Birthdays Header

May 27th

Greg Gryde...Happy 60th Greg !! Love from your friends and family .

Taijha Fluker...Love from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Mom, Dad, Dominik, Karidee and Laikyn and all the rest of your family and friends.

Jason McBlain...Happy birthday dad love Jayden Tanner Tiana and Taryn

Shalynn Sparks...Happy birthday sweetie We hope you have a great birthday. Love mom and dad , Travis , Jen and grandma and papa

Talon Tumback...Happy 11th Birthday Talon Love Mom , Dad , Sydney & Gemma. Happy 11th Birthday Talon - have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Cheyenne Berge...Happy Birthday!

May 26th

Oakley Lachowitzer...Happy  first Birthday to our great grandson OakleyLove Great Grandpa and Grandma Sherman

Daphne Dyck...Happy Birthday to our sweet baby girl Daphne, turning 10 years old this Saturday. We love you sooo much, best wishes from your sister Daisy, Mom and Dad.

Owen Schultz...Happy 7th Birthday to Owen Schultz. Love Mom, Dad, Bethany and Jonas! We love you so much!

Susan Hagman...Happy Birthday mom. You are the big 6-0! Have a great day. Love your family. Happy 60th birthday grandma. Love Peyton,Hayes and Brady

Dean Toles...Happy 40th Birthday

Hayden Linsley...Happy 17th Hayden! I hope you have the day you deserve. Love your best friend Sam. Happy birthday wingnut! Hope your day is filled with fun! Don't party too hard because...Seventeen, only comes once in a lifetime

May 25th

Perrin Lemire... Happy 9th Birthday Perrin Have an awesome daylove Mom, Dad, Hailee, Xander. Happy Birthday Perrin.  

Farrah Grainger...Happy happy birthday Farrah!  Hope you have a great birthday.  Love and hugs...uncle, auntie, Ryder and Blake, xoxo. Happy happy birthday beautiful! Hope you have an amazing day! Love: dad mom Emerson & Nelly

Allan Howell...To my much older friend, have a good day-From Perry

Hannah Kielo...Happy 14th Birthday Hannah!  Wishing you a wonderful day! Lots of Love from Mom, Dad and Zachary

HAPPY Birthday 
Carley Martinson & Berry Smid 

From All Your Friends At SaskAbilites


May 24

Roger...Wishing Roger a Happy 80th Birthday!! Greetings coming from Myrna and the family!!!

Emma Moraes...Very happy 6th birthday to Emma Moraes!!! You're growing up way too fast!! Hope you have a great day! From Sherril & Adam Ferguson

May 23

Wendy Cooper...Happy Birthday Grandma!!  Love the Cornelson family.

Chris Peters...Happy Birthday to Chris Peters from your favorite sister and brother-in-law!

Caden Kenny... Happy 12th birthday Caden!  Love mom, dad, Carleigh, & Colten

Hudson Coates...Happy 10th Birthday Hudson, Love Mom, Dad, Meadow and Autumn.

Violet Saretsky...Happy birthday Violet!! Love Mom, Dad & Simon

May 22

KARSYN MEHLER...Happy Happy Birthday Karsyn.  Love Gramma and Grandpa

May 21

Kazennya Anderson...Happy Birthday Big Chick! Love Mom & Kerri-Lee

Kalli McLean...Happy Birthday Kalli from Cindy and all your friends at daycare!

Avery Reimer... Happy 20th Birthday Avery!  Love Mom!!!

Virginia Bauer...Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma.  Love all your family!

Lorraine Kobitz...Happy Birthday Lorraine from the gang at the Super 8

May 20

vern gebhart...We hope you have a great day and a super year ahead. Love Mary Ellen,Travis,Tysen and Axton

Justin Wilson...Happy Birthday Justin! From all your family out in Herbert.

Denis Perrault...Happy 40th Birthday Denis!!! Enjoy your birthday weekend!Love Leah and Luc

May 19

Keenan Hardenne...Happy 1st Birthday Keenan. Love Mom, Dad, Connor, and Emmett

Sharlyn Robertson...Happy Birthday Sharlyny!  Hope you have a super day and year to ahead.Love Mom, Dallas, Jeremy and Kaitlyn

Gord Klassen & Jean Regier...Wishing you both a GREAT day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

May 18

Dakota Bauck...Happy 26th birthday Dakota, love Lacey, dad, mom, Deziree, Donald.,Hudson,Braya and Rowan. And of course Bella.

