A Swift Current semi driving instructor has been handed a suspension by SGI, something he says is due to his criticism of the organization.

Reg Lewis, who owns Advanced 1A Training Centre, said that due to his criticism of SGI's semi training program after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, he faced punishment on his statements.

SGI suspended Lewis' instructors certificate after they say they received multiple complaints about Lewis in regards to conduct and communication with students.

The suspension took effect on Christmas Eve.

Lewis gave a brief comment to Swift Current Online about the situation.

"They would have provided you (Swift Current Online's Newsroom) everything that they sent to justify their suspension, which is that I swore in the truck and swore at students," he continued. "No question, absolutely I did that, but I'm trying to put safe qualified drivers on the road and sometimes people get yelled at."

SGI provided extensive reports showing that 13 separate complaints against Lewis stretch back as far as September 2014.

Complaints in the 2014 to 2018 period ranged from yelling at students, to speaking with students on ways to fraudulently acquire fuel.

After a complaint in September of 2014, the professional truck driving instructor's license was put on probation a month later, with SGI citing the fact that "you need to treat customers with respect and dignity."

In January of 2015, Lewis was warned once again of SGI's policy that students are entitled a harassment-free environment after another complaint was filed against him by a student.

After that January complaint, along with two other messages of concerns about his conduct were filed, Lewis was required to undergo an on-site instructional performance evaluation in February.

During March of 2018, a student reported that they had been subject to disrespectful behaviour, swearing, telling, verbal intimidation, and bullying.

Lewis denied these accusations.

SGI says that it was also reported to them that Lewis spoke to two students about a way to fraudulently purchase fuel by buying it off of a quitting truck driver, with said driver expensing the gas out to their soon to be ex-employer.

When approached by SGI about that comment, the insurance company reports that Reg said that he had purchased fuel in that way in the past.

SGI's report stated that this led the organization to question Lewis' integrity and honesty.

After appealing to the Highway Traffic Board, Lewis' suspension was shortened, something he said draws attention to SGI's lack of grounds for suspension.

"Even the Highway Traffic Board obviously didn't 100 per cent agree with SGI."

The suspension was originally 30 days long.

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