According to a Facebook account that looks to be Rodney Stafford's, Terri-Lynne McClintic - who killed Rodney's daughter Tori - has been moved back behind bars from the Okimaw Hhci Healing Lodge in Maple Creek.

McClintic was convicted in 2010 of first-degree murder after Tori was killed in 2009, at the age of eight.

There was a lot of protest when the Stafford family, and then the public, became aware that McClintic was transfered from a prison in Ontario to Maple Creek.

In a statement released yesterday, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale announced that he had ordered a review into the process of Offenders Transfers.

That brings about a change in the parameters when looking to transfer prisoners such as McClintic.

Factors now considered when evaluating transfers of medium-security offenders to facilities without a directly-controlled perimeter now include the length of an offender's sentence, the requirement that long-term offenders be at least into the preparation for release phase of their correctional plan, institutional behavior, and the time remaining before an offender is eligible for an Unescorted Temporary Absence.

Unescorted Temporary Absence is a program in which a prisoner is granted temporary leave for reasons ranging from medical reasons to family contact of parental responsibilities.

As part of the statement outlining these new regulations, Goodale said that there will be a verification process for prisoner transfers similar to McClintic's going forward.

"To provide stronger, more consistent national oversight of these transfers, they will need to be authorized by CSC's (Correctional Services of Canada) Deputy Commissioner for Women. Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner will be required to ensure that Indigenous communities are engaged in transfer recommendations, as part of an interdisciplinary approach."

Goodale said that he hopes this review will help restore Canadians' faith in the correctional system.

"These changes will help ensure the public's confidence that our correctional system is holding guilty parties accountable for breaking the law, while fostering their rehabilitation, so we can have fewer repeat offenders, fewer victims, and ultimately safer communities."

We have yet to receive confirmation as to what facility McClintic was just transferred to.

Last week protests were held on Parliament Hill aiming to put McClintic back behind bars, and there was a small demonstration in Maple Creek as well.

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