Mitchel Cook...Happy birthday to my best bud, hope your day is lots of fun and yes, I put this in just because you said not too

Emmett and Avery Klassen...Happy 1st Birthday Emmett and Avery - two sweet little boys who celebrate one day before their Grampa - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Sonny Forrester...Happy 1st birthday from mom & dad, grandma & papa, and Jameson and Carson

Nicholas Cloutier... Happy Birthday to the best son anyone could ever ask for. We love you so much and hope you have a great birthday. Love Mom and Dad.Happy Birthday, Love Grandma

Ryan Burnay...Happy Birthday Ryan! Turning 18 on the 18th, 2018!Hope you have a great day and an awesome year!Love from Mom, Dad and Brendon

May 17

Leo Behm... Happy Birthday Leo! Have an awesome weekend with your family! Greetings from Daryl & Linda

Layne Côté...Happy birthday hope you have a great day ! Love mom, dad Levi, and Lexi!

Curtis Cave...if you see Curt Cave around wish him a Happy Birthday, 43, almost an ole man.

Brittany...Happy BirthdayLove mom dad and Kelly hope you have an amazing day

Larry Gillis...Happy Birthday, Papa!  Love Aurelia, Aurora, Aria and Avery

Cole Peters...Happy Birthday Cole!  We hope your day is every bit as awesome as you are!Love Mom and Rick

Warren Nesland...Happy birthday from Terry and Penny...and all your other friends and neighbors.

May 16

Brianne Radtke...Happy birthday Brianne! Love Kendell lily Allie and Emelia!

Dale Sandau...Happpy Birthday love Brenda, Mandy and Riley! Wishes for a great day and thanks for all you do!

Zachary Dyke...Happy birthday Zachary. Have great day. Thanks for being the best big brother and such a great son. Love Dad and little brother Lincoln

Austin Chenard...Happy Birthday Little man! Love Grandma,Grandpa, Kaitlyn,Dallas, Kaylee,Brent & Kiptyn

Macy Munt...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to our Great neice, Macy Munt!!!! Have a SUPER day!!! Love, Uncle Joe and Auntie!!!

Zander Rommelaere...Happy 15th birthday Zander!!! Have a wonderful day honey. Love, mom, dad, Ryder and Wonder

May 15

 Auntie Rikki...Happy Birthday Auntie Rikki! Hope you have the Bestest Birthday Everrrrrrrr💙Love Tess, Aftyn and Ryer

Randi McCloed...Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter.Love and miss you every day.Love,Mom and Dad

Rikki Bakus...Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter.So proud of the woman and mom you have become.Love you forever.Mom and  Dad

Kaitlyn Chenard...Happy Birthday!! Love Mom,Dad,Dallas, Kaylee,Brent & Kiptyn

Kerrilee...From:Meghan,Dad,Keyanna,Sydney,Conner,Austin,Kazennya. Happy Birthday Little Chick! Love, Mom & Kazennya. Happy Birthday Kerri-Lee Love from Grandpa and Grandma Anderson and the rest of the family, have a great Day!

Payten Schwartz... Have a awesome birthday buddy. Have a great birthday Payten. Birthday wishes from Jayden Taylor and Auntie Emma. Happy 17th birthday to a great son and brother, Payten Schwartz! Have a great day and year! Love Dad, Kristi, Carly and Brinkley.

Marlee... Happy birthday Marlee!! Love mom, dad and Serena!

Reese and Emerson palchinski...Happy birthday to you youngest twins - love great gma and gpa

Paul Olson...Happy birthday Paul - we love you a lot - mom and dad

Rita Corey...Hope you have a Very Happy Birthday Rita & a Wonderful year!!!  Love,  Rhonda

Carson ljunggren... Happy birthday Carson - love great gpa and gma

May 14

Linda Janke... Mom, thank you for your unconditional love, boundless patience, amazing warmth and endless support. You are my hero! Have a wonderful birthday today! Love your daughter, Kesha. 

