Birthdays Header

February 22nd...

Mary ferris... Happy birthday Mom! Love: Amber Colby Dustin and Stacey

Lux... Happy birthday Lux! We hope you have a fun day with Granny & Papa.. Love Mom, Dad, Billy, Alvin & Stryker.

February 21st...

Hayden & Hunter Soparlo... Happy 4th Birthday to two special little girls. Lots of love from Uncle Lyle, Aunty Aaron and all your family!

Hayden Soparlo... Happy Birthday Hayden! Love Mom, Dad and Hunter

Hunter Soparlo...Happy Birthday Hunter! Love Mom, Dad and Hayden

Vanessa Lemire... Happy Birthday Ness from your loving Husband Tim and kids Perrin, Hailee, and Xander.

Blayne Anderson... Happy 17th Birthday to an amazing daughter! Love: Mom, Rylie and Chett also from Grandma and Grandpa Gall

Eva Austring... Happy birthday to my fantastic mom! hope you have a super day! Love: from your daughter Jenn :)

February 20th...

Theresa Millar... Happy 60th to a good friend.

Arlene Adair... Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma! We hope you have a great day! 

Georgie Evans... Happy Birthday Georgie from Dad, Mom, and Rich from across the pond.

Boe Wilson...Hope you have a great day. Love: Gramma and Grampa Zentner

February 19th...

Kaylei Todd... Happy 4th Birthday Kaylei Ray. Sending love Grandma Gayle and Grandpa Blaine Jamieson

Donna Mcfadyen... Happy Birthday Mom/Donna Love: Your  daughter Lorraine, Dorothy and Doug and aslo Eva.

February 18th...

Kaylee Wengel...Happy 12th birthday miss Kaylee

February 17th...

Kaleigha... We would like to wish Kaleigha a happy 9 th birthday love mom, Evan, regan, braelyn and Corbin.

Bennet Shotter... Happy 12th Birthday Ben. Love Mom, Dad, Jaxon and Taya. Also from: Nana & Grampa.

February 16th...

Paige Ginter... Wishing u a great day on your birthday 1/4century, wish u the best for coming year Love: Gramma and Pappa

February 15th...

Stew Pankratz...Happy Birthday from the gang out in Herbert

Zac Weinbender...Happy 6th Birthday Zac Man! Have an awesome day bud! Love: grandma & grandpa

Donald Hampton...Happy 30th birthday to one of the best son in laws out there. Love mom, dad, dakota and lacey

Davie Wotherspoon...Happy Birthday Dad! We hope you have a fantastic day! Love from all your family

Zachary Weinbender... Happy 6th Birthday Zac! Love: Mom, Dad and Rheece!!

February 14th...

Matthew Christianson... Happy Birthday Matt! Love Mom and dad.

Heather Carlier... Happy Birthday from Mom & Dad Bakus

Dawna Whorms...Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day Love: Azzy,Tyler, Mom and Bob

Samantha Moberg... Happy 15th Birthday Samantha - have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Lanny Scott... Happy birthday to my new teenager. Love from Mom, Katelyn, Reagan and Patrick.

Meryk Gording-Dovell... Happy 10th Birthday Meryk! lots of love Mom, Donnie, Maddex & Jackson.

Tristan Poh... Happy 15th Birthday Tristan! Lots of love from Dad, Mom, and your 3 wonderful sisters! and Grandma Kim

February 13th...

Dennis Wiebe... Wishing the boss over at Peavey Mart a great birthday and year. Love from: your family.

Carol Mathews...Happy Birthday Mom. From your #1 son and your Mom.

Florence Falk... We hope u have a very happy birthday, we love u so much! Love: Your family.

Les Larter... Happy Birthday from your friends out in Herbert.

Dwight Larter... Happy Birthday from your friends out in Herbert

Amamda Johnson... Happy birthday mom, we love you so much. Love: Kasia, Nevaeh and Tiergan

Logan... Happy Birthday Logan! Love: Mom, Dad and Callie

Philip Fehr... Happy Birthday Phil! Wishing you a wonderful day! Love from your wife, Helena!

February 12th...

Kael Hammer... Happy 3rd Birthday Kael.

February 11th...

