The other day I was introduced to two things that I never thought would be paired together. Goats and Yoga. Never before had I heard of this popular relation excercise called Goat Yoga which is being showcased this year at Agribition. 

Last week Tourism Saskatchewan released a list of five cool things to see at Agribition. Amoung the items were Great Big Machines, Cows and Then Some, Indigenous Pavillion, Races and Rodeos and Jousting. While these are all very cool things to see, I want to know why Goat Yoga was not on the top of this list. 

I myself have always pondered the idea of trying yoga but up until now I did not have the incentive of goats. If anything, involving animals in regular excercise routines I think would only increase the amount of excercise done by the general population. 

Below you can view a video of the spectacle that is goat yoga taking place at this years Agribition. 

Now if you excuse me I have to go and lift some weights with a pig. is Westman's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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