Dana Weinbender... Happy Birthday Dad, Love Rheece, Zac and Carla

Nevaeh Ginter... Happy Birthday Nevaeh! Have a great day, we love you. Love Mom, Dad and Baby Sister Skyli! With love and hugs to our 7 year old great grandaughter, full of smiles have a good day

May 13

Matthew & Michael Candler...Happy birthday boys! Love from Dad Mom and Mitchell

Olive Krause...Happy 2nd Birthday Olive! We love you very much! Mom and Dad

May 12

Emersyn Fisher...Happy 1st Birthday Emersyn!!Love Alwaysyour big brother Diesel, Grandma&Papa Fisher, Auntie Carol, Mommy and Daddy

Evie Gerard...Happy Birthday to our wild girl! We love you SO much. Love Mom, Dad and Rhyllah

Jenn Munt... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jenn, Love Uncle Joe and Auntie!!!

May 11

Leanne Chaulk...Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day in Moose Jaw!  From Linda

Curtis Ulm...Happy Birthday sweetie pie xoxo have a great day. I love you.

Ethan Funk...Happy birthday Ethan. Love Mom, Dad & Jordan

Aven Mous...Wishing a very special first birthday to our sweet little girl. Love Mom and Dad. Happy 1st birthday to mini Mous from Auntie and Uncle Alex.

May 10

Carleigh...Happy birthday Carleigh!  Love, mom, dad, Caden, Colten, Lucy, and patchy-patch.

Ann Elliott... Happy 80th Birthday. With all our love from Dave & Crystal, Rick & Cindy, Pat & Kent, and all grandkids and great grandkids

Cole Steinley...Happy 5th Birthday Cole. Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Craig love you very much. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Cole...Happy birthday to Cole. Hope you have a fantastic birthday. Love mom dad and case.

May 9

Swayde Niedermayer...Happy birthday Swayde! You're so grown up now, from the boys!

Vicki Thistlethwaite...Happy Birthday Vicki - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - from “three of the four friends forever”

Kristen Moraes...A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie Kristen! We love you and hope you have a great day!From *Sherril* & Adam Ferguson

Toby...Happy 3rd Birthday to the best nephew!!  Love Auntie Crystal & Uncle Garet.

Carla Weinbender...Happy Birthday mom and Carla ! Have an awesome day!  Luv Rheece & Zac and Daryl & Linda ! Happy Birthday Carla!  Have an awesome day! Love Rheece, Zac and Dana.

Reese Allin... Happy Birthday Reese love Auntie Jess, Uncle Chad and Taylor

Jax Bymoen...Happy Birthday Jax.  Hope you have a great day!!Love your second family Auntie Crystal Uncle Warren Mason, Reid and Chloe Grandma Joy and Dale

May 8

Willie Kwan...Happy Birthday Willie. Have a great day at the greenhouse today. Love Cecile, Danielle & Jaiden

Todd Schultz...Happy 37th Birthday to Todd Schultz. Love your wife Cindy and kids Bethany, Jonas & Owen!

Eileen Koethlet...To my life long friend who means the world to me got who she is love u Connie

Aria Lacasse...Happy third birthday, Aria!! Love, mom, dad, and your big sisters, Aurelia and Aurora! Happy 3rd Birthday to Aria Lacasse . Wishing you a great day and Lots of Love, from Papa and Grandma Gillis, Uncle Kody and cousin Avery.

Nickson...Happy 3rd Birthday, Nickson!  Have a fun day! Love Mom, Dad and Ivy

David White...Happy Birthday. Have a super good day. Love Susan and Mikayla

May 7

Bruce Bymoen...Happy Birthday Bruce. Hope you have a great day doing what you love in the field !Love your much younger sister Crystal

May 6

Shawn Heibert...Happy birthday coach Shawn!! From your Sundog girls.

Gramma carol...Happy birthday gramma. Thanks for all you do for us! Love Travis Tarina Mackenzie Reilly

Reilly Kelln...Happy sweet 16 Reilly! Love dad mom Kenz raven and twig

Azzy Doll...Happy Birthday Azzy.  Love from Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma

Azaliya Doll...From Mom , Dad Grandma Doris and Grandpa Bob And Grandma and Grandpa Wegman Have a great 9th birthday !!!

Hayden and Kadence Wieler...Happy 7th birthday to Hayden and kaydence love dad and kaity

May 5

Geela Rosvold...Happy Birthday Geela!  From your Shaunavon co-workers.

Craig Ruf...Happy Birthday Craig from Grandpa and Grandma, Mom and Dad, And the rest of the family!

