Birthdays Header

December 9th

Matt... Happy birthday to the best husband and father around. Everyone make sure to give him a hug today, haha! Love, Amanda, Dex and Kai

Reyna Moen... Happy 4th Birthday Reyna!!

Cira... Happy Birthday Cira. Have a great day from the gang at the Super 8

December 8th

Raylin Poh... Happy 10th birthday Raylin!! Tons of love from mom dad Emilie Tristan Daisy Delilah Dipper Cat and Cuddles

Doug Blohm... We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Doug.  Love from ~ Coleen, Trevor, Ryan, Jeff and families, Sherryl, David, Dianne, Brian and families.

December 7th

Nate Silbernagel... Happy birthday Nate!! Hope your day is great!  Love mom, dad, Taye, Kamri & Asia!

Hannah Regier...  Happy 13th Birthday Hannah  - a teenager in mom and dad's house - YAHOO!!! Hope you have a fun day with your family & friends - Love Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

December 4th 

Ryan Scott...  Happy birthday daddy digger! Love Chloe , Evan, brandtlee and bump!

Tanner McBlain... Happy Birthday love Mom and Dad Jayden Tiana and Taryn

Jean-Paul Klassen... From Mother, son, and rest of the family.

Clint Walker... Happy Birthday to a wonderful dad and husband !!!! Love Merle , Kaylie And Denton

Cathy Mckaig... Happy birthday Cathy McKaig, love from all of your family !!

Heidi Deg... Happy Birthday Heidi !! Love Mom and Dad

December 3rd 

Courtnie Bye... Happy 15th Birthday Courtnie! Hope you have an amazing day! Lots of love from Papa, Gramma, Licks, Emily and Louis!

Holli Filson... Happy Birthday to our little Holli Jolli Filson! We love you so much!Love Mom, Dad, sister Bria and puppy Nevada Pie.

Brenna Sloan... Happy birthday Brenna!!  We hope you have an amazing day, today.  We love you so much!!

December 1st 

Joel Goddu... Happy 11th Birthday Joel!!Love Mom, Dad, Eric

Archer Christianson... Happy Birthday Archer. Lots of love from Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora. Happy 2nd birthday Archer.  Lots of love from Grandpa and Grandma

Navi... Happy 7th birthday to our granddaughter navi harder.  Love from Nana & Grampa

November 30th

Les Sloan...Happy birthday Les!! Love, mom, Janine & Greg

Ed Wiebe... Happy Birthday Love Shari, Eric, Maya, Bear and Cody. Happy birthday ed have a great day from the Penner's

Jodi Utke... Happy Birthday! Love Jarrod, Vanessa, Korbin and Nash!

Madison Yates... Happy Birthday! Love mom, dad and Teddy-Lynn

Landin... Happy birthday Landin love Mom dad Hunter Kyla and rosie

November 29th

Quinton Morin... Happy Birthday Quinton! Love Mom Dad Oakley and Easton!!

Nathallie Mitchell...  Happy 13th birthday Natty!Love mom, Alex Greg,  grandma and grandpa!

Payton Krayway... Happy Birthday Payton! Hope you have a great day!! Love mom and dad, bridgee, Duke, Emily, alli, Jocelyn, aunty Becky and Melissa, Darin and Grandma and grandpa M

Melanie Larson... Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter, Have a special day!

Colsen Currah... Happy 2nd Birthday to our lil “Hoss”, also a Happy 92nd to his Great Grandma Edith who’s birthday is today as well! Hugs and kisses from Papa and Dona

November 28th

Olin... Happy birthday olie! Love mom, dad, elayna and brynlie

Dez Young... Happy Birthday Dezzy!  I am so proud of the young man you have become and I hope you have a fantastic day and year to come.

Jaymie Freeman... Happy 40th birthday to an amazing mother, wife and friend. Love your hubby Cliff and kids Sophia and Ava.

Mary Gross...  Happy 90 Birthday Mom wish we could be there to celebrate with you, enjoy. Love Cheryle ,Joe,Misty,Jason,Abby and Cole. Happy Birthday Mom, with much love from your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Ukiah (you-kI-ah)... Happy Birthday with love from your sisters Gabby and Olive, Mom and Dad. Hope you have an awesome day. Welcome to double digits!

November 27th

David Martinoski...  Happy birthday David . Love from all your family and friends

Ethan Ellis... Happy 7th birthday Ethan from Grandma!  Happy birthday Ethan love from mom, dad, Airiana and Rylie.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Tracy Funk... Happy Birthday Love Dave, Kennedy,Griffin, Cohen, and Danon

Clem Therrien... Happy 60th Birthday, hope you have a great day!!Love Marilyn

Kashton Girardier... Happy Birthday!

November 22th

Keith Braithwaite... Happy Birthday - hope you have a fantastic day, love from your wife, Jenny

William Prescesky... Happy 13th Birthday to our grandson William Prescesky!  Congratulations on becoming a teenager! Love from Grandma & Grandpa Cooper

Tysha Malinski... Happy Birthday Tysha. Have a super day today. Tippy, Mickie, Bear AND Karen.

Pat McKenna... Happy Birthday Grandma! Love, Ryder, Danika and Olive

November 21th

Gunner Stusrud... Happy 7th Birthday, Gunner hope you have a fantastic day! Love Mom, Dad, Addy, Gram, Pa, Auntie, Uncle, Carlie, Caitlin and Lucy, Babe Tig.

Karlee Ruf...  Happy birthday to Karlee from Craig and Sawyer./ Happy Birthday to our Daughter-in-law, hope you have day!Love Mom and Dad Ruf

Ryker Rempel... Happy 2nd Birthday, Ryker! We love you lots - Mom, Dad, Sissy, Papa and Meme

Maygen Alexandre... Happy Birthday Maygen. Wishing you a great day and year ahead filled with happiness and tons of love! XO Mom, Terry and all your family

November 20th 

Dakota Hurl... Happy 11  Birthday Dakota. Have a awesome birthday full many many awesome amazing birthday wishes and many more birthdays. sending lot love from Dad  your sister Jayden Jessica Morgan Mackenize and Colten Grandma Gerda and the Hurl clan

 Keyanna... Happy 11th birthday from mom Dave Conner Austin Sydney and the pets

Iris  Sawyer... Happy Birthday have a great day    From Mom, Doug, Rodger & Maureen

Keyanna Bennett... Happy Birthday KeyannaLove from Grandpa and Grandma Anderson and the rest of the family. Have a great day!

Regan Irwin...  We would like to wish Regan Irwin a happy 13th birthday. Love Mom, Dad, Braelyn, Kaleigha and Corbin. Happy 13th Birthday Regan! Love Grandma Sheryl, Grandpa Dana, and Uncle Josh!

November 19th

Lalia Scott... Happy birthday Mom. Love from Patrick, Reagan, Lanny, and Katelyn.

Shelby Zacharias... Happy 17th Birthday Shelby! Have a Great Day. Love Mom, Dad, Braydon, and Ginger

Colton Koetherler... Happy Birthday Colton. Love: Mom & Dad and brother -- Davis. Happy 11th birthday, Colton Have a wonderful day!Grandma & Grandpa & family  

Shelby Zacharias...  Wishing a wonderful day as you celebrate another year HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDMANY MORE

November 18th

Lily Sebo... Have an amazing birthday my Angel.  Love you to the moon and backWith all my love Grandma Del

Presley Moberg… Happy 14th Birthday Presley – hope you have a fun day together with your friends & family – Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Brooke Larson… Happy Birthday Brooke, Love mom dad and Eden

Leonard Klassen… Happy Birthday Leonard – hope you have a GREAT day and all the best in the year ahead- Stan & Shirley. Happy Birthday to Leonard Klassen! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead. Love from Sheila, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene, Terry, Danelle and Abby.

Van Bender… Have a Happy Birthday Van. Love Baba

November 17th

Ellie Peters… Happy  Birthday Ellie love mom and dad and Ethan

November 16th

Riley Schafer… Happy Birthday Riley! Hope you have a great day!

