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Contact #:

Saturday, February 16th

Wanted: scrapbooking paper and supplies..
Contact #: 306 741 3815

Friday, February 15th

Wanted: honda   50    1980  to 1984
Contact #: 3067416925

Thursday, February 14th

Wanted: Looking to buy vintage western wear. Pearl snap shirts, western suits, hats, boots etc
Contact #: 306 750 0375

Wanted: Looking for about 800-1000 square foot lease opportunity for a small existing business. Plumbed in water lines essential with kitchen type facility preferred. Will also house retail traffic, so storefront layout is preferred. Please call or text Jeff, 741-6052 after 5.
Contact #: 306-741-6052

Wednesday, February 13th

Wanted: Looking to buy a good used washer and dryer. Pease phone 306-773- 6821
Contact #: 306 - 773 - 6821

Wanted:  Lost Family Pendent . Six stones set in Gold.  Lost in Saskatoon. Probably near Old Hospital entrance at U of Sask or Comfort inn Motel on Feb 5/19.  Was also a 25 Anniversary gift.  Reward $100.00
Contact #: 306-672-3352

Wanted: Looking for ford bronco. If you have one laying around call me a 306 741 4392
Contact #: 741 4392

Tuesday, February 12th

Wanted: tickets  for Irish Rovers at Casino on Mar 12th
Contact #: 306-553-2231

Wanted: 12 to 14 foot flat bottom boat
Contact #: 306-741-7408

Monday, February 11th

Wanted: Looking for pasture to rent or for someone to graze 20-25 pair for 2019 or longer. Phone or text (306)297-7147
Contact #: (306) 297-7147

Wanted: will do housekeeping in swift currentcall 306-315-3707.  if no answer I will call back.
Contact #:  306-315-3707

Sunday, February 10th

Wanted: lder 4 wheel drive Gmc / Chev Truck or Older 4 wheel drive Tracker/Sunrunner or Suzuki samurai Older 4 wheel Drive Toyota Spend $500-$2000
Contact #: 306 227 6267

Wanted: Camper Trailer 13-17ft fiberglass/Airstream
Contact #: 306 227 6267

Friday, February 8th

Wanted: Special block heater lead cord for a 2012 VW Jetta. Plugs in at bumper.
Contact #: 306 741 5181

Thuesday, February 7th

Wanted: Looking to rent pasture. For 20-25 pair phone or text (306)297-7147
Contact #: (306)297-7147

Wanted:  looking to buy 50 - 100 small hay bales.
Contact #: 306-784-2771

Wednesday, February 6th

Wanted:  Donations of cotton or cotton/polyester material, pieces of material to be at least one meter in length, for a Shrine Ladies sewing project for Montreal's Shriners Hospital for Children.
Contact #:306-778-3393

Tuesday, February 5th 

Wanted: looking for a hand held CB radio on here and lost the guys phone number that called me and had one. If he can call me back at 13067746239.
Contact #: 13067746239

Monday, February 4th

Wanted: LOOKING FOR  a round bale unroller,want aelectric over hydraulic type.   prefer asuburban  brand  model.
Contact #:306-784-7696

Wanted: Looking for a used oil furance
Contact #:306 74q 4392

Wanted: Grain with ergot in it or something that can be burnt for heat.
Contact #: 306 796 7533

Friday, February 1st

Wanted: looking for some plastic snow fence
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Wanted: Looking to buy old advertising signs as well as old service station gas pumps and parts and also old oil and grease cans. phone 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Thursday, January 31st

Wanted: 2 tickets for the irish rovers at the casino
Contact #: 306 741 6925

Wanted: LOST 2 truck keys  1 car  key  house keys mail box key and other keys last seen  on pump 4 B A  petroleum  Tuesday nite  they have a Canadian Tire key tag they are of no use to anyone else. Thank You
Contact #: Box 106 Simmie SK SON  2NO

Wanted: I will do cleaning in Swift Current. Available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. If no answer, immediately, text me and I will call you back.
Contact #: 306 750 8079

Wanted: 14 ft flat bed trailer.  Prefer a tilting bed.  Not a goose neck
Contact #: 306 774 9965

Wednesday, January 30th

Wanted: Barn wood
Contact #: 306 971 6444

Tuesday, January 29th

Wanted: Looking for a Video Chair . Must be in good shape. If you have one let me know. Email only. Ask for Cheryl
Contact #: 306 778 1076

Wanted: Climax history book titled "Prairie Wool"
Contact #: 306 478 7208 Please leave a message.

Wanted: Looking for a mig welder 200amp 220 volt
Contact #: 306 587 3029

Wanted: Pinball machines. Working or not.
Contact #: 306 741 7238

Wanted: Climax history book titled Prairie Wool.
Contact #: 3064787208 Please leave a message.

Wanted: looking for a house to rent or apartment has to be pet friendly
Contact #: 306 774 9335

Contact #: 306-648-7271

Wanted: Solid small square straw bales
Contact #: 306 587 2723

Monday, January 28th

Wanted:  Kitten: long haired or black and white Male.  Looking to replace my long haired black and white Male cat who went missing...
Contact #: 306-315-3446

Wanted: Single layer, wooden chest for silverware. Text preferred (or call)
Contact #: 306 741-7974

Wanted: Senior's walker----I have found one thanks to to all the callers.
Contact #: 306-741-1143

Wanted: Looking for a set of hand held walkie talkies that can be set to the same Channel as a CB radio
Contact #: 306 774 6239

Friday, January 25th

Wanted:  Missing: 2 yr old Male German Shepherd. He comes to the name Stygian, he mostly black in color with paws bring brown and little brown on front of neck. Wearing a blue color. Missing from 640 3rd NW, around 6:30 pm on the 24th of January.Any info, please contact Jerry @ 306 741 7568
Contact #: 306 741 7568

Thursday, January 24th

Wanted:  Wood Burning Kit complete with all the tips.
Contact #: 306-773-0193

Wanted: Wanting to rent pasture for at least 20-25 pair for 2019 season . Phone or text
Contact #: (306)297-7147

Wanted:   A seniors walker on wheels and a seat to sit on and a basket to carry things in preferred.
Contact #: 306-741-1143