Nancy wilson...Happy happy birthday to the best nana ever!!! We Hope you have an amazing day! Love Ryder,Blake,Farrah & Emerson!

Shawn McMillan... Have a super day Shawn  Love Mom and James

Karlee Keith...Happy 12th Birthday Karlee! Hope your day is extra special. Love Mom, Dad, Mya, Lucas and Emmy!

Hayes Sloan...Happy 2nd birthday Hayes!!!!!Love, Grandma Patty, Auntie Neen & Uncle Greg

May 4

ivan kern...Happy Birthday Brother!! Have a marvelous blessed day!!

Emmett Vaughan...Happy "7th" Birthday to Emmett Vaughan of Gull Lake. Love Gramma, Grampa, Auntie Shaylin, Charlotte, Amaya, Brinley and Declan.

Mary Tumbach...Happy Birthday Mom!  I wish we could be there to celebrate it with you like last year.  Love, Tammy, Shayne and family

Conley...Happy birthday Conley. May the 4th be with you young man !Love from dad,jobey,daxx,daya,shayne,Eric,Sara,jada,grandpa jack,grandma Joanne.

Carla Lindquist...Happy Birthday to the best wife and mom ever! From Jeff, Alex, Erik, Clover and Sammy

Morgan Gerwing...Happy birthday, Morgan!  Love Mom and Dad

Leia Zacharias...Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Princess Leia! May the 4th be with you.Love Cheeno, Taylor, Bo & GK

Roberta McIntyre...Happy Birthday Roberta (mom) love Mackenzie, Makstr, Felix and Kyle

May 3

Brianna Rogers...Happy birthday bri, love your hubby. And two amazing kiddos   Bentley and Allie. Have a great day!

Gwen Young...Happy birthday to our little princess.  Love you to the moon and back Gwen. Love dad, mom and Jeremy. Happy Birthday pretty girl!  Hope you have a super fun day! we love you! Love auntie Lisa and Uncle Dallas.

Wade Carlson...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Wade.  Love from Karen, Hailey, Reid, Kevin, Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Ron & Dianne

Leann Cote...Happy 50th Birthday!   Have a great day!   From the Wall’s

Lindsay Painchaud... Happy Birthday Lindsay. Love Mom & John

Wade Carlson...Happy 40th Birthday to Wade Carlson! We hope you have a great day and a fabulous year! Love: Karen, Hailey, & Reid.

May 2

Alexis Keller...Happy 15th birthday, Alexis!  Love from your mom and dad, Josh and Chico. 🎂❤️🎈🎁

Nathan Reilly...Happy Birthday Nate bug! From Mom, Dad and Nick! Love you lots!

Brynnlee floberg... Happy 5th Birthday brynn love aunty kaity

Draden Jackson...Happy Birthday Buddy  love mommy #1, mommy #2, dad, and all your brothers and sisters! Love you Dra!!!!

May 1

Le Anne Loeppky... Happy birthday Sister! Enjoy your day.

Madison Munt... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to our great neice, Madison!  Have a Super day!!! Love Uncle Joe and Auntie!!!

Tristan Hapke...Happy 16th birthday Tristan Hapke! Love from Mom, Dad & Tye!

Abe Klassen...Happy birthday to an amazing grandpa. From Jeremy and Kim Wilson and from Jeremy Roberts and Stephanie Roberts.

Travis Gardner... Happy birthday daddy. Love you. Have a great day at work.  Hope you win the birthday cake! From your son Wyatt.Happy birthday darlin love brandy. Have a great day!Happy birthday Travis from your brother and sister in laws in camrose!

Mike Zacharias...Happy birthday daddy! Love Kristin and Breena

Kelly and Stacey...Happy 13 Birthday to our two  gorgeous teenagers love you to the moon and back Kelly at Stacey   Love from mom dad Corey peanut and Stella

Lukas Kjos... Happy 11th Birthday Lukas!  From all your family and friends.  Happy birthday, Lukas.   We hope you have a great day. Love Dad and Justina and Nathan and Alicia.  Also happy birthday from grandma and grandpa Fehr.  We love you.

Tanja MacIsaac... Happy Birthday to our daughter, Tanna. Love Mom and Dad.

Melanie friesen...To our very talented niece , the best gardener and animal lover wishing u the best day ever Have lots of treats! Love from aunty connie and uncle len

Tylan...Happy 12th Birthday to our hard-working, fun loving, smart kid ; have a great day at school; luv Mom, Dad, Kaydence, And Draesyn!