Rachel Noble...Happy Birthday to our favourite Valentine! May all your birthday wishes come true.  Love Mom, Dad, Abbie and Lola

Carter Woytowich... Happy 11th birthday Carter love mom and dad

Peyton...Happy birthday Peyton from Mom, Dad, Tyson and Shane

Lotus Dickson... Wishing an awesome 1st birthday to a wonderful little girl! Love Daddy, Gramma and Grampa, and Auntie Raven

Tienna Reinhart... Happy 7th Birthday to Tienna Reinhart...Love from Yaya, Papa, Auntie Carling, Uncle Colin, Ainsley and Griffin

February 10th...

Angela... Happy birthday Mom! Love Sydney

Jace Munro... Happy 6th birthday Jace! Hope you have the best day ever little dude! Love Mom, Dad, and your bothers Carter and Ashton!

Kiersten Dahlgren... Happy Birthday Kierstin! Have the best day ever. Love you to the moon and bac. Gramma Pat and Gramma Poh.ALso from your mom and sister!

Peyton... Happy birthday Peyton from Mom, Dad, Tyson and Shane.

February 9th Happy Birthday to...

Kara Wiebe... Happy Birthday to our beautiful Kara! We are so proud of the lovely lady you are. Love from Mommy, Daddy, Josh, Grandma and Grandpa.

Val Ferguson... A very Happy Birthday to our mom Val Ferguson! We love you so much! Have a great day, love Adam and Sherril Ferguson

Sydni...Happy Birthday to my sweet grand-daughter Sydni- hope you have an awesome day! Love: Nana

Rosella Girodat...Happy Birthday Rosella!   Wishing you a great day.  Best Wishes from your family and friends.

Mike Saretsky... Happy birthday Dad/Mike! Love Violet, Simon & Katrina.

Olivia Ross... Happy 6th birthday,Olivia. Wishing you a wonderful day!Love, hugs and kisses Grandma & Grandpa From: Davis & Colton, Mike & Lee-Anne

Kendra Blatz... Happy Birthday to the funniest, quirkiest, kindest and happiest 12 year old we know! you make our days brighter. Have a great day Peanut!! Love Mom, Erin, Kennedy, Brandon, Lala and Papa!

Edna Hope... Happy birthday! Love Rio, Tyler, sherry, Cassidy, Sydney, karsyn and courtlyn

JOVI ZACHARIAS... Have a Spectacular Birthday Special Girl! Love Grandma and the FurBabes

February 8th Happy Birthday to...

Their Name: Calvin Frederick
Number: 54
Date: Feb 8th
Their Phone: 1306 297 8411
Type: birthday
Message: Happy  54 years old  Birthday calvin from Eva Darren and Joey

Their Name: Amy Jorgensen
Number: 33
Date: Feb 8th
Their Phone: 306 741 6689
Type: birthday
Message: I would like to wish my niece Amy Jorgensen a Happy 33 years old from Eva Darren and Joey my kids

Number: ?
Date: Thur Feb 8
Their Phone: 306-773-1727
Type: birthday
Message: Happy birthday to my still spunky great granddaughter Heidi - Message: Heidi Spetz is a teenager today, happy 13th birthday Heidi, Love Mom, Dad, Craig, Mark and Haley.

Love Grandpa Spetz

Their Name: Stephanie Waker
Number: 21
Date: Feb 8
Their Phone: 3067410927
Type: birthday
Message: Happy 21 Birthday Stephanie !!! We hope and pray you have a blessed day and year!!  We are so proud of how far you have come and the wish the best for the future.  Love mom and dad and sisters 3.  XOXO
Consent: Yes

Their Name: Taiyah Reinhart
Number: 10
Date: February 8th
Their Phone: 306-750-1674
Type: birthday
Message: Happy 10th Birthday Taiyah...Love from Yaya and Papa, Auntie Carling, Uncle Colin, Ainsley and Griffin

Their Name: Lenore Conn
Number: 80 years old
Date: Feb 8
Their Phone: 3066293702
Type: birthday
Message: Happy 80th Birthday to a very special Lady!!!! Love your family

Their Name: Carson Ruf
Number: ??
Date: Feb 08
Their Phone: Carson Ruf
Type: birthday
Message: Happy Birthday Carson, hope you have a great day!
Love from your Family

February 7th Happy Birthday to...

Barb Zacharias... Happy Birthday! Love: Colin, Teri, Braydon, Shelby, and Ginger

Jayde Descoteaux... Happy 1st Birthday Peyton. Love Mom, Dad, and Jay Jay!

Tyler Lacelle... Happy 12th birthday Tyler!  Love: Mom, Dad & Hillary

Lionel Regier... Happy Birthday Lionel - have a GREAT day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Tesla and Krysten Gardner... Happy birthday to our two beautiful daughters. Can’t believe you are 12 already. Love: dad, brandy, and Wyatt.