Wanted:  Looking for old peddle cars and peddle tractors. Call or txt with what you have.
Contact #: 306-631-0456

Wanted: Looking to buy vinyl records. If anyone has some they would like to sell please call me.
Contact #: 306-750-6006

Wanted: vhs cd player
Contact #: 306-741-8385

Wednesday, January 23rd

Wanted: Electric fire place large sold at Cosco
Contact #: 3066815404

Tuesday, January 22nd

Wanted: Looking for empty 5 gallon pails, clean or dirty is fine. Need for feeding cattle. Please call Dale 306-741-7022
Contact #: 306-741-7022

Saturday, January 19th

Wanted: National Geographic magazines 2017-2018 issues
Contact #: 306-773-1694

Wanted: 2 tickets for Irish  Rovers  Mar 12th at Casino
Contact #: 306 553 2231

Friday, January 18th

Wanted: Vinyl or wood window 54in wide by 47.25 high
Contact #: 306 778 2611

Thursday, January 17th 

Wanted:  Looking for old peddle cars and tractors. Let me know what you have. Call or txt 306-631-0456.
Contact #: 306-631-0456

Wednesday, January 16th 

Wanted: 12x12 ft carpet..  Doesnt have to be in perfect condition as it will be for a spare room
Contact #: 306-774-5686

Wanted: The Mulligan Ranch is looking to recycle your used live Christmas greenery and trees as treats for mama goats and mama rabbits.We will be picking up daily from Wednesday to Sunday this week in Shaunavan.  Place the tree in your alley or by the curb in front of your house.You can call 306-297-3066 with any questions
Contact #: 306-297-3066

Tuesday, January 15th

Wanted: Shop manual for Case 970 tractor.
Contact #: 306 778 2611

Monday, January 13th

Wanted: looking for a used skid steer tire  12 - 16.5
Contact #: 306 741-5055

Wanted: Looking for 2x4 lumber. 10ft or longer. Also looking for a small metal lathe.
Contact #: 305-774-9392

Sunday, January 12th

Wanted: Missing dog!!!!! Kaiser is a 4 year old neutered Norwegian elkhound. He is the most friendliest dog ever. He went missing around wymark. We live east of wymark in a town called Schoenfeld. He was last seen Saturday January 5th. He was wearing a red collar. If you see him please phone 306-741-3311. If you know anything about his whereabouts we are offering a $500 reward. Our kids are devasted and just want to know where he is.
Contact #: 306-741-3311

Friday, January 11th

Wanted: Looking for 2-4 good farm cats for my yard. No males will pay little for them if there good at catching mice!!!
Contact #: 1 (306) 741-8285

Wanted: Parts for strider ultralight bicycle.
Contact #: 306-315-0135

Wanted: Uniden cordless phones with good battery.
Contact #: 306-778-2611

Thursday, January 10th

Wanted: Please keep a look out for a black and white Siberian Husky named Kai. He lives on a farm just outside of Cantuar, very close to the Chinook Power Plant. Please call if you see him.
Contact #: 306-741-5978 or 306-773-9701 or 306 741 7519

Wanted: Looking for a loveseat hideaway bed in great condition...clean call with what you have 
Contact #: 306 640 6113

Wednesday, January 9th

Wanted: looking for a 4.6 ford moter for a 98 f150
Contact #: 306 671 8188

Wanted: looking for a case 970 or 1070 moter also looking for a jd 4020 powershift trany
Contact #: 306 622 4300

Wanted:  Pasture for a long term rental agreement 
Contact #:  306-648-7271

Wanted: Looking for a Niffty(HiHog) grain wheel.
Contact #: 306 298 7694

Wanted:  Looking for a decent 3/4 or 1 ton truck under $6000
Contact #: 306 671 7795

Tuesday, January 8th 

Wanted: FREE 1 male kitten 6 weeks old to give to a new home soon
Contact #: 306 375 5548 ext 207

Wanted:  We would like to rent a safetied semi trailer for short term storage and moving purposes. Please call Fred or Marie at 1-306-784-7030.
Contact #: 306-784-7030

Monday, January 7th

Wanted: Looking for two tires sized 225/60R16. Call or text Matt.
Contact #: 3067500601

Wanted: Looking to buy a wooden garden shed. 6x8 or 8x10 will work.  Dont mind if it needs a little repair, shingles etc.  Thanks
Contact #: 306 741 0700

Wanted: Wanted a good used white Crane brand toilet tankPhone 306-773-2202 and leave message if no answer.
Contact #:  3067732202

Wanted: 2015GMC Sierra 2500 hd passenger side headlight
Contact #: 306-741-5374

Wanted:  Sheet of quarter plexglass
Contact #: 306-778-2611

Wanted:  Looking for 16.5L-16.1 Diamond tread tires for air cart .will take on rims if they are 8 bolt .
Contact #: 3066310421

Sunday, January 6th

Wanted: Looking for a couple of rabbits preferrably female.
Contact #: 3067742389

Saturday, January 5th 

Wanted: irrigation pipe 6 or 7 inch mainline pipe need around 1200 feet but will look at any amount
Contact #: 306 478 7773

Wanted: Looking to buy a front mount blade for a 1370 case tractor.
Contact #: 306-741-1750

Friday, January 4th 

Wanted: A retired and reliable lady with a driver's license that needs a place to stay in Swift current and can help a little bit an elderly lady too.
Contact #: [email protected] or 306-741-6543 

Wanted: Looking for a stud dog to breed a chocolate lab dog
Contact #: 306 785 4601

Wanted: Wanting to buy old horse bits in any condition. They can be old ,rusted ,bent, broken or hand forged
Contact #: 306-294-7557

Wanted: Experience house cleaner looking to do house cleaning in swift current...For more information..Call cell at 403 529 544
Contact #: 403 529 5344

Wanted: chest freezer
Contact #: 306 778 3824

Wanted: looking for feed oats
Contact #: 3067739718

Thursday, January 3rd

Wanted:  looking for a moter for a case 970 or 1070 will consider the hole tractor for parts also looking for a jd 4020 tractor with power shift for parts call 306-622-4300
Contact #: 3066224300