Daillin Knelsen...Happy 16th birthday Daillin!Love Grammy & Poppy

Daxon...Happy 9th Birthday Daxon, love mom, dad, Brody and Bentley and Cheetah.

April 30

Lyle Quintin...Happy Birthday, from Pat, Tammy, Valerie, and the grandchildren

Kylie shulhan...Happy birthday, hope you have a great day, Love mom, Dad, dawson, Nikki and Rylynne

Karla Bakken...Have an awesome day. Greetings from Lionel & Patti.

Becky Walker...Happy birthday Becky!! Hope you have a great day! You deserve to just relax!! From Seth, Jocelyn, Amanda, Laura, Melissa!

Taryn and Tiana McBlain...Happy Birthday love papa and grandma Arnold

Tiana McBlain...Happy Birthday love mom dad Jayden Tanner and Taryn

Taryn McBlain...Happy birthday love mom dad Jayden tanner and Tiana

April 29

Diane Keith...Happy Birthday Diane. Enjoy your day!From Wendy H

Elliot Hurd...Sending so much love to Elliot on his second birthday. Love Mom, Dad and Caiden.

April 28

Ken Rowe...A belated birthday wish going to Kenny Rowe the (BOSS/OWNER) if Johnnie's Lunchbox. Don't know why your still working, when you could be enjoying retirement. Happy 70th Birthday. Kenny!

Wade Carleton aka Wade Made...Happy Birthday to Wade !!!Love from Mom

Ethan Regier...Happy Double Digit Birthday Ethan!!  Have fun with your family and friends in your 10th birthday!! - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Morgan Ries...Happy birthday Morgan. Hope your day is as special as you are. Love Ryan, Garry & Christine, Kimberley, Nick and Rudy ❤️

Garth Ferguson...A very happy birthday to Dad (Garth)!!Hope you have a fantastic day!!Love Adam and Sherril

Katelyn Scott...Happy 15 to my little girl. Have a great day from Mom, Lanny, Reagan, Patrick.

Jo-Lynn MacIsaac...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Daughter-in-law, Jo-Lynn MacIsaac,  Love, Mom ans Dad Mac!!!

April 27

Brendon Burnay...Happy 21st birthday Brendon!!Hope you have a great year!Love from Mom, Dad and Ryan

Rachel Payne...Have a great birthday. Love Mom and James

Wendy Munt...HAPPY  BIRTHDAY, WENDY!!! From Joe and Marie-Ann and family!!!

Cassidy Rae Mehler...Happy 21st birthday Sis! Have a great day at work and we will see you later.Love Mom and Tyler. Happy Happy  21st Birthday Cassidy Rae  MehlerLove from Gramma and Grandpa. Have a super day!

April 26

Kathy Farris...Happy Birthday Kathy. Enjoy your day!From Wendy H and Wendy B

Ron lasota... Happy Birthday! From Karen, Jason, Greg an Brandon.

Ryker Penner...Happy Birthday to the coolest 6 year old around!! We hope you have a great day!!

Keira Baum...Happy 7th Birthday Keira! Love Mom, Dad, Jensen and Chewie

April 25
Emma Ljunggren...Like to wish a happy 13th Birthday to our beautiful daughter Emma. From Mom and Dad.

Ty Heron...Happy Birthday Ty!! Love Jessica

April 24

Rahim zanidean...Happy 5 Th birthday Rahim from your mama, dad, adnan, Nabil. Have tons of fun at natural wonders early learning center today. Love you lots.

Declan Newton...Happy Birthday Declan. Love Papa and Grandma. Double Digits! Happy 10th Birthday Declan Love, Dad, Mom, and Camden

Ophelia Reimer...Happy Birthday to my Lil Gramma Tam Tam

Andra Todd...Happy 13th Birthday Sweety, we hope you have a wonderful day and an even better year. xoxo Love. Grama Jo and Grampa Jerry

Stephanie Saemann...Happy Birthday from the friend group on the stairs. :)

Emmett Thomson...Happy 5th Birthday Emmett, love mom, dad, sisty and Yuma.

April 23

Nancy Hunter... Happy birthday to a beautiful Mom.and wonderful grandma! Love from Brianna and Joel, Kristin and Scott, and grandbabies Bentley and Allie. Have a great day!

