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Week starting June 13, 2016

Wednesday: 66% of people have gotten mad at someone for revealing this. What is it?
Answer: The end of a movie

Tuesday: 28% of people do this when faking a sick day. What is it?
Answer: Turn off their phone

Monday: 17% of women claim they have done this. What is it?
Answer: Bait a hook with a worm


Week starting June 6, 2016

Friday: According to a recent AAA survey, this was voted as the #1 snack food that people take on the road. What is it?
Answer: Beef jerky

Thursday: 32% of people will do this at some point during the summer. What is it?
Answer: Visit an amusement park

Week starting May 30, 2016

Friday: According to a new survey of moms, they say this is the #1 thing they miss from their days without children. What is it?
Answer: Uninterrupted sleep

Thursday: 75% of adults eat one of these per year. What is it?
Answer: Grilled cheese

Wednesday: 60% of us do this while we're shopping at the grocery store. What is it?
Answer: Talk or text on the phone

Tuesday: A child uses this 730 times by their 10th birthday. What is it?
Answer: Crayons

Monday: According to a recent survey, women spend over $1000 a year on this. What is it?
Answer: Coffee from chains


Week starting May 23, 2016

Friday: The Redhead Equipment Cody Snyder Invitational PBR Event will be at the Credit Union iplex on Saturday. What year was it first held in Swift Current?
Answer: 2011

Thursday: The San Jose Sharks will be in the Stanley Cup Final. Who is the local player from the southwest on that team?
Answer: Patrick Marleau (Aneroid)

Wednesday: 62% of people claim they know how to do this even though they have never actually done it by themselves. What is it?
Answer: Change a flat tire

Tuesday: 25% of men get tired after 26 minutes of doing this.
Answer: Shopping

Monday: No question for Victoria Day holiday


Week starting May 16, 2016

Friday: The Memorial Cup starts today in Red Deer. Name one of the two former Swift Current Broncos taking part in the tournament.
Answer: Jake Debrusk (Red Deer) and Jordan Thomson (Brandon)

Thursday: 58% of people have done this before work in the morning. What is it?
Answer: Shopped for groceries

Wednesday: 70% of people say they have this tucked away in storage. What is it?
Answer: High School Yearbook

Tuesday: 18% of people have a favourite one of these. What is it?
Answer: A pen

Monday: There are only four of these remaining in Saskatchewan, and one of them is here in the southwest. What is it?
Answer: Drive-in Theatre (Clearwater Drive-in at Kyle)


Week starting May 9, 2016

Friday: 53% of parents say their kids hate vegetables. What food was second?
Answer: 39% hate fruit

Thursday: 25% of women carry this in their purse. What is it?
Answer: Calculator

Wednesday: 44% of people have one of these even though it no longer works. What is it?
Answer: Car air freshener

Tuesday: 46% of men do not know how to do this task. What is it?
Answer: Sew a button

Monday: According to a recent survey, you will have owned about 25 of these by the age of 35. What are they?
Answer: Pairs of sunglasses


Week starting May 2, 2016

Friday: This Mother's Day, around 12 million of these will be sent out in Saskatchewan alone. What are they?
Answer: Text messages from SaskTel customers

Thursday: According to a recent survey, this is something we give as a gift more often than we buy ourselves. What is it?
Answer: A blender

Wednesday: This is the most embarrassing thing drivers say they do.
Answer: Forget where they parked

Tuesday: A new survey reveals that 14% of adults still do this with their money. What is it?
Answer: Keep their cash in a piggy bank

Monday: 51% of people think THIS is rude.
Answer: Texting during a meal


Week starting April 25, 2016

Friday: At some point this week, 12% of people will burn themselves with this. What is it?
Answer: Pizza

Thursday: 89% of men do not know how to properly do this. What is it?
Answer: Tie a bow tie

Wednesday: 37% of women get their hair cut for this event. What is it?
Answer: Their new driver's license photo

Tuesday: On average, we do this every year and a half. What is it?
Answer: Buy a new cell phone

Monday: According to a recent dating survey, 5% of people have asked this question on a first date. What is it?
Answer: "How much money do you make?"


Week starting April 18, 2016

Friday: 34% of people say this sound stresses them out. What is it?
Answer: Email notifications

Thursday: 25% of people do this after buying a car. What is it?
Answer: Name it

Wednesday: According to a survey from Good Housekeeping, coffee is the most noticeable smell when you walk into a room. What is #2?
Answer: Peanut butter

Tuesday: 50% of people never use these anymore, but yet keep them in their home. What is it?
Answer: Telephone book

Monday: We loved them in the 60s. They were best-sellers in the 70s. Now they are selling on eBay for $10. What is it?
Answer: Polaroid Instant Camera is Swift Current's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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