Debbie East… Happiest of Birthdays!!! We love you lots! Have a great day! From: Craig, Shelbie, Sheldon, Chester, Ella, Della, Tucker!

Mayvis Marsh… Happy Mileston Birthday to my dear cousin, Mayvis Marsh & congratulations on the safe arrival of your first daughter

CAIN STRINGER...Happy 17th Birthday Cain!Love, Uncle Roland & Aunty Bune!

Jeremy Perrault... Happy 5th birthday Jeremy Perrault.  Enjoy your party! Uncle Kevin, aunt Terry, Rhianna & Sierra, Nala and Presley

November 15th

Crystal Elliott… Happy Birthday Crystal – love Dave

Lynn Bauck… Happy birthday Lynn, hope you have a fantastic day, love Chris, Deziree, Donald, Hudson, Braya, Rowen, Dakota and Lacey.

Savannah… Happy 17th Birthday from mom, step dad, her brother and sisters and her little niece Ellie  

November 14th

OTTO ZACHARIAS... Happy Birthday Dad! Love Michelle

Evan… Happy Birthday Evan! Have a great day “at work”! From Dad, Mom, Alexa & Tysen

November 13th

Korbin Utke... Happy 7th birthday Korbin. Love Dad, Mom and Nash

Craig Spetz...Wishing Craig Spetz a happy 27th birthday on Nov.13, love from Dad, Mom, Mark, Haley and Heidi.

November 12th

Don Munro... Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Dave and Lindsey

November 11th 

Tyler Monson... Happy 5th Birthday, Tyler! We hope you have a great day today! Love Mom, Dad, Bentley, & Jared

Emma Weppler... Happy 9th birthday to our wonderful girl, have a great birthday Emma!! Love Dad and Mom

November 10th 

Liv Gross... Happy 15th Birthday!! From Mom, Dad and Elliott

November 9th 

Chase Schwartz... Happy Birthday, Chase. Have a great day. Love from Grandpa & Grandma Schwartz

Lenny... Have a blessed day Len I hope you can relax!!  Its your big DAY!! XOXOXOXOXO Love your 5 girls.

Jenna Sabine... Enjoy your day Jenna! Love,Grandma, Grandpa Auntie Jacquie & Uncle Stacy

Emerson Winslow... Happy Birthday to our 1 year old grandson!!  Love Grandma and Grandpa Dyck

November 8th 

Allie...  Happy birthday Allie! Love mom dad lily and Emelia

Paxton Fehr...  Happy birthday Paxton! Love Mom, Dad and Hunter.

Bentlee Ryan Syverson... happy birthday to our precious grand-daughter Bentlee love nanna & papa bakus

Liz Myhre... We want to wish Liz a very Happy Birthday love Chris, Phynleigh, Londyn, mom, Dale, and all the rest of the family we love you have a great day.

Wendy Wedhirn Campbell... Well my friend your halfway there now they say it’s all downhill. Welcome to the “50’s”. Happy birthday! Your other familyCliff and and Fay

Wayne Garrett... Happy Birthday to our amazing son in law. Love you. Happy Birthday to our loving and hardworking husband and step dad!!! Love Rhonda, Alyssa, Riley and Titus

Bentlee Syverson... Happy Birthday sweetie! Love Mom and Dad

Erica Lyman...  Happy 13th birthday Erica! We hope your birthday is a awesome as you are.  From Abbie, Rachel, Lisa, Darryk and Lola

Ashton... Happy 3 birthday Ashton  love mommy and daddy , Halyn and Shane

Brynn Wallin... Happy Birthday Brynn! Hope you have an amazing dayFrom Dad, Ashley, Bobby,Talon, Grandma and Grandpa

November 7th

Jaiden Beaudoin-Kwan... Happy sweet 16th birthday Jaiden.Hope you have a great day. Love Mom & Dad

Kevin Regier...Happy Birthday Kevin!  Love Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra & Kaden. We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Kevin!  Love from Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Karen, Wade, Hailey, Reid, Ron & Dianne.

Brynn Wallin... Happy birthday to our Brynn from grandma Denise and grandpa Ted. 

Dacoda Courtney...  Happy 15th Birthday Coda! Love Auntie! Happy Birthday Sister!! Happy 15th Birthday!!!!! I love you hope you have an awesome day!!!!! Love Mom!!

Coreen Strieb... Happy birthday mom/gram! Love Ron, paula, ian, Carlie, Caitlin, Deanna, Dustin, Addison and gunner!!

 Lyla cooper... Happy birthday to the one and only best big sister ever !!Love your baby sister hollyXo

Raven... Big happy birthday to Raven Love Mom, Dad , Jaime, Craig, Aunty Carmen, Uncle Shawn and Kids

November 6th

Eric Wiebe... Happy birthday Eric have a great day from the Penner's

Chayse Schafer... Happy Birthday Chayser-Muffin! Love Mom, Marco, Kaleb, Riley & Nova

November 5th

Kensie... Happy 3rd Birthday Love Paityn and Natalie. Happy 3rd Birthday, Kensie.   Love and best wishes from Grandma Reimer, Auntie Angela and Uncle Clarence.

Kellie Dahlgren... Happy Birthday! Love... Alex, Kierstin,Mom, and Gramma Poh

Tom... Happy Birthday Tom. With all our Love Vince, Brock, Lily, & Mom.  Happy Birthday Tom Love you so much! Love Mom, Vince, Brock, and Lily, and J

Tina Fehr... Happy birthday, mom.  We hope you have a great day, we love you. From Justina and Troy and from Nathan, Lukas and Alicia

Jaden Wiebe... Happy Birthday

November 4th

 Shirley Gryde... Happy Birthday Shirley. We wish you all the best in the coming year. Love from your family.

November 2nd 

Joe... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life, Joe!!!

Ariel Hoyrup... Happy Birthday Sweetheart.We love you to the moon and back. Love mama and papa

Leanne Ebner... Happy birthday Nan! Love your Sissy!

November 1st 

Shelley... Happy birthday to the best mom/grandma ever! Love Mark, Britany, Emmett, Lily and Mya.

Dominik Schreiner... Happy 11th birthday to Dominik Schreiner with love from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Auntie Tera, Uncle Scott, Auntie Rebecca and the girls, and Mom, Dad and the girls.

Rhonda Korchynski... Happy birthday Mom! Have a great day! Love you lots Love Rebecca

James Woelk... Happy Birthday James! Love the whole fam damily....Mom, Dad, David, Amanda, Skyler, Jordana, Rebecca, and Roman! Hope you have a great day!

Aurora Lacasse... Happy 6th Birthday, Aurora Rose Love, Grandma and Papa Gilllis, Uncle Kody and Avery.

Connie Ginter... 

October 31st

Cindy Lowe...Happy Halloween Birthday to our first born daughter, Love Mom & Dad

Ken Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday to Ken Giesbrecht!  Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!From Leonard, Sheila & family.

Nathan McDonald... Happy Birthday Nathan! from all of us at SC Broncos!

Ken & Jamie Rowe...The day has finally come that you can close your doors, at Johnnie's Lunchbox. And be able to retire, at the ripe old age of   69 1/2.    CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kiara froude... Happy 15th birthday to our daughter kiara. Have a great night out with friends.

Berlynn Podolski...  Happy Birthday to Berlynn. You are the most amazing Granddaughter. We love you to the moon and back. Love grandma and grandpa

October 30th

Tara Thiessen... Happy Birthday to our wonderful daughter. Lots of Love Dad and Mom. Happy Birthday Tara. Lots of Love from Landon, Logan, Dana, Sawyer and Nora. Happy birthday to super mom from Tom, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, Ainsley, and Avery.

Nolan Kirk... Happy 10th Birthday, Noey! We hope you have a great day and a fantastic year.  Love you lots,  From- Grammy and Grampa and the rest of your family!