Jada Grainger... Love: Mom, Dad, Sydney, Sadie, Zoey and Gramma Bernice also from: Uncle, Auntie, Farrah, Emerson & Nelly

Colten Hurl... Happy Birthday little bro. Sending you awesome birthday wishes and many more birthday to come buddy. Happy 9 birthday Colten.  Lots of love from: Jayden Dad Grandma Gerda and the whole crew. Hope you have a awesome day Colten.

Emma...Happy 12th Birthday Emma! Love: Mom, Dad, Jayda and Kade

Lenore Conn... Happy 80th birthday to the absolute best great grandma, and grandma in the world! Hope you have a wonderful day today! We love you so much! Love: Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave

February 6th Happy Birthday to...

Tracy Fisher... Happy 28th Birthday Mommy/Tracy! Love: Diesel, Emersyn, Curtis, Perry, Heather and Carol

Carling Olfert...Happy Birthday Carling...Have an awesome day. From Mom, Dad, Kristin, Sheldon, Taiyah and Tienna.

Patty Sloan... Happy birthday mom/grandma! We hope you have a great day.  We love you!! Love: Janine, Greg, Les, Tammy, Brenna, Quaid & Hayes

February 5th Happy Birthday to...

Jeremy Rommelaere... Happy birthday Jerma! Lots of love, from all of the family.

Louis Cherpin... Happy 48 Birthday Louis. From: Eva Darren and Joey and my family.

Connor Letkeman... Happy Birthday!  Love: Mom, Dad, Carson and Tristan.

Bryn & Kai Haubrich... Happy birthday to Bryn & Kai! Love: Mom, Dad, Gage, & Jayden.

Addison Stusrud... Happy 9th Birthday Addison, have a fun day celebrating, loads of love, From: Gram and Pa,  Auntie Paula, Uncle Ian, Carlie and Caitlin.

February 4th Happy Birthday to...

Chad Koch...  Happy Birthday Chad. Hope you have an awesome day. Love Gerry and Debbie

Trystin... Happy Birthday! Love: Kaylynn, Leona & Troy.

Carissa Zacharias... Happy Birthday Carissa! Love from Mom & the Furbies.

February 3rd Happy Birthday to...

Kaylynn Stewart... Happy 9th birthday Kaylynn, Hope all your wishes come true love mom & Dad Also from Cody & Trystin 

Len Shumaker... Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa! Love: Sherry, Tyler, Cass, Kars, Syd and Court

Kaylynn Stewart... Happy 9th Birthday Princess, Kaylynn hope you have a fantastic day! Love: Nana & Papa

Amy... Happy birthday from your family. Gerry, Peyton, Tyson and Shane

Griffin Larson... Happy Birthday to our grandson with the one dimple, Love you lots! Pappa & My mare

Benjamin... Happy first birthday Benjamin! Love Mom and Dad.

February 2nd Happy BIrthday to...

Lucille Herbel... Happy Birthday Mom. Grandma and Great Grandma

Ken...Happy Birthday! enjoy your Special Day! Love: Colleen and family.

Mariah Morris...Happy 17th Birthday Mariah, Wishing you a wonderful year. Love: Mom and your siblings.

Lana Ebner... Happy birthday. Love: Devon, Grayson and Ryanne

Dominic Hoyrup...Happy 10th birthday Dominic. Comgatulations on double digits! Hope you have a great day! Love mom,dad, Ariel and lucy. Also From Manna and Papa

Jason Prefontaine... Happy Birthday Jason : Love Natasha, Draydon, Steele, Slayte, Aspyn, Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Carla, Curran

Travis Moberg... Happy Birthday Travis - have a great day and all the best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan &
Auntie Shirley

Sherril Ferguson... Happy Birthday from all your co-workers at the Co-op!

Riley Anderson... Happy 2nd Birthday Mr. Riley! Love: Ray, Melinda, Aleaha, Tydon and Reyna!

Katie Desautels... Happy 19th Birthday to our Grandaughter Katie. Hope you have an awesome day. Love: Grandma and Grandpa Desautels

Fiona Ruest... Happy Birthday Fiona. Hope you have a wonderful day. From the gang at the Super 8

February 1st Happy Birthday to...

Colin... Happy birthday Colin! Love: Mom and Dad

Wyatt...Happy Birthday buddy! Love: mom, dad, Brydan and Avry.






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