Swift Current's Group 2 Scouts were in the Swift Current Mall over the weekend, showcasing craftsmanship, creativeness, and competition.

The group's Cub Scouts were competing in their annual Kub Kar Rally, racing wooden cars that they had built at camp.

Rick Redekop, scout troop leader and treasurer with the Group 2 Scouts, said that having the kids engineer their miniature cars took a lot of time and work.

"There's a lot of work involved, the kids get to design their own cars with certain weights that they have to get, so we get together and weigh everything at one point, and make sure everyone at least meets that weight. We've got everything from boats, to Lego cars, all sorts of stuff that the kids created with the wood, so it has been a lot of fun."

Each car had to be carved out of a block of wood, but room for creative licence was given.

"A lot of creativity, we encourage the creativity, we want to see something different, not just the plain car, we want to see a variety of ideas. This year they worked all together, which you expect more cars to be similar, but there weren't, we have 17 Cubs here, and basically, 17 different designs, so it's really cool the creativity each Cub decided to put into their car."

The entire troop, other than two members, were in attendance to compete, with trophies handed out in the categories of Straight Line, Stopping on the Spot, Obstacle Course, Workmanship, and Speed.

Winners for each category are as follows.

Straight Line

1st place - James Dicks

2nd place - Josh Straub

3rd place - Draesyn Mielke


Stopping on the Spot

1st place - Chael Cowie

2nd place - Josh Straub

3rd place - Grayson Leisle


Obstacle Course

1st place - Draesyn Mielke

2nd place - Chael Cowie

3rd place - Sam Urano



1st place - Cody Penner

2nd place - Sam Urano

3rd place - Brielle Bussiere


1st place - Garrett Wentworth

2nd place - Brielle Bussiere

3rd place - James Dicks

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