Let me preface this entry by saying that I generally enjoy my shopping experiences at Walmart, but yesterday took the cake...

I was shopping yesterday, minding my own business, like the other shoppers on a regular Thursday afternoon... I had carefully selected my wares (pork loin... Greek yogurt... coffee... nail polish I don't need... you know, the usual) and I headed to the checkout.

As I was in the lineup, the lights went out at Walmart. (Does that sound like a country song title to you?)

So everyone kind of gasps, but no one was panicking or anything. There were a few battery-powered back up lights there and between those and the natural light through the front doors (which, by the way, wouldn't open), it was bearable at the front of the store.

The lady in the lineup in front of me (Laurie, my new best friend) and I asked the cashier what the deal was and she said, "I don't know, but last time this happened it only lasted 10 minutes."

So I pulled out my phone and called the newsroom here at the station (778-NEWS!!) and asked them to call the City's power department to let them know there was an outage, then updated the Facebook and Twitter accounts accordingly. I also updated my personal accounts, thinking this would be a good story.

I was right.

10 minutes became 20, then 25... then 30.

At this point, I'm getting a little antsy. Laurie goes up to the greeters-turned-gatekeepers and asked if we could go, and they told her no. At the 30 minute point of darkness, the store became even darker when the battery-powered lights went out, as did some sort of a fan (it became noticeably more quiet).

Laurie starts telling her line-mates about her family, and asks me if I am married... have kids... etc...

All this time, I'm interacting with my friends on my Facebook/Twitter accounts about this hilarious experience.
One of my friends sends me this after I am asked about my personal life and I have to hold back from confessing to Laurie that I'm now the proud owner of 2 cats...


So at the 40 minute point, I'm really starting to get antsy... and I keep thinking to myself, "Ok, you don't need this pork loin. You can break free." Then I realize they've actually got the doors guarded like Fort Knox. Our cashier reassures us, "Don't worry, we can't keep you here longer than two hours."
This doesn't really reassure me.

Finally at just over 50 minutes, staff members come around and start telling people we're being freed. One by one, all of us were allowed to leave through the newly-opened front doors. The power was STILL out.

Needless to say, the experience was actually pretty hilarious... and I don't think I've ever been so happy to be in a Walmart Parking lot!

(Now I KNOW that's a country song.)

Freed at last!

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