Karsyn Lowenberger... Happy Birthday Karsyn!  Love Mom, Dad and Davyn

Jennessa...  Happy 10th Birthday Jennessa, we love you and we hope you have a wonderful day. Love, mom, Jazmyne, Layten, Deondre, Shane and Jayla

Carole Benjamin...Happy birthday to an amazing Grandma and mom  love you lots      from landin kyla hunter Shannon and jeff

October 29th

Connie Schlamp... Wishing Connie Schlamp a Happy birthday and a speedy recovery. From all your  friends and family at the Brew pub. 🍻

John Fehr... Be sure to slide on down to J&S Tire and wish John a very happy 65th! Happy Birthday Dad & Papa! Love you lots! Darcy & Jennifer Noah, Joshua, Tessa & Jacob.

Todd... Happy Birthday papa love Emmett, Lily and Mya.

Mary Klassen... Happy birthday to an amazing grandma. Love Jeremy and Kim.

Kyla Benjamin... Happy 11th birthday Kyla love mom dad Hunter Landin and Rosie.

October 27th 

Billy... Happy birthday, hope you have a special day, Love Mom, Dad, Lux, Stryker and Alvin

October 26th

Gisele Paulhus... Happy birthday Gisele, hope you have a great day!!From the gang at B&A Petroleum.

Mackenzie McIntyre... Happy 14th Birthday Mackenzie Love Mom, Dad, Makstr and Felix.

Darla Martens... Happy Birthday Feetie Pie, enjoy wings night on your Birthday. Happy Day of your Birth to Dazzling Darla Jayne with love from your Cuz Michelle!

Sydney... Happy 12th birthday Sydney! Have a great day!! ❤️Love Mom, Dad, Jada, Zoey & Sadie

Juliann...  Happy 16th Birthday Juliann!! We hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Mom, Dad, Autumn, Tyler and Rylan.

Elliott Gross... Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad and Liv!

Anika... Happy Birthday Sweetie💙 Love  great Auntie & Uncle& Tess, Aftyn and Ryer

October 25th 

Bertha Tinant... Happy Birthday greetings to  Mom, Bertha Tinant from the Hammond family.

Levi Carfantan... Happy 7th birthday, Levi. Hope you have a super day & enjoy your party. Love, Papa Lionel, Grandma Patti and Uncle Harry.

Kylee Muri... Happy 17th Birthday Kylee. May this year be full of love and celebration!

Gord Cox...  Happy Birthday to the Big El Woppo!  74 years young today.

Craig East... Happy birthday Craig, from Debbie , Sheldon, Shelbie, Mike.

Wayne Moss...  Happy birthday Papa!! Love: Elle, Jake & Oliver

October 24th

Robyn Highsaw....Happy Birthday, Robyn. Have  an awesome day. Love, Mom,Dad, Harry, Dawson & Levi.   Happy birthday, have a great day!

Henry Blanke...Happy 80th birthday Dad! We hope you have an awesome day. Love from all of your family

Trevor Muri...Happy Birthday Trev. Hope your day is filled with Love!

Ashlie Zacharias...Happy Birthday 18th Birthday Tinkerbell. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love you lots. Love Mom and Vern and Crixus.   Happy Birthday Ashlie, have a good day love Mama and Papa

October 23rd

 Leland...Happy birthday Leland!!  Hope you have a great day!!  Love mom, dad, Ruby and Hannah.

Paityn Reimer... Happy 6th Birthday Love Mom Dad Kensie and Natalie. Happy 6th Birthday to Paityn. Love from Grandma, Auntie Angela and Uncle Clarence.

Kane Holt... Happy birthday from mom and dad and his sister Alia

October 22nd

 Glen... Happy Birthday Glen..Dad!Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!Your the best and love you to the moon!Love,Lisa,Alex,Zeke and Ozzie

Sarah Penner... To a great daughter with a beautiful smile hope you have a wonderful day love mom and dad

Mervin Watson also known as Grandpa Pepper... Happy 85th Birthday to a great Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa! Love Wes Pat Erin Jason Cole and Haley.

October 21st

Riley Desautels... Happy 14th Birthday Our Track Star Son And Brother. Love Mom, Wayne, Alyssa and Titus. Happy 14th Birthday Riley. Love Grandpa and Grandpa Denys. Happy 14 th Birthday to our grandson Riley Desautels. Wishing you an awesome day! Love Grandma and Grandpa Desautels. 

Mary Wilson... Happy Birthday grandma! Hope you have a great birthday! Love all your kids and grandkids- the Weinbender’s and the Munro’s.

October 20th

Sydnie Bye... Happy 13th Birthday Syd! Enjoy your day! Love from Papa, gramma, Lick, Louis and Emily

October 19th

Jim Barber... Happy 60th Birthday Jim - wishing you a “FABU”ulous day and a FANTASTIC year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Leonard Monk... Happy birthday Papa! Hope you have a great day. Love Courtnie, Sydnie, Westyn & Jacob

Hannah Gooding... Happy 11th Birthday Hannah!  Hope you have an amazing day!  Love Mom, Dad and Reagan

Parker Robertson... Happy 12th Birthday Parker!  Love Uncle Darwin, Auntie Deanna, Reagan & Hannah

October 18th  

Alex... Happy 18th Birthday Miss Alex on the 18th! Love you to the moon!Mom, Dad, Zeke and Ozzie!Have an awesome day.

Laureen Bolding... Happy 65th Birthday to our amazing mom and Grandma!  We hope you have a fantastic day and a great year ahead of you!  Love Always, Jenny, Jeff, Ruby, Townes, Ryan, Rachel, August and Georgia.

Dean McNabb... Special happy birthday to Dean. From Mom and family

Tara Moen... Happy Birthday love dad ,mom and Kirklan

Nataly Dietrich... Happy birthday Nataly love Mom and dad, Kamryn, Grayden, and Zachary

Jody Duclos... Happy Birthday Jody, we hope you have a great day!  Love Koralea, Kolby, Karter and Kayden

October 17th

Tanya Mortensen... Happy Birthday, Tanya! Enjoy your day at work!

Hudson Carter David Banman... Happy birthday Hudson from dad mom zayden grandma and papa

October 16th

Ivy... Happy 6th birthday, Ivy! Love Mom, Dad, Nickson and Kosa

Nicole Hancock... Happy birthday love mom and Rob

Griffin Olfert... Happy Birthday GriffinLove Yaya, Papa, Auntie Kristin, Uncle Sheldon, cousins Taiyah and Tienna

Dean Malinski... Happy Birthday. Hope you have yourself a great day. Karen, Tippy, Mikey and Bear

October 15th

Alyssa Desautels... Happy 16th  Birthday to our Grandaughter Alyssa. Hope you have an awesome day. From Grandma and Grandpa Desautels. Happy Sweet 16 to a beautiful daughter and sister. Love you to the moon and back. Love Mom, Wayne, Riley and Titus. Happy sweet 16 birthday Alyssa. Love grandpa and grandma Denys


Glen Teichrib... I like to wish Glen Teichrib a happy birthday love from your wife Melody and son Evan.

Gary kendall... Happy 60th birthday  love Dixie Derek Rick Cody and kendra and your grandchildren Halyn Shane and Ashton

October 14th

Marcie Robson... Happy 75th birthday Marcie Robson. Love your family.

October 13th

Andrew Fyten... Happy Birthday Andrew! Good luck with your games this weekend. From Garet, Larissa, Austyn and Jaden.

October 12th

Bill Oldhaver... Happy Birthday Bill. 87 years young and still riding his Honda Goldwing Motorcycle!! Way to go. Love from your family.

Alice Wall... Happy Birthday Alice - May your day be filled with happiness and sunshine and may you be blessed with good health in the year ahead  - from “three” of the Four Friends Forever!

Chris Cooledge... Happy Birthday with Love from your family

Jenn Berg... Happy Birthday Mom, Love Hunter, Peyton, Ella And Tim

Joyce Burr... Happy Birthday Mom, Grandma, Great GrandmaFrom all of you family near and far. Have a wonderful day!

Colin Zacharias... Happy Birthday from your family!Love Teri, Braydon & Shelby

October 11th

Crystal Munt... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Crystal!!! LOVE, Aunty and Uncle Joe.

