Southwestern Saskatchewan is under a fresh blanket of snow as a low pressure system continues to hover over the region.

Snowfall began early Monday morning in parts of the southwest and hasn't let up knocking out power to thousands and closing multiple highways. High winds and snowfall amounts are being blamed for the damage and havoc.

The storm, that originated in British Columbia, has thrashed the southwest for nearly 36-hours straight and counting.

"That same band has stalled but it's moving very slowly eastward and weaking," Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang said. "It does look like there's going to be snow throughout most of the day still through the southwest."

A higher elevation in the Cypress Hills area has increased the snowfall amounts reported.

"When the air is forced up like that, it cools even more, and there's more snow that comes out it," she explained. "That's sort of what happened and what's happening."

The percipitation is expected to ease up by later tonight and lead to a drier few days ahead.

"We're looking for another weather system to move through on the weekend [Saturday]," she said. "It looks like for the most part the percipitation will fall as rain."

Friday is projected to be the warmest day this week at 13 C with sunny conditions.