Hey Hockey fans,

What happened in Night #1 of the NHL Playoffs??

 The Pittsburgh Penguins blew a 3 goal lead and ended up losing 4-3 to the Philadelphia Flyers in OT.  I have a feeling this series will be going to  7 games!

Another good series started up last night as the Nashville Predators hung on to beat the Detroit Red Wings 3-2. Nashville looks like a team that could win a guy the pool. However, this play was stealing a lot of the headlines after the game...

The Vancouver Canucks seem to be the team you either love or hate, there is no in between. The Nucks started there 2012 playoff run with a 4-2 loss on home ice the Los Angeles Kings.

In the Eagle Hockey Pool........(It is still VERY early)
1st- Team Duck -17th Points
2nd- FunkDust- 12th Points
3rd- Carter's Team- 11 Points

Out of the local celebrities involved Taylor Vause had the best night with T7- 9 points
                                                                   Mullin's Mules sit in a tie for 17th with 7 points
                                                                   Mayor Jerrod Schafer is in 24th with 6 points
                                                                   Christian Magnus is tied for 37th with 4 points

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