Ron Michaud... We hope you have a very Happy 70th Birthday and a super awesome year, Ron!   Love from Rhonda, Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Karen, Wade, Hailey, Reid & Dianne. We hope you have a very Happy 70th Birthday & a wonderful year!!! Love Rhonda, Kevin,  Jordan, Kyra & Kaden. Happy 70th Birthday to Ron Michaud. Love: Karen, Wade, Hailey & Reid.

Dylan Cooke... Happy 18th Birthday Dylan !! Have a great day missing you lots , love mom .

Kaylee Pinel... Have a great Day !! Love you to the moon and back !! Love from Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Dallas, Darcy, Lacy and Austin. Wishing my wife and amazing mother a very happy birthday!!! Love Brent and Kiptyn


Darren Jensen... happy birthday from walter and the gang at c and d welding and machining

Keegan Lansberry... Happy Birthday Kiddo! Hope you have a wonderful day. Love mom

Rylan... Happy 11th Birthday Rylan! Have a great day! Love, Mom, Dad, Julie, Autumn and Tyler.

October 10th

Samantha Knox... Happy 8th birthday to our baby girl! We love you so much!  From Mom, Dad, Dean, GrandPa and GrandMa Knox!

Dalton and Levi Colenutt... Happy 11th birthday!  Love Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday from Sam, Zane and Auntie. 

Vera Anderson...  Happy birthday from Dave Meghan kerrilee kazennya keyanna Sydney and all the pets. Happy Birthday Mom from Jason and Jane. Happy Birthday mom and grandma from the Ruf Family

Wayne Laturnus... Happy Birthday to my handsome husband Wayne! Wish I could be there with you on your special day! I love you

October 9th

Andre Wall... Happy birthday handsome!  Love your secret admirer!

October 8th

Duane Regier.. Happy Birthday Duane - have a GREAT day and hope the year ahead treats you well - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Emma Siever...Happy 9th Birthday Emma!!!! Love Mom, Dad, Lia, Rebel and Roxy

aftyn bakus... happy birthday to our fun loving grand-daughter Aftyn, love Nanna and Papa Bakus

October 6th

Errol Munt...HAPPY BIRTHDAT, ERROL!!! LOVE, Aunty and Uncle Joe.

Keegan Little...Happy 4th Birthday Keegan!

October 5th 

Gage & Jayden Haubrich...Happy 19th birthday to Gage & Jayden HaubrichLove mom, dad, kai, & Bryn

Clara Finkbeiner.... Happy birthday enjoy the 70s ;Im coming too, let the Hen parties begin, love from younger friend Connie

Burnette Olson... Happy Birthday Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa, we love you!

GIL GUY...Wishing you a very happy day today Auntie Gil - best wishes to many more years ... Love from our Spetz nieces and nephews

David Regier...Happy 40th Birthday David - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and best wishes for the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

October 4th

Krystin... Happy Birthday!  Love Dad, Mom &Katie

Garryt... Happy 10th birthday bud!  You are growing up so fast and we are so proud of you.  Never stop trying - we’re always here.  Love Mom, Dad, Emma and Hailee

Lorraine Hedstrom... Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!!  We hope you have a great day. Xoxo

Misty Shotter... Happy birthday to Misty Shotter.  Love from mom & dad

stefanie johnston... Happy birthday Stef

stacie empey... Hapyy birthday Stacie.

Krystin Desautels... Happy 17th Birthday to our Grandaughter Krystin. Hope you have an awesome day. Love Grandma and Grandpa Desautels

October 3rd

Gracie Carnahan... Happy birthday. Love mom, dad, Aj and Cameron.

Lauretta Lesuk...  We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Lauretta!   Love ~ from all of your family and friends.

Jake Braun... Happy 80th birthday uncle Jake.Have an awesome day. Lots of love from Agnes, Wes, Susan, Jenny-lee, Wendy, Lisa, Matthew and Lincoln

October 2nd 

Easton...Happy 3rd Birthday Easton!! Love Mom, Dad, Oakley and Quinton

Chris Penner... Wishing the best dad a very happy birthday today! Love Zack, Avah, Ryker

Colby Bestrop... Have a great day! Love Grandma Jackie and Auntie Kristen.

Elizabeth Leaman... Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Leaman on her 2nd birthday on Oct 2nd. Hope you have a great day and we'll see you for cake soon. Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Sam, Wilson and Tessa. Also Grandpa and Grandma

Brittanna Tumback... Happy 25th birthday tanna have a good day at work and a wonderful year ahead from mom and dad penner

Montanna Clendening... Happy 20th. Birthday  Montanna!! She is in her third year at the U of S in Saskatoon. Enjoy your day!!Lots of love from Mom and Dad.

Jase Johnson... Happy 10th Birthday Jase Love Mom, Dad, Drew and Vaeda.

Peter Neufeld... Happy forever 29th birthday Grandpa Moo! Wishing you another fabulous year! Love from Kris, Jeremy, Brydan, Avry and Wyatt

October 1st 

Olive... Happy Birthday Ollie!Love mom, dad, Ukiah and Gabby

Marshal Froese... Happy Birthday Fire Marshal! aka Marshal Froese. Firefighter / First Responder with the Herbert Fire Department. With love from Mom, Dad, Brittany, Justin, Grandma and Grandpa Voth, and Grandma Froese.

Mitch Wiens...  Happy 20th Birthday Mitch, love from Mom and Dad!

Mike Rogowski... Happy 40th Birthday to Mike Rogowski!  From Karla and the Board of Directors of Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce

Sheldon East... Happy birthday Sheldon, love mom, dad, Shelbie, mike , grandma and grandpa.Enjoy your day !!!

Timothy... Happy fourth birthday Timothy, love mom, dad and Brian.

Avry Neufeld...  Happy 15th buddy! Love Mom, Dad, Brydan and Wyatt

September 30th

George Tumback... Happy 70th Birthday to George Tumback! Hope you enjoy your day and have great, lasting memories all year long. 

Clarence Lenz... Happy birthday grandpa love: Erin, Kieran, Tennielle and Logan!

Ruby Dyck... Happy 8th Birthday to our sweet girl!  Hope you have a great day and an amazing year! Love, hugs and kisses; Mom, Dad & Townes

September 29th

Dave... Happy birthday Dave Love Vickie, Boston, Dylan and Isabelle

Henry Janzen... Still running  circles around the young ones at work at 60 Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband  love from your wife

Emmett Hardenne... Happy 8 th Birthday Emmett!! Lots of love Grandpa and Grandma Bulbeck

Ava Koch... Happy 10th Birthday Ava. Hope you have an awesome day. Love Grandma and Grandpa Desautels

September 28th

Jaxon Anderson... Happy Birthday Buddy  Love Mom, Dad, Keegan and Bozley. Happy 8th Birthday Jaxon.  Have a great day. Love you Grandma Grandpa Katlynn and all the family

Breanna Dyck... Happy 11th birthday  Love Mom, Dad Erin and Gary. Have the best day ever!

Norman Olfert... I hope you have your radio on so you hear your birthday message. Happy birthday to my loving husband. Coming from your wife, and all your friends back home in Nashville, Tennessee. Happy Birthday Norman!  Coming from your fiance Debbie Love You! Happy birthday sweetheart.  I Love you.  From Rose

Alicia Kjos...  Happy 2nd birthday to our princess.  You bring us so much joy.  We love you. From mom and dad and brothers Nathan and Lukas

Justin Uglem...  Happy Birthday. Have an amazing day. Good luck in the triathlon

Jay Douglas Wallis...  Happy 37th Birthday to Jay Douglas Wallis. Cheers and God bless!

 Sasia Kirk... Happy twelfth birthday Sasia. Have a great birthday and a fun filled year.Kisses and hugs from Grammy and Papa

Kuren Mosquito... Happy 12th Birthday son!! Ariyah, Mom & Dad Love you so much!

September 27th 

Tilynn...  Sweet 16! Love mom, dad, Tyson and Rhett

Payton irons... To my beautiful ginger girl may all your dreams come true.  Love mommy

Jamie Rowe... Happy birthday to Jamie Rowe at Johnnie's Lunchbox.

Kelly Burnett... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kelly!! Hope your day is as awesome as you!! Love from Mom & Ward.

