One big issue on the campaign trail for the leadership of the Sask Party was education. Now that Scott Moe has been elected as the new leader, and premier of the province, many teachers are hoping he sticks to his word.

"We're looking forward to him keeping his promises," shared Patrick Maze, President of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation. "And looking forward to some new resources flowing into education. We know that we've had a number of really tight budgets followed by a significant budget cut last year for education and so we're looking forward to him restoring that funding."

One of Scott Moe's promises was to hire 400 education assistants.

"Any assistance in the classroom, and there is a variety of supports that go to help students in their learning, so any extra support is appreciated. Education assistants that can help teachers in the classroom are greatly appreciated."

He added that there are different types of supports that help teachers as well. 

"We're looking forward to some of those supports being restored whether it be Aboriginal retention workers or learning instructional consultants."

Moe also promised to add $30 million to educational funding.

"A lot of it will go to repairing the damage that has been done to education, reinstating educational assistants, reinstating some of these supports that are required. We know that there have been some really unfavourably budgets in the past so having a premier that is committed to education and committed to restoring funding is greatly appreciated. We look forward to getting to work to figure out where that support is going to be best used."

"We know there's a March budget coming up, however, the new premier has the ability to approve funding to get into our classrooms sooner than that. We also know that there is a general provincial election coming up in 2020. Obviously, we need the supports before then and if the supports aren't there, then it'll kind of look like a campaign promise that is broken."

Maze said that in talking with the new premier, he feels that education will be a priority for him.

"We are pleased education is back on the agenda. It seems that for the last four or five years, there have been below inflation budgets and then with the large budget cut last year that was $55 million spread across the school divisions, we figured education was already running pretty lean and then to have those funds stripped caused a number of really unpopular decisions that the school boards had to make."

"We're excited for the fact that we likely don't have to go through that stress again of where these cuts have to hit, knowing that these cuts are going to affect our students. It's an optimistic time."

The STF had encouraged its members to take out memberships in both the Sask Party and the NDP to be eligible to vote for the leader. Short videos were posted to the STF website with the candidates giving their platform on education. The NDP vote on their new leader on March 3, 2018. 

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