Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada has come to a close in Swift Current, but an artist has commemorated the event on canvas.

mural feb11

David Arrigo is a Toronto-based artist who was commissioned to complete this year's mural for the nationally-broadcasted day of hockey.

The mural was completed at events throughout the weekend as part of a program called a live mural experience.

As Arrigo explained, the mural was influenced by social media, through #hockeyday.

"It gives us the inspiration, so people come up with their favourite memories, so what they'll do is they'll hashtag hockey day, and then say, you know, 'my favourite moment was skating with my father,' or 'my first pair of skates,' and then I'll take those elements and then I'll add it to the mural, so you'll see right down at the bottom there, there was one young boy who said 'my first pair of skates' so I painted that on there."

He said that not only was using the hashtag to share hockey memories, but it was also a chance to support hockey itself.

"For every hashtag of hockey day, Scotiabank is donating $1, so it could be a serious investment that is going back into grassroots hockey, which Scotiabank has been doing for the better part of eight years partnering up, doing all these great things, so [I'm] really excited to be here in Swift Current."

Arrigo said that he has had been doing the live mural experience for the better part of 20 years with hockey being a common subject matter. He said that doing a work of art for hockey day and not an aspect of the NHL as per-usual was a change of pace.

mural final feb11

"It's just something different from the whole NHL experience, this is more grassroots like I mentioned, with the kids and the families, this is the way I grew up in hockey. To be part of this again is fantastic."

Aside from NHL murals, the artist has also been commissioned to complete works for events like the Rogers Cup and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

While this was his first time completing a mural for Hockey Day in Canada, Arrigo said that hopefully he would be commissioned to do another next year.

The artwork will reside in the Hockey Hall of Fame for anywhere between six months and a year before it returns to Swift Current to be kept in the Saskatchewan Hockey Hall of Fame.

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