George L’Heureux... Happy Birthday from your lake family!

Evan Scott... Happy 5th birthday to our boy and big brother! Love, hugs and blessings from mom, dad and brandtlee!!!

Hank Giesbrecht... Happy Birthday Hank - have a great day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead- Stan & Shirley

September 26th 

Cheryl Johnson... Happy Birthday to the Casino girl! From your friends out in Herbert!

Linda Westrom...  Happy 70th Birthday Linda - glad to have you join this special group - have a GREAT day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Jaxson... Happy birthday Jaxson have a great birthday. Lots of hugs and kisses. Happy birthday Jaxson have an awesome birthday. From all your friends

Curtis Ruf... Happy Birthday Curt From you entire family!!

Colleen Prescesky... Happy 40th Birthday daughter dear!  You are so beautiful, thoughtful, and tons of fun!

Lou Wigg... Wishing you a Happy 75th Birthday Lou. Have an awesome day !

Carson Letkeman... Happy 15 th Birthday! Love:  mom, dad, connor and Tristan

William (Wild Bill) Adam... From your son Kelsey and family

September 25th 

Todd and Alyssa Schreiner... Happy Anniversary to Todd and Alyssa Schreiner from Mom and Dad Schreiner and all the rest of their family and friends.

Pat Quintin... Happy Birthday Pat, with love from your family. Have an awesome day.

Quinn Shepherd... Happy 7th birthday Quinn! Hope you have an amazing day! Love Mom and Dad

Darwin Nowokoski... Happy Birthday Darwin from the girls at the Co-op!

September 24th

Dean Knox... Have a wonderful birthday from mom,dad, Samantha and grandma grandpa Knox.

Chase Empey... Happy 10th birthday Chaser love grandma Carolyn, aunty Stefanie,  uncle Jared and Aunty Denise.


Kayden Meyer... Happy Birthday Kayden! Love Mom,Dad,Ashlynn, Austin and Nicole

September 23rd 

Stan Klassen...  Happy Birthday Stan - hope you have a wonderful day and wishing you all the very best a in the year ahead - love you - Shirley  Happy Birthday Stan Klassen!  Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead. From Leonard, Sheila and Danelle Klassen

Avaeah Alexandre... Happy Birthday Avaeah! Have the best day!  Love Mom,Dad, Brody and Karsyn xo

September 22nd 

Henry Alden Bang... Happy first birthday Henry,from grandma and grandpa bang and aunti Teresa,uncle Travis and cousins Kylie and Jesse Knittle.Have a very good birthday.

John Eidem... Happy birthday John Eidem have a super awesome day from your family Danny, Melody and Glen and nephew Evan

Olin Geissler... Happy birthday, buddy!  We hope you have the best birthday ever! Love and hugs from Mom, Dad and Ava

September 21st 

Sharon Sitter... Happy birthday Sharon from the Garage at the Brew Pup

 Amanda Martens...  Happy 30th Birthday Amanda - wishing you a fun day with your family and much happiness in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Lisa Jacobsen... Wishing you have an awesome day. Happy 30th Birthday Lisa.All our love Mom, Grandma, Wes, Susan. Jenny-Lee, Matthew and Lincoln

Amy Melvin... Happy Birthday to Amy Melvin from your mom, dad, Randy and Molly

September 20th 

Jace Giesbrecht... Happy Birthday Jace. Love from Poppa Bud & Momma B and Great Poppa Joe. Enjoy your special day!

Barb Reimer... Happy Birthday BIG sis from your much younger sister!!!

Harlee Davis... Happy Birthday Harlee, love mom, James, Aunty Kari, uncle Tj and billy hope you have a great day.

Alicia Cheney... Happy birthday love mom and Rob

September 19th 

Kylie Ann Knittle... Happy birthday from grandma and grandpa  bang. Happy birthday also from aunti Jena-Lea,uncle Matthew,cousins Soffiah. And Henry. Happy 15th birthday Kylie, hope you have a great day, love dad, mom and Jesse

Shelbie East... Happy birthday Shelbie !! Enjoy your day ,love dad, mom, Sheldon, Mike, grandma and grandpa

Nicole Tumback... Happy Birthday Nicole - hope your day is WONDERFUL and the year ahead is full of shine shine and happiness - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

September 18th

Grover... Happy 2nd Birthday

Felix... Happy 4th Birthday

Westyn Bye... Happy 8th Birthday Westyn! Lots of love from Papa, Gramma, Licks, Emily and Louis

Dawson Girard... Have a super day. Love, Papa Lionel and Grandma Patti..Also sending birthday greetings to Sherry McCrea from us as well.

Dawson... Happy birthday. Have a great day. Love dad, Amanda, Kylie, Nikki and Rylynne

Andrea Peters... Happy Birthday to Andrea Peters from Amy, Randy, Vern and Carrie

Layne Goddu...  Happy birthday from mom and dad, Chelsea and Amber

September 17th 

Chax Salter... Happy Birthday to the best Dad ever. Have a great day! Lots of Love Mia, Jaxon, Lexi, Lisa and Sophie.

Elsie Zacharias... Happy Birthday Mom! Enjoy your celebration in Winterpeg.Love your favorite daughter & her furbies

Justin Lacelle... Happy birthday to Justin Lacelle with love from Mom 

Hailey Lowe... Happy Birthday Hailey, have a great day! Love you very muchPappa & Memere

Keegan Wheeler... Happy Birthday!  We love you and you are the best dad ever ❤️!  Love Stevie and Kelly!

Brynn McLeod...  Happy Birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter. Love  Nana and papa

September 16th 

Ashlynn Meyer... Happy 11th Birthday Ashlynn! Love Mom,Dad,Kayden, Nicole & Austin.

Jaxon Salter...  Happy 8th Birthday Jax. Have a wonderful day. Love Mom and Dad,  Mia, Lexi and Sophie. Happy Birthday Jaxon Love Grandma and Grandpa

Stevie Joyce Wheeler... Happy Birthday to this sweet little one year old!  Love , hugs, and kisses from her grandma and grandpa Schultz! Happy 1st birthday!! Love your cousins dani and raylin. Uncle jeff and best aunty karma. Happy birthday Stevie from your mom and dad

Derek Dahl... Hope you have a good one  Lots of love Dad, Mom, Britt, Jr, Lucy, Tera and Chevy

Scott Wilson...  Happy happy birthday uncle! Love Farrah Emerson & Nelly

Courtney Saaler... Happy Birthday Courtney Love Dad Colby Grandma Brenda Bob Amd All The Rest Of Your Family

September 15th 

Nathan Peterkin... Happy Birthday to our BONUS grandson from Nana Maurie and Papa Kevin. Happy Birthday to the best kid and big brother, love Mom, Dad and Oliver

Elena... Happy Birthday Elena coming from your friends. Have a great birthday! Happy Birthday Elena coming from all your relatives. Let's celebrate your birthday.

Owen... Happy Birthday big guy. Hope you have an awesome birthday! Wishing Owen a very happy 10th birthday! From mom, dad, step mom, Jaxon, Adam, Hali and Izzy! We love you to the moon and back!

Blaine Peters... Happy 19th birthday, Blaine.  Hope you have a great day. We love you.   Love mom and Troy also happy birthday from Nathan, Lukas and Alicia. 

John Marlon Quidez... Happy 6th Bday John!love, mom and dad

September 14th

Laikyn Schreiner... Happy 2nd birthday to Laikyn (lay-kin) Schreiner from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Auntie Tera, Uncle Scott, Auntie Rebecca, Britta and Violet.

Baylen Keleher... Happy Birthday Baylen from Mom, Dad and Hayla.

Murray Mcblain... Happy Birthday Grandpa: Love Allison, Jocelyn, Emily, payton, Cam,Kandace, Melissa, marlene, Becky and Darin! And can’t forget Duke and Bridge the dogs!!

Jeremy Brumwell... Happy 19th son! I hope you have a fun filled 19th and all the best in the upcoming year.So proud of the young man you have become. Love you to the moon and back

Lexi Sslter... Wishing you a Magical 4th birthday Lex. Love Mom, Dad, Mia, Jax and Sophie

Lindsay... Happy Birthday Mom!  Love Hannah, Ethan, and Owen.