Brooke Schlamp...Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful baby girl!! We love you so much. Love from mommy, daddy, big brothers Luke and Jason, and big sister Jaydyn!!Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet granddaughter, Brooke Schlamp! We love you. Love Grandma and Grandpa Fehr. Happy birthday to our granddaughter Brooke with lots of love ❤️ grandma and grandpa Schlamp

Nash Utke...Happy Birthday Nash! Love Daddy, Mommy and Korbin

Ty Douville...Happy 13th birthday Ty love: Kaela, Cody, Bryce, Riley, McKenna, Walker, Tennielle, Logan, Kasia, Nevaeh and Tiergan.

Brody Bull...Happy 9th birthday Brody! Love Mom, Dad, and Christopher

April 22

Wendy Barker...Happy Birthday Wendy B.Enjoy your day! From Wendy H.

Karlson Orthner...Happy birthday to the strongest, most determined boy. Love Mom, Dad and Bella.

April 21

Blade Roh...Have a great birthday Blade!  Luv Uncle Daryl & Auntie Linda

April 20

Cassandra... Happy birthday coco hope you have a great day from your future in laws

Cassandra Barnes... Happy Birthday my Beautiful Daughter Cassandra Barnes. May you have a fabulous day. Love you lots  Love Mom and Vern, Tessa, Parker, Keshia, Kaiden, Nama,  Papa, Sophie

AVA...Hope You have a Wonderful Birthday.......Love Mom,Adrian and Adam

Daya...Happy 3rd birthday daya love dad. jobey.Conley. daxx. Shayne. Eric.Sara.and jada grandpa Jack.grandma Joanne.Darren.Trisha.Ayden and Blake.

Nancy Bakus...Happy Birthday Nana! Love Bentlee. Happy Birthday to My lovely wife love u to the moon and back. Happy Birthday to the best concession queen in Swift Current!  Luv Linda & Daryl

Dianna Bye...Happy birthday from your family and many friends.

Lia Siever...Happy 6th birthday Lia. Love Mom, Dad, Marie, Emma, Rebel and Roxie

Deziree Hampton...Happy 28th birthday, hope you have a wonderful day love Donald, Hudson, Braya,  Rovan, dad, mom ,dakota n Lacey.

April 19

Keegan Anderson...Mom, Dad, and Jaxon would like to wish you a Happy 16th Birthday!! Love you!!

Karen Carlson...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Karen.  Love from Wade, Hailey, Reid, Rhonda, Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Mom & Dad.

Karen Carlson...Happy birthday to a amazing mother and wife love Wade, Hailey, and reid

Keegan Anderson...Happy Sweet 16th.Birthday Keegan. So proud of you. Love Grandma, Grandpa, Katlynn and all the family

Logan Demorest...Love from Linda, Geordi, Kiera, Dimitri and the Pope

Aspyn Prefontaine...Happy 13th Birthday Love Mom, Dad, Draydon, Steele, Slayte, Guk, Papa, Jeremy, Carla, Curran, Carli

Bob...Happy birthday Bob. Love from Mary Lou, Dorothy and Ruey

April 18

CHLOE SHUMAKER...Happy 14th Birthday Chloe!  Hope your day is as special as you are!  Lots of love from Granny & Papa

Kristie Stewart...Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter-in-law. Have a super day and year. Love,Glenn and Linda

April 17

 Carlene Roh...Happy birthday to the best Auntie ever! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave.Have a great Day Carlene! Luv Linda & Daryl

Knexin...Happy 4th birthday to our grandson Knexin. Love Grandpa Denis & Grandma Sandi..  love you!

Morgan...Happy sweet 16th, lots of love mom and dad

Brittany Wilson...Happy Birthday Brittany! With love from all your family and friends!

Mila Plewis...Happy Birthday Mila.  Love yu to the moon. Papa Bob,Gramma Mary Lou, Ruey and GG Dorothy

JORI MARTENS...Happy Birthday Jori! Make your day a special one.Michelle

April 16

Fay Unger...Happy Birthday Grandma!  Love SammiJo, Marvin and Jake

Brinkley Schwartz...Happy birthday to our loving and energetic granddaughter.  Hope you have a fun time at your party on the weekend.  Love you to the moon and back. Love, Grandma Linda and Papa Glenn. Happy birthday to our sweet and energetic 4 year old, Brinkley Schwartz!  Have a great day sweetie!  We love you very much!  Love Mom, Dad, Payten, Carly and Rocco
Consent: Yes

April 15

Laura Beddome...Happy Birthday Laura! we hope that you have a beautiful day! If anyone deserves a lovely day its you!! From: Becky, Amanda, Melissa and Jocelyn!!