Wanted: If you are looking to repurpose your Christmas 🎄 tree.   Please think of the goats here at Grammazoo Exotics.   They would love to have some to nibble on.  They can b dropped off at the end of the driveway by the sign.
Contact #: 306-773-9720

Wednesday, January 2nd

Wanted: Add yesterday for sale 2000 Suzuki, 210,000 kms, 4x4, the phone number read off -773-1294 - is not in service.  Pls have person who listed this add call 297-2294.
Contact #: 306-297-2294

Wanted:  Looking for a DSP gooseneck hitch. 42.5 inches wide
Contact #: 306 774 6239

Friday, December 28th

Wanted:  Looking for 2 stampeder tickets for New Year’s Eve.
Contact #: 306-741-8938

Wanted:  Looking for a Man's Black leather jacket size Medium that was taken from St. Olaf church on Friday Dec.14 after Rouse funeral. In the pocket was a set of Ford keys that we would greatly appreciate getting back. Left at the church was a man's XL Black leather coat
Contact #: 306-297-6380 or drop off at the radio station and we can contact the owner.

Thursday, December 27th

Wanted: Looking for 2 tickets to the stampeders on New Year’s Eve -Text or call
Contact #: 306-741-0160

Wanted:  Looking for a DSP gooseneck ball hitch. 42.5 inches wide.
Contact #:  3067746239

Monday, December 24th

Wanted: Looking to buy a video chair for my son. If you have one please contact me. Must be in good shape. 
Contact #: 306 778 1076

Friday, December 21st

Wanted:  It’s Christmas time and someone lost some money at the swift current mall. You can claim it with amount lost and what kind of bills and day of week.
Contact #: 306-772-0053

Thursday, December 20th

Wanted: Looking for a place to rent unfurnished $700.00 or less. Please text.
Contact #: 774-2722

Wanted:  Looking to buy old advertising signs as well as old oil and grease cans And also old gas pumps and parts phone 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001
Contact #:  306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001

Wednesday, December 19th 

Wanted:  To give away 32 inch color tv
Contact #: 306 741 5196

Wanted:  WANTED - Swift Current Bronco Memorabilia All items wanted for a personal collection. Let me know what you have stashed away.
Contact #: 306-552-5325

Sunday, December 16th

Wanted:  I am looking for a vehicle. 4 door and automatic must be able to drive away. 800$ or less.
Contact #: 306-816-0054

Wanted: Looking for a forced air RV furnace for use in an ice shack. Preference on anything between 16,000 - 30,000 BTU's. Must be in good working condition
Contact #: 3067412608

Saturday, December 15th

Wanted: Looking for nerd to help me (Dummy) to  fix problems with my computer , ASAP ,  will pay. call after 5pm.
Contact #: 306-778-0619

Friday, December 14th

Wanted: Looking for an older backhoe in good working condition.
Contact #: 631-4196

Wanted: Looking for a Holstein cow that recently freshened
Contact #: 1 306 476 7544

Thursday, December 13th

Wanted: A good second hand children’s horse saddle
Contact #: 306-648-8334 or 306-648-3465

Wanted: looking for old truck  or   car for free  call 773-4177
Contact #: 3067734177

Wanted: Battery for 2006 Yamaha rhino.
Contact #: 3063130135

Wanted: Parts of 1988 to 1998 GMC half ton truck.
Contact #: 3067782611

Wanted:  Moving Looking for a couple of guys to help unload truck.In swift current on Sat Dec 15 text 306 640 6113 if you can help 20$ hour
Contact #: 306 640 6113

Wednesday, December 12th

Wanted: Looking for some Barbie Dolls in good condition!
Contact #: 306-587-2739

Tuesday, December 11th

Wanted: Wanting to rent pasture for 25 pair for 2019 season around hour of shaunavon in possible. Phone or text (306)297-7147
Contact #: (306)297-7147

Wanted: Looking for some Barbie dolls and clothes that are in excellent condition!
Contact #: 306-587-2739

Monday, December 10th

Wanted: Someone to do sidewalk snow removal as needed.
Contact #: 306-778-3255

Wanted: Insulated dog house for medium sized dog in Shaunavon or Eastend area
Contact #: 306-294-7786

Wanted: 8*50 ft grain auger
Contact #: 306-264-3748

Wanted: Air compressor
Contact #: 306-264-3748

Friday, December 7th 

Wanted: WANTED TWO tickets to the stampeders on news years eve Please call or text me !!
Contact #: 306-741-0160

Thursday, December 6th

Wanted: Looking for Avon dealer
Contact #: 3067316743

Wednesday, December 5th

Wanted: Looking for a four stroke snowmobile
Contact #:  13064767544

Wanted: ooking for an older Kenworth w900 semi. Prefer day cab An with cat engine but may look at others.
Contact #: 631-4196

Tuesday, December 4th

Wanted: Looking for 2 tickets to stampeders New Year’s Eve at the living sky casino 
Contact #: 306-741-0160

Wanted: Looking for Bauer supreme one 80 hockey pants size Sr xl
Contact #: 3063816839

Wanted: looking to rent a boer buck,would also buy or trade but would prefer to rent as there are only 3 does
Contact #:  306 297 6208

Wanted:  good used basketball net on a portable stand. Prefer one that goes at least 7 feet high.  Willing to pick up anywhere. 
Contact #: 306-264-7747

Monday, December 3rd

Wanted: Looking to rent pasture for 2019 season for 20-25 pair in Shaunavon area if possible call or text 306 297-7147F
Contact #: (306) 297-7147

Wanted: looking for a queen or double size Murphy bed, phone 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Wanted: John Deere # 68 riding mower for parts.
Contact #: 306 773 2419

Sunday, December 2nd

Wanted: Good used 21to 24 inch cut snowblower.
Contact #: 306 741 3947

Saturday, December 1st 

Wanted: Four used tires, 235 or 225 x 15, for use on small trailer 
Contact #: 306 773-4403

Friday, November 30th

Wanted: Hockey pucks. Looking for a whole bunch of hockey pucks for our backyard rink. Call or text how many you have and how much you’re asking 
Contact #: 3067749129

Wanted:  Expierenced painter will do interior housepainting.
Contact #: 3067415196

Wanted: Childs plush chair.  Must be in good condition.  Can message me at 774-6191
Contact #: 396-774-6191

