Visitors from all around the southwest region of the province made the pilgrimage to see something that they have made a holiday tradition.

The 10th-annual Night Jesus Was Born nativity display was up and running once again this year in Hodgeville, and the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas were all present with it.

This year's display featured over 1,100 individual nativity scenes, all hosted in the Hodgeville Community Centre, along with Christmas carols, hot chocolate, apple cider, Christmas Oranges, and holiday-themed baking.

Anne Barkman, an originator of the event describes the setup of scenes as something you have to see to believe.

She said that the event has grown considerably since its beginning when it was just Barkman and one other participant.

"Well, we just made a list this morning, and we probably have about 30 people who bring their nativity scenes, I guess, and we display them here."

Barkman's personal collection numbers about 230 scenes, and says that one man from Mortlach has a collection of around 300 scenes.

Because of the large number of scenes during this year’s event which began on Friday and lasted until yesterday, Barkman said the event needed to use more space in the Hodgeville Community Centre.

"We had to overflow into the senior room this year as well, because there was just not enough space in the hall, so we've got quite a few set up in the senior room as well."

According to Barkman, people who have not yet experienced the showcase were very impressed by it.

"We've had lots of first-time attendees coming, and they can't imagine what it looked like, but they're just impressed, incredibly impressed with what it looks like, we've had a very good response."

Others who attend each year use the event a way to kick off the Christmas season said Barkman.

Being able to create and carry on traditions for those who attend the event is "just the most amazing thing" according to Barkman.

"You know, just to see the impact, to look at a scene and hopefully twig lots of memories for people, and to develop new memories for the young kids that come."

Usually, schools take tours of the community centre on Friday, but due to school being out that day, this year was different in that way.

Today the scenes are being taken down, and Barkman says the figures, which are set up over the course of a week, have to be taken down over the course of a day and a half.

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