Lindsay Regier... Happy Birthday Lindsay - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead!! - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Brian Cummings... Happy birthday Brian Cummings!! Hope you have a great day from Tara, Ayden , and McKenna

Daisy Dyck... Happy 14th Birthday Daisy. Hope we can make your day so Special like you are to us! Love Daphne, Mom and Dad.

Larry Kielo... Happy 50th Birthday Mr Kielo!!!Best Wishes from the staff and students of SCCHS

Lexi Salte... Happy Birthday Honey, Love Grandma and Grandpa

September 13th 

Steve Payne... Happy Birthday Steve, love Rachel , Tanner, Kylie 

Jax Giesbrecht... Happy Birthday Jax, lots of love from Grandma Glenna 

Tesslyn Fifield... Happy Birthday Tesslyn, love aunite Carol 

Steven Ruf... Happy Birthday Steve Ruf from Teresa, Craig, Karlee, Sawyer, Curtis and Carson. Happy Birthday from Vera, Franklin and the Family. Happy Birthday, dear husband love from your wife Teresa and the rest of your family!

Shawn Hjermenrude... Happy Birthday to the man that stole our hearts. Love Angelena and Brantley 

Nabil Zanidean... Happy 16th Birthday Nabil! Love mom, dad, Adnan and Rahim

September 12th

Douglas Kalenchuk...Happy Birthday and congratulations on the big 1 3 from Dad, Mom, and Devin

Isabelle... Enjoy your special day Belle! All our love, dad, mom, Brady and Blake. 

Rhonda Regier... Wishing my awesome friend, Rhonda Regier, a beautiful and extra-special birthday today. Love, Rita. We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Rhonda.  Love ~ from Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Karen, Wade, Hailey, Reid, Mom & Dad!  You are loved lots!!!!

Jessica Dyck... Happy Birthday Jessica! Hope you have a great day. Love, your sister.

Moira McBlain... Happy Birthday Mom love Jayden Tanner Tiana and Taryn

Luke Schlamp... Happy Birthday to our wonderful son, Luke. We love you so much.Love from Mom, Dad, Jason, Jaydyn, and Brooke!!Happy Birthday to our grandson,Luke. We love you very much. Love from Grandma &Grandpa Fehr!! Happy birthday to our grandson Luke. We love you from grandma and grandpa Schlamp

September 11th

Spencer McGonigal... Happy Birthday kiddo. We love you so much! Have a great day. Love Mom, Chris and Chance

Karidee Schreiner... Happy 4th birthday to Karidee (Care-a-dee) Schreiner from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Auntie Tera, Uncle Scott, Auntie Rebecca, Britta and Violet

Bentley Monson... Happy 8th Birthday Bentley! Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Tyler and Jared!

Conner Hamme... Happy birthday from mom,Dave,Austin,Keyanna,Sydney,and the animals

Denise Harlos... To our niece , great mother and hatd working. Love u lots, Aunt Connie and uncle Len. Enjoy your day

Lisa... Happy Birthday and Lot's of love from your Husband Kelly, Dana, Leslie Brian and Austin

Hunter Vavra... Happy 20th Birthday Hunter! Wishing you a year of adventures ahead. Love Mom Dad Rhett and Jett.

Nikki... Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day. Love mom, dad, Dawson, Kylie and Rylynne

September 10th

Heather Richardson...Happy Birthday to my sister Heather from Glenna

Soffiah Tyna Bang... Happy 6th. Birthday from grandma and grandpa Bang. Happy  6th birthday Soffiah, hope you have a great day love uncle Travis, auntie Teresa, Kylie and Jesse.

Andrea Wellbrock... Happy 14th Birthday Ryder. We hope you have a fantastic day ! Dad, Andrea, Cole, Brandon, Liam, Rogan, Rudy, and Jaret

September 9th

Kayleigh Pilat...Happy Birthday to Kayleigh from your Dad & your brother Connar.  Also greeting from Grandma & Grandpa Pillat, Auntie Cindy & family & Unclle Randy and family.  Have lots of fun!

Ady Todd... Happy 9th Birthday AdyLove Grandma Gayle

September 8th

Alli Green... Happy Birthday Alli, hope you have a great day! Love u as big as the ocean! Love Grandma, Grandpa, Aunty Melissa, Jocelyn, Uncle Cam, Kandace, Emily, Payton, Bridge, Duke, and Mom 

Jacquie Greenwood....Happy 70th Birthday Jacquie - welcome to a GREAT CLUB - wishing you all the happiness you can stand in the year ahead - from your group of fun friends

September 7th

Hunter Luepke....Happy 7th Birthday to my not so little Boy! Mom and dad love you so much!

Bart Blanke...Happy 35th Birthday to a very special Daddy and husband! Love: Shantel and Sadie. Happy Birthday to a very special husband and Daddy!Love: Shantel & Sadie

Lyda  Lenz....Happy birthday grandma love: Erin, Kieran, Tennielle and Logan!

Logan Foster...Logan plays for the Broncos. Happy 19th birthday. From Garet, Larissa, Austyn and Jaden

Joe Unger...Happy 75th Birthday Joe - have a GREAT day and wishing you health and happiness in the year ahead - from ALL your get-together buddies

Lori Lord...Happy Birthday Lori! One year closer to sunny beaches every day!Love from Preston, Ashlynn and Mikayla.

Tammy Kraus...Happy birthday to my loving sister Tammy love your sisters Terry and Wendy!

Devin Kalenchuk... Happy Birthday from Dad, Mom, and Douglas

Kevin Broccolo...Happy birthday dad (a.k.a. Kevin Broccolo) Love Carter, Brady, Amy, the Crutch’s crew, and all your friends and family.

Meaghan Pribyl...Happy BirthdayMom, Dad and Scooter

September 6th

Nicole Kopperud...We would like to wish Nicole a Happy 33rd Birthday and Hope she has a great day We love u From Family and Friends

Ryder Weins... Have a great day  Fr Debbie and the gang

Karlee Larson...Happy 13th Birthday! Love you! Love Mom and Dad

Brenda Saufert... I want to wish my friend Brenda, A Happy 44th Birthday and I hope u have a great day !! 

Pat Friesen...  Happy Birthday To Pat Friesen. With love from Soos, Bear, Cole, Haley and Lucky.

September 5th

Brandon Bissonnette...Happy 20th Birthday Brandon . Hope your day is fantastic ! Mom , Darren , Cole , Brandon , Liam , Ryder , Rogan , and Rudy

Christopher Penner...  Happy birthday son a quarter of a century old wow have a great day at work (finning) love you lots from mom and dad

Marissa... Happy Birthday Marissa💙Happy Birthday to my bff!You are one of a kind, and you make me laugh and smile so much!!  Hope you have a great year!

Darci Friesen... hey Darc, have a wonderful birthday, bless you, love your bestie-- Hol.

September 4th

Troy Kjos... Happy birthday, Troy.  I hope you have a great day and I love you.  Love from Justina and also happy birthday from your kids,  Nathan, Lukas and Alicia we love you dad. Happy Birthday Troy!!Hope you have a great day!!From Mom and Dad Fehr. Happy Birthday Troy!!Hope you have a great day celebrating!!From Jeff, Trudy, and family.

Aiden Kilshaw...Happy 10th Birthday, Aiden!  Hope your day is as special as you are!  Lots of love, hugs & kisses from Granny & Papa. Happy Birthday Aiden!!Love Auntie Carrie, Uncle Kevin, Chloe and Kendra. Happy 10th birthday A.K. Have a great day! From Darcy and Amanda

Parker Olynick... Happy 9th birthday to our daughter and sister, Parker! Have a great day! We love you. Love Dad, Mom, Cutter, and Huxton.

Sadie Blanke...  Happy 3rd Birthday Sadie!Love: Mommy and Daddy. Happy Birthday to Sadie Blanke who is 3 years old today from Grandpa and Grandma, Auntie Sheena and uncle Trev. 