Wanted: A 12 volt electric motor that is used on a drill fill. We want to recreate it for another project so it must be in working condition.
Contact #: 306-77-9196 OR 306-741-8079

Wanted: looking for a heated dog blanketbed. one with removable cover.   phone 306-784-2771.
Contact #: 306-784-2771

Thursday, November 29th

Wanted:  From grill for 1998 GMC half ton truck
Contact #: 3067782611

Wanted: Looking for a Tupperware salesperson in the Swift Current area. ASAP please phone  1 306 678 2012. Thank you
Contact #:  1 306 678 2012

Wanted:  Looking for small welding jobs: Broken kitchen table/chair legs  /lawn  mower parts / riding tractor parts etc. Will pick up /fix / return if close enough to swift current.Just looking for small /medium welding jobs to keep me out of trouble.Please call any time to local #306-315-0130
Contact #:  306 315 0130

Wednesday, November 28th

Wanted: Wanting to buy a grapple fork for a front end loader. Doesn’t have to be fancy.
Contact #:306-294-7557

Wanted: Looking for 4 tickets  to the Stampeders on news years eve at living sky casino
Contact #: 306-741-0160

Wanted:  the person who had great prynees  pups for sale. I got the first three numbers were 297.  the add was on Tuesday nov 28. please call 306 628 7677
Contact #: 306 628 7677

Wanted: Looking to buy sausage stuffer prefer hand crank style but will look at others
Contact #: 306 315 0340

Tuesday, November 27th

Wanted: Looking for a good used snow mobile.
Contact #: 306-741-7408

Wanted:  Wanting to buy a hydraulic multiplier to fit a 4020 John Deere.
Contact #: 306-294-7557

Wanted: Looking to buy an old pto (power take off) winch in any condition
Contact #: 306 741 7317

Monday, November 26th

Wanted: lost on saturday outside walmart my very nice navy and red shopping bag .it was folded into a small square about 5 x6 and had 2 elasticband around it.hoping to get it returned. they can leave it at walmart service counter or phone me at 773 3830  i would appreciate getting it was my favor for carry heavy groceries in.thank you
Contact #: 306 773 3830

Saturday, November 24th

Wanted: Would the person who had the corral panels for sale on Friday please call 306 297 2824
Contact #: 306 297 2824

Friday, November 23rd

Wanted: gas power leave blower
Contact #: 3067416925

Wednesday, November 21th

Wanted: Looking to buy an older cabinet record player in good working condition. Phone: 306-773-6821
Contact #: 306 - 773 - 6821

Wanted:  I am looking for metal coffee cans with plastic lids, for a craft that I want to do. Thanks!
Contact #: 306-587-2739

Tuesday, November 20th

Wanted: Looking for a good used upright vacuum. An also will do housecleaning, reasonable rates An will travel.
Contact #: 796-7994 or 796-7786.

Monday, November 19th

Wanted:  A used dryer in good shape.
Contact #: 306 774 4339

Wanted: looking for 930 case tractor with front end loader
Contact #:  3067410932

Wanted: Ticket for The Nutcracker at the Sky Center on Wednesday ,November 21st.
Contact #: 3067732315

Sunday, November 18th

Wanted:  Used washing machine that has a working spin cycle.
Contact #: 306 - 297 - 2577

Wanted:  Looking for 1 or 2 Round Bale Feeders for feeding calves.
Contact #: 3062973349

Wanted: Cat litter boxes
Contact #: 306-588-2564

Wanted:  Wall board for lining shop walls. Can be used or substandard.
Contact #: 306-588-2564

Thursday, November 15th

Wanted: Looking for bale deck truck or deck alone.
Contact #:3068592014

Wanted: Hoping to find some one with a handivan with a lift to lift an adult size wlectric wheel chair they are willing to rent chauffeur or what ever to take mother to Regina to aee cancwr Dr to remove spot from her noar. We dont have a date yet but not wairing to last minute. Leave message at 306 774 4084. Thank you
Contact #:3067744084

Wednesday, November 14th

Wanted: Looking for a good used washer and dryer set

Contact #:306-315-2683

Wanted: Looking for an iPhone with Sasktel Network
Contact #:306-796-7611

Wanted: Looking for a love seat with kickers in excellent shape
Contact #:306-796-7611

Wanted: Wanting to buy old horse bits in any condition. They can be old, rusted, broken or hand made

Contact #:306-294-7557

Wanted: Looking for old grain, peas, lentils, etc for deer bait. Also looking for some small square alfalfa bales. Text or email ([email protected]) if you have anything for sale in Swift Current area. Thank you

Contact #:306-741-5105

Tuesday, November 13th 

Wanted:  Looking for a parts sled!! John Deere Jdx series snowmobiles from early 70's.
Contact #: 3067416262

Wanted: Cross country skis for my wife.  Need shoes size 7.5 and poles as well. If you have these items in good condition that you want to get rid of let me  know. Ask for marv
Contact #:  306 774 3209

Friday, November 9th 

Wanted: Wanted 2 tickets to Trooper concert at Living Sky Casino
Contact #: 3062973208

Wanted:  Looking for a 345 IH motor An a new holland 855 baler.
Contact #: 306-681-7610

Wanted: looking for beef cow feed.  older 2-3 yr. grass hay ormay consider slough hay.
Contact #: 306-784-2771

Thursday, November 8th

Wanted: Looking for some boys clothes size 3 tall or 4 tall pant shirts pants
Contact #: 306 774 9335

Wanted: Washing machine
Contact #: 12506166307

Wanted: Someone to clear snow from my driveway and sidewalk. located on alpine crescent. phone 306-773-9049. If no answer please leave a message
Contact #: 306-773-9049

Wednesday, November 7th

Wanted: Looking to buy an old dodge or Fargo power wagon truck from the 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s, in any condition.
Contact #: 306 741 7318

Monday, November 5th

Wanted: an apartment  size table and chairs. must be in good shape
Contact #: 306-741-5482

Wanted: Looking for bred heifers or young cows
Contact #: 306-297-7471

Wanted: used washer/ dryer set
Contact #: 306-741-7890

Sunday, November 4th 

Wanted:  Shaw satellite PVR receiver must have HDMI outlet. 
Contact #: 306 773 9001 or 306 741 6282

Friday, November 2nd

Wanted: Please text or phone me at 315-0684 with the phone number of the gentleman with the 1988 Jeep Cherokee for sale on Thursday Nov. 1He said it was black in colourMuch appreciated. Thanks
Contact #: 306-315-0684

Wanted: looking for a 47re or 48re transmission for a 99 dodge 2500 diesel,2003 down to 1997,
Contact #: 306-630-5520

Wednesday, October 31st

Wanted: Looking for a 2290 case tractor. Ph or text 13064787788

Contact #:13064787788

Monday, October 27th

Contact #:  297-2605.

