The ever-popular ACT Park in Swift Current is getting ready for a facelift. 

The City of Swift Current announced during last night's city council meeting that they would be awarding the contract for resurfacing the park to Shercom Industries Inc. of Saskatoon. That contract will cost the city a hair less than $125,000. 

Presenting this matter before city council was the General Manager of Community Services, Nicole Spenst. 

"Submissions were evaluated on unit price, installation time, warranty and references," revealed Spenst. "[Shercom] received the highest evaluation score and is therefore deemed to be the best value for the City. The submission includes a 10-year warranty on the surface."

Work is set to begin at the park on August 28 and September 27, 2023. This will include the removal of the old surface and the installation of the new one. 

"This allows the community to enjoy the summer months of the park and provide the opportunity for a summer Parks Play program to be based out of ACT Swift in July and August," said Spenst. 

Riverside Park is undergoing some patchwork on its play surface, which is set to wrap up tomorrow.