Power outages hit much of Saskatchewan this morning, and speaking at a press conference this afternoon SaskPower spokesperson Jordan Jackle said they're still trying to find an exact cause.

Around 9 a.m. this morning the power went out for a number of people. The most-widespread issues were in the southeast part of the province, though a number of locations around southwest Saskatchewan also lost power.

"At this point there is a fairly-wide power outage still in effect, running around the Regina area south to the US border over to the Manitoba border," said Jackle. "We also understand there was some power issues extending west of Regina as well, into places like Moose Jaw and Swift Current."

Jackle said they've had problems because of frost weighing down lines and poles, but they're still trying to figure out what precisely led to this morning's events.

"At this point as we're working to restore and repair any damage out there, there's two things happening. First of all, we still remain in the assessment phase at this point. That means we're out in the fields with hundreds of employees at SaskPower working to address this issue. We are in the sky and on the ground looking to see what sort of damage might have been caused to our equipment out there and really narrow down the cause of this."

Jackle said they lost power stations in the southeast when the power went off this morning. He added that in situations like this, those units can trip if the system senses instability.

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