Dianne Sired... Happy Birthday Dianne. have a great day

September 3rd

Gary Whalen...Happy Birthday Gary form the gang at the Super 8. Happy Birthday Gary. To an amazing Grandpa, dad and Husband!! you mean the world to all of us. Love Melissa, Alexis, Scott, Rachelle, Dave, Seth, Jayda, Kyler, and Berlynn

September 2nd

Hunter Luepke...Happy 7th Birthday to my not so little boy! Love you so much! Love Mom and Dad!

Murray Hodgins...Hope you have a great day harvesting.Love, Charlene & Avery

Candace Sewell... Happy Birthday. From your hubby and Logan,Austin,& Tucker. Have an awesome weekend!!

Autumn Coates...Happy 13th Birthday! Love Ohana

September 1st

Tyler... Want to wish you the happiest of birthdays and have a great year full of adventures  love mom and dad

Connor Hardenne...Happy Birthday Connor!! Lots of rank Love Grandma and Grandpa Bulbeck

Mia Reigel...Happy 13th Birthday Mia. From your friend Autumn

August 31st

Lionel mcnab...Beat foreman in swift current x

Jayde Descoteaux...Happy Birthday 5th Jayde! Hope have a great day! Hope you enjoy your first day of Kindergarten next week.         Love Mom, Dad, and Peyton

Dashel Klassen...Happy 9th Birthday Dashel! Love from Mom, Dad, Rielle and Toby

Brad Cattell...Happy Birthday Daddy! Love Noel, Lylah, Morgan and Liam.

Tori Hallam...Happy 12th Birthday ToriLove Mom and Dad

Blake Simpson...Happy Birthday Blake! Have a wonderful day. Love, Mom, Dad, Brady and Belle

August 30th

Brynn Giesleman...Hope you have a fun day    Fr Debbie and the gang

Helen Schlamp...Happy birthday mom and grandma hope you have a great day from Jeff and Trudy,Luke , Jason, JAYDYN and Brooke hope you have a great day

Briley Pogorzelec...Happy 8th Birthday BrileyFrom Grandma and Grandpa Pogo. Happy Birthday to Briley Love from DadHave a GREAT day Peanut.

Brinley Todd...Happy 2 Birthday Brinley            Love Grandma Gayle

Briley pagorzlik...Happy 8th birthday. I hope you have a special day. Love uncle Ryan

August 29th

Jeff grainger...Happy happy birthday Papa Jeff, love Farrah Emerson & Nelly

 Austin Hammer...Love Conner mom Dave Keyanna Sydney

Melissa Reimer... Happy Birthday, Melissa.  Lots of Love from Mom, Angela and Clarence.

Zachary Kielo... Happy 13th Birthday Zachary! Love mom, dad and Hannah

Jordan Regier... We hope you have a very Happy 18th Birthday and an awesome year, Jordan.  Love from ~ Mom, Dad, Kyra, Kaden, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid, Grandma & Grandpa.  You are loved!!!

Lylah Cattell...Happy 10th Birthday Lylah! Love Mom, Dad, Morgan and Liam.

 Sterling  McCallum...Happy 50th birthday MCCallum love Parker . Have a funtastic Day old man!!

Jordan Regier...Happy 18th Birthday Jordan Regier!!!!  We hope you have a fantadtic year at University!!!  We love you liots!!!  Love mom,dad, Kyra & Kaden

August 28th

Cole Wellbrock...Happy 24th birthday Cole ! We hope you have a fantastic year ❤️ . Dad , Andrea , Brandon , Liam , Ryder , Rogan , Rudy , and Jaret

Morgan Cattell...Happy 8th Birthday Morgan! Love Mom, Dad, Lylah and Liam.

Jeremy Wilson...Wait? You are how old? Happy 35th birthday to a great husband. You only get better with age. Love Kim.

Cindy Schultz...Happy Birthday Cindy Schultz may you have a spectacular day! from  Terry Kim Krysten Tesla Payton and Jesse  ... Happy Birthday MommyLove Todd, Bethany, Jonas & Owen!

August 27th

Macy Stenerson... Happy 2nd Birthday from mommy and daddy. Love from Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Dave and Emily

Adyson Lloyd...Happy Birthday Ady!Welcome to your teensLove you very muchLove Mom, Liv and Bud!

August 26th

Lola Ruehs...Happy 9th Birthday to a beautiful, kindhearted, loving girl.Love Mom, Dad and Owen

Emery Brown...Happy 1st birthday Emery! Love grandma and grandpa

Brooklyn fehr... Happy birthday to A very sweet niece. Love uncle Jer and auntie Kim

August 25th

Nathan Peters... Happy birthday, Nathan. Hope your having an awesome day love mom and Troy and Lukas and Alicia

Yvonne ginter...Wishing our oldest daughter a special birthday on her 50! Hope the best for u as u work hard and travel lots Love mom and dad ; Happy birthday to the best mom there is and to the best gramma anyone could ask for. We love you to! ! Love from: Nichole, Heidi, Mike, Luke, Nevaeh and Skyli

August 24th

Nick Rampton ... Happy Birthday love Kylee, Chad and Brynn

Davyn Lowenberger....Happy Birthday Davyn! Love Mom, Dad & Karsyn 

Chris Grainger... Happy birthday Uncle Chris! Love Farrah Emerson & Nelly

Avah Penner... Wishing Avah a very Happy 11th Birthday today - we wish you all the best today and always! Love: Mom, Dad, Zack, and Ryker

August 23rd

Regan shaw...Happy happy birthday Regan! Love FarrAh & Emerson

Shirley Klassen... Happy 70th Birthday to Shirley Klassen!!  Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen. Happy 70th Birthday to Shirley Klassen. Have wonderful day celebrating! From the LAFF group and the Tuesday A & W coffee group.

Marion Miller...Happy 95th Birthday Marion! Love from ray and Karen and family.

August 22nd

Diesel Fisher...Happy 5th Birthday Diesel!!!Love AlwaysGrandma and Grandpa Fisher

Sheila Klassen... Happy 65th Birthday Sheila - enjoy this special birthday and many, many more - Stan & Shirley.  Happy 65th Birthday to Sheila Klassen!  Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.Love, Leonard, Danelle, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene & Terry.

Larry Gould...Happy Birthday Larry - hope you have a great day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - from your get-together buddies

Erwin Telke...Happy birthday Erwin, we hope you have a great day!Best wishes from Gary and Debbie

Sharon Adrian...Happy birthday Sharon, we hope you have a great day!Best wishes, from Debbie and Gary

August 21st

Phynleigh Myher... Happy Birthday to our little peanut love your grandma & grandpa Obst, aunt Melodie and Uncle Mike, Aunty Candace and Uncle Craig, Caden, Carleigh and Colten as well as great grandma Fran. Have a terrific day we love you.

Haley Bissonnette...Happy birthday Haley, we hope you have a wonderful day!!Love Auntie Debbie and Uncle Gary

SHERRY HOPE...Happy Birthday SherryHope you have a super day!Love Mom and Dad

Shaleiya Rempel...Happy 6th Birthday, Shaleiya! We all love you very much, and hope you have a wonderful birthday! From Mom, Dad, and Ryker

August 20th

Gordon Modien...happy birthday from your family

Lionel Highsaw...Happy Birthday, Lionel.. Have a great day.. Love, Patti.

Louaine Tumback...Happy Birthday to the greatest mom & wife anyone could ask for! You do so much for us all year and today is about you and celebrating your special day! Love Colleen & George

Jason Schlamp...Happy 13th Birthday to our wonderful son, Jason.. We love you so much!!Love Mom, Dad, Luke, Jaydyn, and Brooke SchlampHappy Birthday to our grandson, Jason.. Love from Grandma & Grandpa Fehr.Have a great day from grandma and grandpa Schlamp. Love you Jason

Trenton Froese...Trenton, Wishing you a very Happy 40th Birthday!! Love Amy, Megan and Isaac

Arlene Olson...Happy birthday mom, grandma and great grandma- we love you

Alyssa Schreiner...Happy birthday to Alyssa Schreiner from Penny and Terry, Todd and the kids and all the rest of your family and friends

August 19th

Kaylee Anderson...Happy 10 th Birthday Kaylee.  Have a super day.  Love you Grandma Grandpa Katlynn Keegan and all the family

August 18th

Aliya Auger... Happy 8th birthday sweetheart! Love mom, Chandler, Ashton and Brynnleigh

Makstr McIntyre...Happy 12th Makstr love mom, dad, Mackenzie and Felix

Emilie Poh...Happy Birthday, Emilie!  Have a super day!  Love Grandma Kim!