Draydon Folk...Happy Birthday Draydon: Love Mom, Dad, Steele, Slayte, Aspyn, Guk, Papa, Jeremy, Carla, Curran, Carli

Jobi Regier...Happy Birthday Jobi - enjoy your day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Pam Klassen... Happy Birthday Pam - Hope you have a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Carter Munro...Happy 13 th Birthday Bud!!! Luv Grandma & Grandpa. Happy birthday Carter! Have a great day ! Love your little brothers Ashton and Jace- mom and dad!

Bentley... Happy 2nd Birthday Bentley, love mom,dad, Daxon and Brody

April 14

Casper Laturnus...Happy Birthday Casper you old cowboy from Darren and Eva and Joey

 Brent Wessner...Happy Birthday Dad and Pappa.  From Crystal, Garet, Brandon, Alexis, Toby & Darren

Troy  Oakman...Happy Birthday Troy, have a great day - love Grandma & Grandpa

Bryce Douville... Happy 10th birthday Bryce love: Kaela, Cody, Ty, Riley, McKenna, Walker, Tennielle, Logan, Kasia, Nevaeh and Tiergan.

Mike Koethler...Happy Birthday Mike! Love: Your Wife Lee-Anne & Your Boys Davis & Colton

April 13

Evan Klassen...Happy 8th Birthday Evan - have a fun day with your friends and family - Uncle Stan & Aunt Shirley

RACHELLE PODOLSKI...Happy b day from DAD and MARIE

Emily Green...Happy Birthday Emily! Love you so much! Love Aunty and Jocelyn, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle cam,Kandace, Payton, Mom and Dad, Allison, and two pups Duke and Bridge!

Claire...Happy Birthday Claire! Love Mommy and Daddy

Sarah Goddu...Happy Birthday from the gang at the Super 8

April 12

Pete Quebec...From your much older friend, Carol and Aaron

Leighton Weppler...Happy 5th birthday Leighton!! Love Dad, Mom, Laramie, Duke, and Molly

Crue Baldwin...Happy first birthday! Hugs from the Fehr's!

Carrie Klassen...Happy Birthday Carrie - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Austin yanke-moen...Happy 19th Birthday daddy love you so much ! Have a good day love always Emerson (3months). Happy birthday son hope your day is amazing love always mom ,aaron , Brady , grandma bear bella zeus and harley

Hunter Berg...Happy Birthday to a wonderful grandson! Have a terrific day!!!Happy 15th birthday Hunter! We love you and are so proud of you! Love Mom, Dad, Ella and Peyton.  Happy birthday Hunter! Love from Grandma  and Grandpa Berg!!

MURRAY Koethler...Happy Birthday Uncle Murray

April 11

Derek kendall...Happy Birthday Derek love mom dad and family

April 10

Addison Gabriel...Happy Birthday Addison! love mom and dad.

Bretta Dyck... Wishing our baby girl a very happy 6th birthday. Love Mom, Dad, Dayton and Zeus.

Jay Christopher...Happy Birthday Papa!Lots of love:  Chloe and Kendra

Amanda McFarlane...HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA, HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS DAY. FROM DAD MOM, from your husband Michael. And from Stephanie and Jeremy Roberts, Kim and Jeremy Wilson.


Rick Munt...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Rick. Love from Joe, Marie-Ann and family.

April 9

Jonas Schultz...Welcome to the double digits Jonas on your 10th birthday! Love Mom, Dad, Bethany & Owen

Grace "Granny" Willman...Happy 100th Birthday to Grace "Granny" Willman of Gull Lake, SK.Lots of love and happiness is wished to you today, from all your family and friends

Annika Kirk...Happy Birthday Annika, Love Auntie Denise, Uncle Brett, Tyrel, McKayla and Chase

Terra-Lee...Happy Birthday to a wonderful wife and mother, have a great day, Love Lee, Breanna, Ashley and Aaron

April 8

Shane kendall...Happy 4 th Birthday to our grandson love grandpa and grandma kendall

Ryann Ebner...Happy 9th birthday love mom dad and Grayson.Happy birthday love Granda Steph and Rob

 Aidan Christianson...Happy 13th Birthday Aidan. Lot of Love Grandpa and Grandma, Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora

Gloria Hogg...Happy Birthday Gloria - wishing you a wonderful day with your family and friends and all the best in the year ahead - from your luncheon buddies!