Saturday, October 27th

Wanted: History books
Contact #:  3066627260

Friday, October 26th

Wanted: Paul Brandt concert tickets 2 please for Feb. 5,2019
Contact #: 3067736720

Wanted: looking for a used vehicle in good working order, perferbly under $900.00. need it to use for driving practice
Contact #: 306-750-3062

Thursday, October 25th

Wanted: 1 ticket to Trooper
Contact #: 306-741-8496

Wanted: Looking for a kitchen vacuum sealer.
Contact #: 306-741-2729

Wanted: I’m looking for a dash/instrument cluster fir a 2006 Ford F-350 6.0L, the lariat model. If any has an 06 f-350 that doesn’t run and are willing to let out give me a call or text at 1-306-774-4743
Contact #: 1306-774-4743

Wednesday, October 24th

Wanted: older used fridge
Contact #: 773 9026

Wanted: Wanting to buy a semi van trailer for storage.
Contact #: 306 294-7557

Wanted: Looking for a Murphy bed. Doesn't  have to include the matress.
Contact #: 306-677-7878

Tuesday, October 23rd

Wanted: Looking for a Murphy bed. Doesn't  have to include the matress.
Contact #: 306-677-7878

Wanted: Looking for a Brownie Leader.  I have a 6 year old girl wanting to join.  Pleas call 306-773-7258 daytime (ask for Pat) and evening 306-773-4938 or 3067415689
Contact #: 306-773-7258

Wanted: Looking for four tickets to Trooper concert at Living Sky Casino.
Contact #: 3067416002

Monday, October 22nd

Wanted: Looking for someone that does upholstery. Phone number please
Contact #: 306 773 6828

Wanted: Team of draft horses.  Broke or not any age and breed. Also looking for a rear diff for a 2002 chev 1/2 ton 4wd with 4:10 ratio.  Please contact 306 299-7772
Contact #: 306 299-7772

Sunday, October 21st

Wanted: 2000 to 2003 TDI VW Golf or Jetta
Contact #: 306-297-8888

Wanted: 100 gallon skid sprayer or similar complete with tank, pump, hose and reel.
Contact #:  306-774-9110

Contact #: 3067417448

Saturday, October 20th

Wanted: two dozen hunting crane decoys and two pair of waders and calf sled lost on highway 4...cap blew off back truck....belong to hunter from Minnesota
Contact #: 306-587-7559

Wanted: Short length of old style wire and wood snow fence as dog control over small areas. length about 10 feet would be good. I will cut if longer. I need about 40 or so feet in total.
Contact #: 3066717550

Friday, October 19th

Wanted: queen size murphy bed. I don't need a matress for the bed. Please phone  306-677-7878. If I don't answer please leave a message.
Contact #: 306-677-7878

Wanted: Looking to buy International 6200 disc drills. Would like three 14 foot drills, but will look at any size.
Contact #: 306-315-2683

Wanted:  ATV aluminum loading ramps
Contact #: 306-741-3040

Thursday, October 18th

Wanted: Good Used drum sander
Contact #: 306- 750-8662

Wednesday, October 17th 

Wanted: 30-36 foot pull type swather
Contact #: 306-648-8334

Wanted: Child wooden rocker. Need it to be excellent condition and sturdy
Contact #: 3063759985

Wanted: Looking for some metal coffee cans with plastic lids.
Contact #:  306-587-2739

Tuesday, October 16th

Wanted: 5 to 6 large zucchinis for relish.
Contact #:(306) 773-1472

Wanted: Looking for a 2290 case tractor.
Contact #: 1 (306) 478-7788

Monday, October 15th

Wanted: Lost saturday night in Swift Current, around the 7-11 or in the Wood Row Lloyd Place area; An I-Phone in a red and black plaid case.
Contact #: (306) 297-2429.

Sunday, October 14th

Wanted: Lost set of keys, with gray dodge key, and a blue clip and several other keys!
Contact #: (306) 750-7225

Wanted: Looking for a vacuum sealer in good condition.
Contact #: (306) 741-2729

Saturday, October 13th

Wanted: Set of upholstered swivel kitchen chairs on casters. Preferably Grey or Black.
Contact #: (306) 773-8835

Wanted: Wanted engine from 6620 ,7720 or 8820 John Deere combine; Doesn’t have to be running.
Contact #: (306) 774-9023

Thursday, October 11th

Wanted: Side delivery rake in good condtion.Please leave message if no answer
Contact #: (306) 298-2128

Wanted: Looking to do odd jobs for elderly people. Such as shopping, cooking,baking or cleaning!
Contact #: (306) 750-7225

Wanted: looking for truck canopy for: 99 GMC Ext. Cab 5'8 wide X 6'10 long X 24" high
Contact #: (306) 774-4271

Wanted: Wanting to buy a engine driven irrigation pump or p t o pump. Only requiring the pump itself.  Also looking to buy a allis chalmers 7000 series tractor that requires a engine.
Contact #: (306) 294-7557

Wednesday, October 10th

Wanted: ticket for Jann Arden at Sky Center Nov 5 in Swift Current
Contact #: (306) 750-1901

Tuesday, October 9th 

Wanted: apartment size washer and dryer; top or front load.
Contact #: (250) 295-2744

Free: Sarah Lee’s Painting. Specializing in interior painting. Let’s make your house a home by caring for it in colour.
Contact #:(306) 774-6076

Wanted:  Cylinderhead for a John Deere model D.627 3300
Contact #: (306) 627-3300

Monday, October 8th 

Wanted: late model white stove also electric blanket in queen size
Contact #: 306 773 6180