Roberta Barber...Happy Birthday Roberta - wishing you a wonderful day and a FANTASTIC year ahead - from all your sisters & families

Frank Dyck...Wishing uncle Frank the best birthday and year ahead. Hes a very active man and friend to all.Love from Len Connie and the familyWymark is blessed by his presence


August 16th

Tillie Reimer...Happy Birthday to our special Sister & Aunt. Have a Great Day!  Luv Lenore and The Weinbender and Munro familys

jeanne carignan...happy birthday from all of your family

Tydon Moen...Happy 8th Birthday Buddy!Love, Dad, Mom, Aleaha and Reyna. Happy 8th Birthday Tydon!Love, Grandpa Roger and Grandma Stella. Happy 8th birthday Tydon love from Grampa and Grandma

Jesse Gardner...Happy birthday love mom, Kim, Tesla, Krysten, Payton. Wishing a huge happy 14th birthday to Jesse Gardner. Hope you have an amazing day.  Love coming from dad, brandy, storm and marshal

Gwen Leshures...Happy birthday from the whole  fam damily. Hope you get to play at least one round of golf.

Jaden Todd...Happy 15th, to our Jaby Baby! Love Always, Grama Jo and Grampa Jerry

Meadow Coates...Happy 15th Birthday! Love Ohana

August 15th

Donna Wotherspoon...Happy birthday Donna! We hope you have a great day!!Our best wishes, Debbie and Gary

Helen Pinel...Happy birthday to a wonderful mom and grandma.  Love Kaylee, Brent, Kiptyn and the rest of your family. Happy  Birthday Mom! Have a wonderful day , love Ernie, Brian and Ang, Dwayne and Jeannie, Debbie and Craig , Sheldon , Shelbie, Brent and Kaylee and Kipton

Mhyer Fritz-Irwin...Happy 5th Birthday Mhyer! Love Grandma Sheryl, Grandpa Dana, and Uncle Josh!

August 14th

Henry Fehr...Happy birthday, Dad.  We hope you have a great day and many more birthdays.  We love you.  Love Justina and Troy  and live from Nathan, Lukas and Alicia

August 13th

Emil Glass...Happy 97th Birthday Dad . Have a wonderful day . We love you . Theresa Larry and Micheal

Carol East...Happy Birthday Carol!  Have a wonderful day!  With love from all your family!

August 12th

 Austyn Gader...Happy birthday Austyn. Have a great day. Love Mom, Dad, Jaden, Karl and Andrew.

Xander Lemire....Happy 5th Birthday Xander Hugs From Mom, Dad, Perrin, and Hailee

Happy birthday to Glen Hansen from his family, friends and cousins

Eldon Dunham...Happy 80th Birthday to Eldon Dunham!!! Have a great day!! From Ed , Myrna and family

August 11th

Robin Wall... Happy Birthday on Saturday Robin from Reed, Brooke, Mom, Dad, and all your family and friends.

Rhyllah...Happy 6th birthday Rhyllah girl! Hope you have the best day!

August 10th

Joe Snedden & Blaid Snedden...Happy Bday to Joe Snedden and happy 17th birthday to his daughter Blaid!  Love Fenix and Mumma

Nicole...Happy Birthday Nicole!Love mom, dad and Kelsey.

Candace White...Happy Birthday Candace from Vanessa, Jarrod, Korbin and Nash

Bentley Nymann...Happy 2nd birthday, bambam!   Love grandma and grandpa Kjos.  And from uncle Nathan, uncle Lukas and auntie alicia

Norm Jewitt...Happy Double nickels birthday to my brother Norm Jewitt.  At 55 you start getting some senior discounts. Have a great day Nancy & Ron

August 9th

Brent and Karl Wilkins...Happy Birthday to Brent and Karl Wilkins on Aug.9/18, from Rick, Nicole, Craig, Mark, Haley and Heidi.

Sharon Shumaker...Have a great day at Cypress! Love Sherry and crew

August 8th

Jannae Carlson...Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Jannae--love you always--Granny,Uncle Jeff,Uncle Jay and Laila

ShelleyHenrion...Birthday wishes to an awesome lady ... have a fun day at the lake Shelley ... Best wishes from Gail & Patsy

August 7th

Liam White...Happy 8th Birthday LiamLove Mom, Dad and Gunnar

Olive Telke...Happy birthday Olive, we hope you have a fantastic day!Best wishes from Gary and Debbie. Happy birthday Olive, we hope that you have a fantastic day!!Best wishes from, Debbie and Gary.gazabo

August 6th

Haley Spetz...Happy 21st birthday wishes Haley ... have a super day!  Love from the Spetz Aunts and Uncles and cousins

Casey Packet...306-750-7745

August 5th

Jayden McBlain...Happy Birthday love mom dad tanner Tiana Taryn cousins Danika Dacie Dylan Conner.  Happy Birthday love papa and grandma

Todd Cornelson...Happy birthday to a great Dad!  Love Rachel and Maielle.

August 4th

Sydney...Happy birthday Sydney!  Love Mom

Robert Hattum...Wishing you a happy Birthday!! Love: Michelle, Keegan, Jaxon and Bozley

Rodger Ruf...Happy Birthday from all of your family!

Chad Smith...Happy Birthday Chad, love Jess and Taylor

Sydney Bulbeck...Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful daughter Sydney. Love Grandpa and Grandma.

August 3rd


Bev Ginter...Happy Birthday Bev!!All Our LoveHeather and Perry

Nevaeh Johnson...Happy 12th birthday Nevaeh love Kasia, Tiergan, Lyric, Rhythm, Tennielle, Logan, Kaela, Cody, Ty, Bryce, Riley, McKenna and Walker

Annika Plewis...Happy  6th birthday our dear Annika.  Love Yu lots.  Gramma, papa and koru

Happy first birthday Jackson Lacelle love from Nana Brenda

Tyrell olfert...Wishing the oldest grandson withe greatest passion for badeball, also winner of numerous awards at cabri tournament, s very happy birthday 🎂, u make us proud and love you

Bailey Bye...Happy birthday Bailey !! From auntie Tana , uncle Dustin , chase and colt

August 2nd

 Margaret Dick...Happy Birthday Aunt Maggie from Henry and Lorna


 Kyra Dawn Regier...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Kyra.  You are loved!!! We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Kyra Dawn!  You are loved!  Love ~ from Mom, Dad, Jordan, Kaden, Karen, Wade, Hailey, Reid, Grandma & Grandpa.

Janet Friesen...Happy anniversary Janet. I can never express enough the love I have for you. Love Richard

Megan Simmons... Happy Birthday Auntie “Merr” Megan Simmons! Love Emberlyn, Mhyer and Indus!

Howie...Happy Birthday you old fart from Sharn Jean

Kyra Regier... Happy 15th Birthday Kyra Regier!!  Love mom, dad, Jordan & Kaden

Colt Auseth...Happy birthday colt !! From mom , dad  and chase

August 1st

Ellawyn blackmore...happy birthday.

Eden Larson...Happy birthday Eden love Mom, Dad and Brooke

Karen Fox... Happy Birthday Karen - wishing you all the very best in the year ahead - have a GREAT day - from your luncheon buddies

Janet Friesen...Happy birthday to the best wife and mom on the planet. You’re old enough to know better but still young enough to get into trouble. We love you lots from Richard, Nicholas, Cocoa, Diva, Rosie, Nacho, Fuzzy Nuts, Jersey and Mr Fish

Karen... Wishing you all the best today from Fran & your friends!


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