It's one of the most popular outdoor winter activities on the prairies but Conservation Officers are trying to get the word out that going ice fishing is not a free for all, there are rules that need to be followed.

Social media posts are highlighting some concerns about alcohol on local lakes and rivers. Pictures show garbage and alcohol containers left behind on the ice, either to blow down the shoreline or fall to the bottom of the water when spring melt hits. Other anglers are calling out the offenders saying their actions are not acceptable. There are also concerns about impaired driving after the day of fishing is complete.

Despite what many think, alcohol is not permitted according to Conservation Officer Lindsey Leko. "That's the thing that always comes up is liquor in ice shacks and that's not allowed."

"It's against the law to consume or possess liquor in ice shack because it's not deemed a dwelling regardless of how many beds or stoves you have in it."

Conservation officers are out inspecting tents and shacks to make sure that anglers are following catch limits as well as any other laws that pertain to outdoor sports.

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