Volunteers are a big part of what makes any community successful.

In Shaunavon, The Economic Development Committee has launched a Volunteer Initiative Program to connect clubs and organizations that need volunteer help with people that are looking for ways to volunteer their time.

Joanne Gregoire is with the Shaunavon Economic Development Committee. She says volunteer numbers have dropped a bit in Shaunavon, however, a lot of the new people to town are not always certain of how and where they can volunteer to help.

"Really, there's no many things in this community that happen solely because of volunteers, and that kind of work force out there is totally invaluable to the community. So many things get accomplished by volunteers that we just really need to to keep that strong and we just really need to keep everything going in town so that it's a great place to live, and work, and play." Gregoire adds.

Clubs and organizations looking for volunteer help, and residents looking to volunteer their time can go to www.shaunavon.com to sign up.