Schools from southwest Saskatchewan were treated to a tour of the Legislative Building in Regina, hoping to shed light onto the province's political system.

Last Thursday, around 48 students from Kyle Composite, Beechy, and Eaton (in Eatonia) schools were invited to participate in a tour of the building after Sun West School Division was drawn as this parliament session's tour recipient.

Tatum Schneider, a teacher from Kyle Composite School, took the school's Grade 7, 8, and 9 classes to the province's capital for the tour.

Schneider said that it was a valuable learning resource for students to see how the province's political system works.

"Well, I think it really puts it into context for them, of course you learn about the structure of government, and how democracy works all throughout school, but unless you're very engaged politically you don't really see who our MLAs are, or how it works, and how bills become laws, and we got to see that all put in action Thursday."

In preparation for the trip, students watched videos on the history of the legislature and the structure of the government, but according to Schneider, being able to physically see the process was a good education tool.

Schneider said that the entire trip was financed by the Provincial Capital Commission, which showed commitment to education from the provincial government.

"Well, it goes to show how committed they are to having our younger generations understand that, so they can become engaged with the system, even before they are allowed to vote and become a part of the election process."

The students had the opportunity to see the proceedings of a day in the legislative building, and got to meet Premier Scott Moe as well according to Schneider.

"We got a tour of the building, we got to watch question period in the chamber, we got to go visit the premier, which I think was just a bonus, he just thought 'Hey, I should go visit with these kids' and took time out of his day to do so."

Two MLAs, the speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and his clerk were also available at the end of the tour for questions.

Schneider said that she believed that she had a better understanding of the building after the tour, and would be able to better teach about it in the future.

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