It's a big day for Dorie's House with a rally on tap after recent news stating that the facility won't be getting any funds from the Sask Party government this upcoming budget.

The event has been organized by one the founders of the youth shelter - Tom Westbury who is hoping to reignite the passion and support the southwest has given towards Dorie's House.

"I wanted to get everybody behind me that supported Dorie's House right from the start," he said. "I want to bring it back to that time, were the whole southwest shut down to help us."

According to Westbury, there will be youth present at the rally sharing their stories with all in attendance.

"It is so important that we listen to them, and so important that we support them," he stated. "Our youth are worth helping, let's get these doors open again.

"I need every citizen in southwestern Saskatchewan that do care about that youth to be at that rally."

Shaun Hanna, the president of the Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter board that oversees the shelter told Swift Current Online "I have directed my board members to stay at arm's length from the organization of the rally, however, we will obviously attend it."

The rally is scheduled for noon today outside of Dorie's House. is Swift Current's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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