Okay. That title probably wasn't necessary.

But here's the lowdown on whether things are going to shape in the near future:

They're not...

Environment Canada's extreme cold warning states that an arctic high-pressure ridge over Saskatchewan.

With that comes very cold temperatures - it was -35 C in Swift Current at 9 a.m. today, with the wind making it feel like -46 C.

Today's high is expected to be around -24 C.

Amanda Prysizney is an Environment Canada meteorologist, and said going into next week things are starting to look a little more bearable.

"We're looking at overnight lows of maybe minus mid-twenties, and then daytime highs of somewhere between minus 15ish, minus 18 for the early part of next week. That's what we're expecting for the early part of next week. It is still below normal for this time of year, still by about 10 degrees, but it will feel quite a bit warmer than the temperatures happening right now.

"The longer-range outlook beyond that is still, like Day 8 to 12, is still looking like quite a good chance of still below-normal temperatures, but probably not quite this low. By Saturday, Sunday or so, you'll see quite a bit of an improvement, especially in the overnight lows, and then early part of next week will feel quite a bit warmer - especially during the day compared to what's happening right now."

Prysizney said the record low, including data between 1885 and 2019, is -37.8 back in 1899. Unofficially, the lowest temperature Prysizney observed for Swift Current today was -35.3 C.


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