April 6

Cyanna Bolton...Wishing you an outstanding birthday!  Love Mom and Dad.

Shari Wiebe...Happy  birthday  to our  wonderful  friend. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend life would sure be boring with out you in it love the Penner's. have a wonderful birthday from all the family

Jagger Koethler...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! have an awesome day! love from Dad & Wendy and all the rest of TeamF

Meghan Ginter-Anderson...Happy Birthday Meghan lots of love from Dave and the Kids. Happy Birthday hope you have a great day! Love from the Andersons

Cody Collinson...Happy Birthday Cody! Have a great day! Love Mom, Dad, Mason, Hayden, Tyler and Amelia

Dianne Michaud... Wishing you a very happy 65th birthday & a wonderful year!!!Love, Rhonda, Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Ron, Karen, Wade, Hailey & Reid. Happy 65th Birthday to Dianne Michaud! We hope you have the best year!  Love: Karen, Wade, Hailey, and Reid.

April 5

Ryle...Happy very first birthday Ryle! Love mom and dad!

Dana Thiessen...Happy 30th Birthday Dana. Lots of Love, Dad and Mom T, Tara, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, Ainsley and Archer

Lana Behm...Happy Birthday, have a great day.  Rob and Nancy and the rest of the crew

Layna Levorson...Happy 24th Birthday Layna!  we will celebrate your birthday today,as you celebrated  yesterday as you are in Australia!!! Love from MOM, DAD and Tanner

Halstyn Harder...Happy 9th birthday to our granddaughter Halstyn Harder. Lots of love from Nana and Grampa

Kevin legere...Happy birthday to an awesome dad. From Jake and Jen. We love you

Amy Rude...Happy Birthday Amy! Hope you have an Awesome day!

Kevin Nagel...Happy Birthday to our good friend Kevin Nagel! Hope its a 'magic' one. From: Adam and Sherril Ferguson

April 4

Wyatt legere...Happy birthday little brother. From Jake and Jen

Seth Unger... Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad and Tate.

Harlan Highsaw ( aka Harry)...Happy 35th birthday, Harlan. Have a great day. Love from Mom and Dad.

Evan Lyste...Happy 40th Birthday!  Love Your Family

Wyatt kirby...Happy 3rd birthday Wyatt love nana and papa

Kevin Ross...Happy 50th birthday Kevin Ross, enjoy being half a century! Love Terry, Rhianna, Sierra, Presley and Nala

Logan Stewart...Happy 14 th birthday Logan. Wishes to a wonderful grandson. Have a super day. We love you to the moon and back. Grandma Linda and Grandpa Glenn. Happy 14th birthday to a great nephew and cousin! Have a great day Logan!  Love Auntie Kristi, Uncle Marc, Payten, Carly and Brinkley!

April 3rd

Cheyenne Brubaker... Happy birthday from your friends and family.

Ron Cronan... Happy 50th Ron! From your ACHS classmates!

Tiergan Johnson...Happy 9th birthday Tiergan love Kasia, Nevaeh, Lyric, Rythm, Tennielle, Logan, Kaela, Cody, Ty, Bryce, Riley, McKenna and Walker

Ivan fehr... Happy birthday old friend from the Penner's

Elsie Garland...Happy 94 th birthday Mom, Hope you have a wonderful day. We love you so much. Linda and Glenn Shayne and Kristie Kristi and Marc and families

ray carignan...happy birthday from your family

April 2nd

Rick Conn...Have a great Day Rick!!!!

Richard Cloutier...Happy Birthday from your family. Hope you have a great Birthday

April 1st

Jared Monson...Happy 2nd Birthday, Jared! Love Mom, Dad, Bentley, Tyler and Jared!!

Alexis Rudd...Happy 13th birthday to my daughter

Lindsey munro...Have an awesome Day! Luv Mom & Dad

Payton Squire...Happy birthday Payton love mom dad Tesla Krysten and Jesse. Happy 4th birthday to my sweet niece Payton love auntie Wendy and uncle Curtis!

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