't even attend to because of the treacherous climate.

Several emergency services including the Swift Current Rural Fire Department received a handful of calls during the storm's peak in the afternoon but were unable to provide assistance.

"It's not something we do normally, try not to go out to scenes, but we didn't feel at that moment it was the right decision our guys in danger and our equipment," Fire Chief Louis Cherpin said.

Cherpin has been a firefighter for 27 years and said this was the first time he hasn't been able to respond to a call.

"We just couldn't get out there," he said. "The roads were absolutely terrible and the weather with the snow blowing we just couldn't see anything."

The rural fire crew received a pair of calls during the afternoon that entailed two motor vehicle collisions they couldn't make it to, however, the RCMP made it to the scene and provided assistance.

"With the reports of the incidents, we felt confident not to go out there during that time," he said.

Another emergency services crew made it out to a different collision just north of Swift Current but were hit by a semi passing by, injuring both the medics on scene.

"That could happen to any of us on the side of the road with people not paying attention or cannot see and still trying to power through the storm," he said. "When the roads are closed, they're closed for a reason... There's times, which proved yesterday that, help isn't coming immediately, it may show up eventually but it isn't going to be out there immediately."