Friday October 5th

Wanted: small 1 hp roller mill for feeding a couple of caves for 4 h
Contact #: 306 741 6394

Wanted: I am looking for a large canner that includes a rack for jars. We also have some farm cats that we would like to find a home for. There are a couple young cats that are quite friendly in that mix. It would be good for them to go to a farm.
Contact #:306-587-2739

Thursday, October 4th

Wanted: Looking for a 4 door pickup from the years 2010 to 2015. not running or in need of repairs is fine too.
Contact #: 3067781231

Wednesday, October 3rd

Wanted: Female, longer-haired dog for life on a farm.
Contact #: 306-773-9026

Wanted: Look for hockey equipment to fit a midget age hockey player for a boy age 16 years look for size 2xl
Contact #: 3063816839

Wanted: wanted a medium to large size deep freeze.
Contact #: 3066782149

Wanted: Wanted any size of TV for free. Can pick up.
Contact #: 306 773 2786

Tuesday, October 2nd

Wanted: straw bales square or round for bedding plants/garden/trees asap
Contact #: 3067410927

Wanted: Tent Trailer or Tent Trailer Frame. Axles must be in good condition. Tent Trailer does not need to be in good shape, as just looking for solid frame to make into trailer.
Contact #: 3067412608

Wanted: A wheelchair  lift for house.
Contact #: 306 558 4611

Monday, October 1st

Wanted: Looking For a Lefsa pan  For making  Lefsa
Contact #: 306 750 6224

Wanted: Hay in swift current/gull lake area
Contact #:306-671-7401

Sunday, September 30th 

Wanted: Looking for 16 foot camper with full bathroom preferred call anytime
Contact #: 306-315-0340

Saturday, September 29th

Wanted: complete grapple fork for front end loader
Contact #: 306-662-8129

Wanted: I am looking for a 1968 ford short box truck if you have one or know someone that does please call
Contact #: 306-630-5520

Friday, September 28th

Wanted: I am looking for the book "The Thornbirds" and a cd or cassette by Rodney Crowell "Diamonds & Dirt".
Contact #: 306 478 2212

Thursday, September 27th 

Wanted: Looking for a queen size bedroom set.  Can need to be refinished.  Not looking to spend a huge amount of money.  $500 or less
Contact #:3063152742

Wanted: a large gun vault
Contact #: 306-741-7630

Wanted: We are interested in housesitting for 3-4 months.....Dec- Jan Feb March .  Reliable retired couple with references of wanted.
Contact #: 306 741 4253

Wednesday, September 26th 

Wanted: a large gun vault
Contact #: 306-741-7630

Tuesday, September 25th

Wanted: Looking for chev or gmc half ton between the years of 1994 and 2007. Must be 4x4 and under 200 000km. Call or text 629-7310
Contact #: 306-629-7310

Wanted: Looking for 30 small square hay bales.
Contact #: 306-671-7795

Wanted: Farm King rotary grain cleaner
Contact #: 306-297-8888

Wanted: Wanting to buy a 7000 series Allis Chalmers tractor that requires a engine or a TL series allis payloader that would require a engine
Contact #: 306-394-7557

Wanted: Looking for a small amount of insulated chimney pipe. Any condition.
Contact #: 1-306-741-2729

Monday, September 24th

Wanted: Looking for horse hay
Contact #: 306-774-3922

Wanted: Farm dog prefer female with longer fur
Contact # 306-773-9026

Wanted: Wanted parts for a Hobart Champion 10000 Welder/ Generator 
Contact #: 306 741 0124

Wanted:  Around 30 large round straw bales for bedding, prefer wheat or duram straw.
Contact #: 3068597686

Wanted: Looking to buy a gas ice auger
Contact #: 306-741-3040

 Sunday, September 23rd 

Wanted: Looking for V8 mustang for sale. Around $5000 mark.
Contact #: 306-741-7817

Wanted: Trophies of any kind, different sports or events. Need 6 for spoof awards. Cheap
Contact #: 1-506-721-5852

Friday, September 21st

Wanted:  Looking to buy old advertising signs, clocks thermometers etc, also looking for old gas pumps and parts and old oil and grease cans phone 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Wanted:  Looking for a manure spreader that needs some work call or text Cliff at (306)750-0440
Contact #: (306)750-0440

Wanted: Would the individual that owns the Hobart Champion 10,000 Welder / generator in the Swift Current area phone me please
Contact #: 306 741 0124

Wanted: Wanted aeration tubes , 24 inches in diameter  call 306 629 7996
Contact #: 3066297996

Wanted:  Anyone needs some custom combining in gull lake area. Could help out some
Contact #: 3o67414921

Thursday, September 20th

Wanted: Good used battery for Pontiac Montana.
Contact #: 306-778-2611

Wanted: I'm looking for 10 too 12 laying hens
Contact #: 306 587 3385

Wanted: Looking for Horse hay. Square bales preferred. Please call or text.
Contact #: 306-774-3922

Wanted: wanting to buy a engine driven irrigation pump.  Just needing the pump and not the engine. Please call or text
Contact #: 306-294-7557

Wanted: Looking for some small square bales in the Shaunavon area. Must be good quality.
Contact #: Phone 297-2058 and leave a message or 297-8661

Wanted: Looking for a scarecrow in good decent shape.
Contact #: 3067742722

Wanted: water storage tanks that fit thru doorways or hallways.
Contact #: 3063805110

Wanted: A kind, longer -haired, farm dog, prefer female, of medium size
Contact #: 306- 773-9026

Wanted: Hydraulic wire roller. 3 point hitch or drawbar mount.
Contact #:  13068673189

Wanted: Need half a gallon of brown exterior paint, if anyone has some left over from a project.
Contact #: 306-741-2729

Wednesday, September 19th

Wanted:  Looking to rent or buy a coil tubing straightener.
Contact #: 306-741-6758

Wanted: Wanting to buy a engine driven irrigation pump, I’m only wanting the pump.
Contact #: 306-294-7557

Tuesday, September 18th

Wanted: 3 bedroom (2 up &1 down) house for rent.  Fridge, stove, washer, dryer.  Finished basement.  Detached garage and carport. No smoking or pets.  Available immediately.   $1000.00/ MONTH rent and $1000.00 damage deposit
Contact #: 3067416206

Wanted: Manure spreader
Contact #: 306 628 7324

Wanted: Looking for barley or oat round straw bales. Grass mix and or second cut alpha Round hay bales
Contact #: 306 741 1750

Monday, September 17th 

Contact #: 306-784-7696.

