It's the end of an era, as Ashley Park Hall has finally been knocked down. 

This was the final landmark remaining in Ashley Park and marks the beginning of the City of Swift Current's efforts into transforming the area

The residents in the area were involved in the decision to knock down the World War II-era structure, which had gone unused in recent years. 

Addressing this development is Nicole Spenst, the general manager of community services for the City of Swift Current.

"Our RFP closed for the Ashley Park Hall and it was handed out to Knudsen Excavating who did a demolition of the building," shared Spenst. 

The structure was knocked down a week ago now, with the bulk of it being transported to the landfill. The structure was found to have some asbestos material, but proper procedures were followed for the safe demolition even with that concern. 

"Now we're in the process of waiting for the contractor to backfill that hole and then we will be doing some, making sure that the fill is level and landscape it a bit and then just put in some non-irrigated grass seed that will help to keep the dust down."

The City of Swift Current was able to find one potential buyer who was interested in taking over the building. Sadly for the Hall, the prospective purchase fell through. 

"Just due to the cost factor," aid Spenst. "Once they got looking at the cost to move the building from the city to the outer limits." 

Since no one else approached, the City went ahead with the demolition, marking the end for a building that has been serving as the base for many different groups, going all the way back to the Second World War when it was an airman billet at the Swift Current Air Port. 

Residents around Ashley Park have begun fundraising on their own to gather some money to begin the renovations of the park space sooner rather than later.