Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's had a lot of questions to answer on either end of the political spectrum regarding the energy sector, and there's no shortage of opinions in Swift Current on the matter.

Talking to people on the streets, Swift Current Online reporter Anthony Janzen heard some things people would bring up with Trudeau if they were to speak with him.

"When are you going to build the pipeline in B.C.?," asked a man named Paul. "It's going to improve the country definitely. It's going to get that price of oil back up, get some more jobs on the table."

"How come you can't keep a promise?," asked another man. "I wouldn't vote for him and I'd hate to go to a public meeting with him because I'd go right out of control... He's not prime minister material. He's an actor, and that's all he is."

"I'm concerned about the deficit, and I think we're spending our grandkids' and our great grandkids' money," another man said. "I'm very disappointed in what he's doing with the oil. The oil pipeline, it's chasing investors away... I'm kind of worried about the state of our country right now with the left-wing ideas that he has and I hope it'll change in the next election."

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