When you sit down at the table to enjoy a meal do you stop to think about where your food comes from?

Farmers and ranchers put in long hours and take great pride in producing the food we eat.

The Swift Current Chamber of Commerce Farmer’s Appreciation Night put the spotlight on the work and effort of farmers.

Carla Carlson was the keynote speaker for the 5th Annual Farmer Appreciation Night and talked about Farm Fresh Leadership: The Everyday Grace of the Dinner Table.

She says she wanted to focus on the contributions of the farming community as a legacy piece.

“I’m looking at the dinner table and the core values that we’re learning at our dinner table that really represent the ethics or the legacy of farming. Talking about things like teaching our children about gratitude and appreciation, core values and sustainability. Those kinds of core ethical things that we learn at our dinner table, in our families, and in our communities really have an impact on our everyday grace and on our communities.”

Carlson says farmers play an important role in society, adding that there is a lot that we can learn from them and their work ethic.

“The core farming values of integrity and honesty, hard work, teamwork, community and commitment and all the things that we know that our farmers live and breathe every day are leadership principles. The world is seeking leadership, our farmers are those leaders and their children will be leaders, it’s big business. So, absolutely the information is 100% transferable.”

Carla Carlson is a Swift Current lawyer who has a background in social work and is the author of the book “Everyday Grace: Finding Your Extraordinary in Ordinary Everyday Life”.

The book is available at her local office, McNally Robinson in Saskatoon or on Amazon.

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