On Friday, the Lyric Theatre hosted an event sponsored by SaskMusic, celebrating International Women's Day.

A former Swift Current resident who is making waves in the music scene was speaking and performing at the centre for Swift Current music.

Eliza Doyle is a Juno Award winner for her work in the band, The Dead South, and said that she spoke to the attendees of the show about the music industry, and the role that local female musicians can play as role models to other women thinking about entering the music scene.

"We discussed women in the music industry, the barriers, just struggles that we've encountered as being women in the music industry, and how we can become better leaders to try to inspire other women to enter the music industry."

She said that when she does see women pursuing music, it tends to be a limited variety or roles, something she says could change by having female representation in other positions.

"The more women that are in the industry, the more young girls will see that as a possibility, or even a career choice. So right now there's a lot of women and girls going into vocals, like being a vocalist and singing, or playing keyboard, or tambourine, but where we don't see as much [representation] is electric guitar, lead guitarist, bass players, drummers."

She said that the onus should be on booking agents and festival organizers to try to equally represent women in their shows.

Speaking of how representation can inspire women, Doyle said that the same issues could be present in other aspects of society.

"If you only see firemen and not firewomen, or policemen and not policewomen, you don't even think it's an option."

Doyle said that the presence of mothers, daughters, and aunts, as well as men, created a very supportive environment at the show.

Being held on International Women's Day, Doyle said that there should be more done to highlight women.

"It's funny, because when Valentine's Day comes around, a lot of people say 'well it's just a day, and you should show your love every day, and it's not necessary to have something like Valentine's Day' some people might say the same thing [for Women's Day.] there's one day where we really celebrate women, and we try to elevate them, and try to keep pushing for equality, and I would say that's something we need to do more often."

She said she hopes that events similar to the one held at the Lyric Theatre more popular, hoping to spread the message of equality and representation in radio, events, and festivals.

"I know, as I've toured around the world and been to many different venues, it's just harder to get taken seriously as a female in the music industry, so we're just hoping through more events like this that we can just be taken with the same seriousness, and not have to work twice as hard just to prove the same points."

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