Saturday, September 15th 

Wanted: one jann arden ticket for nov 5 at sky center in swift current.
Contact #: 306-750-1901

Wanted: Lost gold wedding band in Shaunavon on Friday Sept 14th. If found please call 306 297 2824 . Leave a message if no answer.
Contact #: 306-297-2824

Friday, September 14th 

Wanted:  Looking to buy old advertising signs, clocks thermometers etc, also old service station gas pumps and parts and old oil and grease pails call 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001
Contact #:    306-778-1231

Thursday, September 13th

Wanted: If any farmers are cleaning up their scrap iron piles I am interested in old cars and old farm equipment and will pay above scrap price so give me a call before you scrap everything
Contact #:  Phone 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001

Tuesday, September 11th

Wanted:  Looking to buy a 12' or 14' Sea Can container. Doesn't matter what color, but must be in good condition, preferably in the Swift Current area.Would also consider a shed like the ones in the oilpatch that are insulated
Contact #: 306-741-7767

Wanted: looking for round straw bales, prefer wheat or duram for bedding. I lost the 2 numbers of the guys who called. Would like some close to Beechy/Kyle area. Also Riding mower and snow blower for sale
Contact #: 306-859-7686

Monday, September 10th

Wanted: Horse shelter
Contact #: 306-741-3311

Wanted:  Looking to purchase white vinyl siding around 300 square feet
Contact #: 306-560-8787

Wanted: Vehicle mounted bicycle rack Must handle at least two bikes.
Contact #: 306 773-9817

Wanted: Horse hay, square bales or round bales.
Contact #: 306-774-3922

Wanted: Looking for 2 packer operators for the rest of road construction season.  Work located south of eastend. Must have a valid drivers license. Start soon as possible
Contact #: 403-899-0660

Wanted: A good, used swing away auger 10" x 60-70'
Contact #: 306-741-7609

Sunday, September 9th

Wanted: I’m looking for a 1954-1962 in-line 6  261 or 235 in running condition
Contact #: 306-774-5445

Friday, September 7th

Wanted: Looking to buy old advertising signs, clocks thermometers etc, also old gas pumps and parts and old oil and grease cans.
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Thursday, September 6th

Wanted: Hoping to make sauerkraut this weekend and are looking  to Borrow, Rent or Purchase a Cabbage Slicer.
Contact #: 306-774-3667

Wanted: Looking for the phone # for the "handi-van" that was advertised on Thursday, Sept. 6.
Contact #: 306-858-2547 or 858-7974

Wednesday, September 5th

Wanted: Wanting some barn cats and also looking for a chicken plucker.
Contact #: 306 378 7589

Wanted: Yukon Gold Potatoes, New crop,,Will dig if needed.
Contact #: 306-626-3304   [email protected] 

Wanted: A piece of aged black walnut 36 inch long by 10 inch wide by 3/4 inch thick.
Contact #: 306-778-2611

Wanted: Could the lady from Shaunavon who had the lift chair on trading post yesterday give me a call of txt at 306-631-0456. Wrote your number down wrong. Thks.
Contact #: 306-631-0456

Tuesday, September 4th

Wanted: TDI Volkswagen
Contact #: 1-306-750-2759

Saturday, September 1st 

Wanted: Looking to buy a super b load of feed oats
Contact #: 306-295-7379

Friday, August 31st

Wanted: If you have an older flip phone cell phone that you haven't recycled yet.  Please call  or leave a message. Thanks. 
Contact #: 306 778 6206

Wanted: Crome front bumper for 68 F100 truck
Contact #: 306 741-6339

Wanted: Looking for grass hay. Also looking for a wood stove
Contact #: 306-640-6262

Thursday, August 30th

Wanted: Looking for an 18x 34 tire on a 16 inch rim to fit a Case 830 tractor. Call or text.
Contact #: 306 741 0871

Wanted: 20 to 30 feet of double  disk drill in good condition phone or text  306 640 2404
Contact #:

Wednesday, August 29th

Wanted: Used window mount air conditioner in working condition
Contact #: 306-774-4686

Wanted: 1500 watt coolant circulating heater liked used on a tractor engine. Prefer the Temro brand with built in check valve and aluminum housing but would consider other brand.
Contact #: 306-750-2329

Wanted: Looking for a good walk behind rotor tiller
Contact #: 306 -741-6010

Wanted:Looking for an exhaust manifold for a 4.9L 300 In-line 6 engine out of a 1979 Ford halfton
Contact #: 306-741-7817

Tuesday, August 28th

Wanted: Looking for someone to fix fence around the yard and put a few more posts in. Working with sheep wire. 
Contact #: 3067749737

Wanted: Looking for 4 hair sheep in the glen bain area the came out of the pen and we can't find them anymore if anyone sees them can contact Johan
Contact #: 3067500764

Wanted:  Looking to buy a 1950 - 1960 Willy's Jeep Pickup Truck.
Contact #: 306-774-3737

Monday, August 27th

Wanted: Looking for a John Deere 9600 or 9610 combine in good condition.
Contact #: 681-7610

Wanted:  14.9x24 rim or rim and tire to fit 1680 combine
Contact #: 3063805110

Wanted: Medium sized dirt bike suitable for an experienced 12 year old rider. Preferably 1990 or newer.
Contact #: 306 535 3336

Wanted: Looking for jam jars!! Please text this number if you have any! 
Contact #: 1-306-772-0339

Friday, August 24th

Wanted: Looking for a few shed antlers for a project
Contact #: 306 773 6723

Wanted: Looking for a gas powered golf cart
Contact #: 306-375-7100

Wanted: Looking for 25-30 round duram or wheat straw bales for bedding, AND FOR SALE; still have the 14 ft steel bin for sale as well as the Craftsman 54 inch riding mower and a Craftsman 24 inch snow blower. Both units in like new condition
Contact #: 3068597686

