A group of southwest students recently had the opportunity to put their creativity to the test at the 32nd annual Chinook Regional Science Fair. 

This year’s fair took place virtually and saw 35 students present projects on a diverse range of topics. 

Dawn Caswell-Falk, Vice Principal at Fairview School, said that determining the winners presented a challenge. 

“We had a smaller group than usual doing our judging and we simply just allowed them access to certain documents and videos that each of the students had put in with their entries,” she said. “It took us about a week to get all of the final judging done, to get you know each project done two or three times and it was it was close. We had some incredible projects though.” 

The Saskatchewan Chinook Regional Science Fair provides young scientists the opportunity to compete at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. 

The Canada-Wide Science Fair is the country's largest yearly youth science, technology, engineering, and mathematics event. 

Caswell-Falk added that the two best projects in the Saskatchewan Chinook Regional Science Fair get to advance to the Canada Wide Fair. 

She stated that the event will look a bit different this year but is hopeful that in person events will be returning in the future. 

“It's a weeks' worth of activities, but they still have to respond to judging and have interviews, like online interviews or meets with the people who are judging their projects as well,” she said. “It's cool, that takes place in May.  

“I'm looking forward to next year when hopefully we'll be back on track to travel with kids. And when we go spend a week, you know, in a province that is not our own and get to meet, you know 500 other of the kind of, brightest young minds in science. It's pretty cool.” 

The Saskatchewan Chinook Regional Science Fair is one of over 100 regional STEM fairs in every province and territory in Canada. 


The results for the 2022 Saskatchewan Chinook Regional Science Fair: 

Junior (Grade 7-8) 

Gold - Katie Carleton, Stewart Valley, Comparing Swimsuits 

Silver - Levi Wills & Griffin Darby, Fairview, Vaccinated 

Silver - Kaylee Anderson, Fairview, Cryonics 

Bronze - Sophia Freeman, Fairview, Think About Thought 

Bronze - Jesse Olson & Karsten Wiebe, Stewart Valley, Electromagnetism in Magnificent Motors 

Bronze - Eva Fisher, Fairview, Salmon Run 

Intermediate (Grade 9-10) 

Gold - Braden Baumann & Tessa Todd, Hazlet, Rollin' 'n Patrollin' 

Silver - Teagan Emms, Hazlet, Exposing Majic Tricks 

Bronze - Juliette Martin & Sennarey Garven, Hazlet, Sunny Day 

Senior (Grade 11-12) 

Gold - Andra Todd & Cadence Anderson, Hazlet, Eye Know Where To Go 

Silver - Lyn Wagner & Gaia Rossi, Hazlet, Newton, Forgive me. 

Bronze - Katharina Leonhardt, Hazlet, Covid vaccines: Which one is the best? 

Bronze - Sara Pelini & Sophie Ledermann, Hazlet, Are Rapid Covid Test Reliable? 

Best in Fair 

Andra Todd & Cadence Anderson, Hazlet, Eye Know Where To Go 

Second Place 

Braden Baumann & Tessa Todd, Hazlet, Rollin' 'n Patrollin' 

Ted Rogers Innovation Award Winner (The Ted Rogers Innovation Award recognizes students who demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit through their science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) project)

Andra Todd & Cadence Anderson, Hazlet, Eye Know Where To Go