Wanted: Looking to buy old advertising signs, clocks and thermometers etc. also looking for old gas pumps and parts and old oil and grease pails
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Thursday, August 23rd

Wanted: Someone to help off load 35 bundles of shingles onto roof on Friday Aug 24.  Then help to strip off old shingles next week.  MUST be comfortable on a roof.
Contact #: 306 741 6206

Wanted: Looking to rent portable dockage cleaner for a day or two.
Contact #:306-672-4078

Contact #:

Wanted: I am looking for a gas golf cart.  Must be in decent used condition.  Please call or text
Contact #: 306-560-8787

Tuesday, August 21st

Wanted:I’m looking for some Summer Savory please
Contact #: 3067739000

Wanted:Looking for a old church to buy. Needs to be within 45 min of swift current and have power preferred. Let me know if you have one or know of one for sale.
Contact #:306-774-9392

Wanted:Looking for a straight cut header to fit a  John Deere 9500 9600 combine. At least 30 feet rigid or Draper
Contact #:306 629 7721

Wanted: Carpenter to do some odd jobs fixing things around the house.
Contact #:306-741-1143

Wanted: A smaller fridge approx. 5  ft tall in good working condition.
Contact #:741-1042

Monday, August 20th

Wanted: Looking for someone to put up a 35X60 steel building in the Rosenhoff area.
Contact #: 780-881-8727

Wanted:To purchase  a good used golf cart.... for use in Lac Pelletier area! 
Contact #:Phone 306 750 8786

Friday, August 17th

Wanted: Looking for a good work  half ton or suv max price $2000 Has to be high for graval roads. Please text 3066617513 with what you have.
Contact #: 306 6617513

Wanted: a 7 inch by 30 or 40 foot grain auger
Contact #: 306 741 1773

Wanted:Farm dog
Contact #:773 9026

Thursday, August 16th

Wanted:Looking For - old style manual push vacuum cleaner - no electrical power required.  Also, For Sale -  an executive L - shaped office desk.
Contact #:306-773-7976

Wanted:Looking for a square baler
Contact #:306 774-4494

Wednesday, August 15th

Wanted: Remote controlled room heater.
Contact #:306 741 8787

Wanted:Looking for a crib and bunk beds
Contact #:3067748365

Wanted: Looking to buy a 14 foot or bigger no longer then 20 foot number pull camper trailer call after 5 if you have something you would like to sell thank you
Contact #:306 315 0340

Wanted:Looking for a Picnic table. Call, or send a text and I will get back to you if I miss your call.
Contact #: 306 750 8079

Wanted:Looking for a used washing machine also looking for pasture land or acreage close to swift current and waldeck area to trade for house in swift current
Contact #:3067417833

Wanted:Looking to buy a 14 foot or bigger no longer then 20 foot number pull camper trailer call after 5 if you have something you would like to sell thank you
Contact #: 3063150340

Monday, August 13th

Wanted: Round straw bales in swift Current area
Contact #: 3067412093

Wanted:Looking for a hopper bottom feed bin. Around 180 or 200 bushel' s.
Contact #:306-741-1750

Wanted:Washing machine. Must be in great working condition.Please call or text.  Thanks.
Contact #:  306 315-2233

Friday, August 10th

Wanted: Looking for an old Chrysler imperial car, in any condition for a project car.
Contact #: 306 773 6724

Wanted: Truck camper
Contact #: 306-778-6654

Wanted: Fit, skilled young man looking for temporary farm or other work in the Sceptre area.
Contact #: 306-485-6115

Wanted: Looking to buy hailed crop suitable for feed. Will cut and bale. Preferably in Shamrock, Hodgeville or Chaplin area.
Contact #: 306 677 7228 or 306 677 2836

Wanted: 2007 to 2009 GMC 2500HD
Contact #: 1-306-264-7879

Wednesday, August 8th

Wanted: Governer for 2320 John Deere swather with a Chrysler slant six
Contact #:306 295 4087

Wanted: Drawbar  and stay bars for an 8n Ford tractor.
Contact #: Phone  306 773 2419

Wanted:  hailed crop between Leader and Stewart Valley, standing or swathed, or Kochia patches. TLC Ranch, 622-2222 or 741-1546
Contact #:3067411546

Wanted:Overhead camper and a woman's bike
Contact #: 306-741-7882

Wanted:We are still looking for a picnic table if anyone has one they would like to get rid of cheap. It doesn't matter if it needs painting. You can call or text. And photos and measurements would be great!
Contact #: 306 750 8079

Wanted:haukaas ( or similar) swather hitch stabilizer
Contact #:306-298-4816

Tuesday, August 7th

Wanted:Looking for the windshield repair person or company that was at the S.C. Mall this spring with the orange tent.  He fixed rock spots on the windshields. I need a telephone # or company name.  Please call days to Pat at 306-773-7251 or text me at 306-741-5689  thanks
Contact #:306-741-5689

Wanted:a bell 4100 receiver
Contact #:1-306-750-9414

Wanted:Portable air conditioner Need it asap call after 5. 6777052
Contact #: 3066777052

Wanted:looking for rooted parsley and summer     savory
Contact #:3o6 741 5482

Wanted:Wanted to but or rent a swath roler
Contact #:306 741 1773

Friday, August 3rd

Wanted: Looking to buy old advertising signs, clocks, thermometers etc also old gas pumps and parts as well as old oil and grease cans.
Contact #: 306-778-1231

Wanted:looking  for  a use dishwasher
Contact #:306-774-9335

Wanted: Wanted to buy : A flat screen TV, 27 inch or larger
Contact #:306-741-7465

Wanted:Looking for a picnic table for our deck if anyone has one they are wanting to get rid of for cheap. You can phone or text.
Contact #:306 750 8079

Wanted:Cab length chrome running boards that fit an 07 F-350
Contact #:306-671-7424

Wanted: Lost dog in the area around warner industries. Medium sized blonde curly hair answer to the name caroline
Contact #: 3067500301

Wednesday, August 1st

Wanted:  Wanted water tanker to go on tandem truck, decent condition, don't want to spend price of new call or text 625-7268
Contact #: 13066257268

Wanted:Looking for golf cart shed at Elmwood golf course
Contact #:306-741-7563

Wanted:730 I H C swather for parts
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