Marie-Claude Bibeau says she's excited to continue her role as Canada's agriculture minister.

She talked about her priorities going forward.

"When I think about our western producers, I want to keep working with them to help them bounce back from the drought because I know it's been a very, very difficult summer for them. This is definitely top of mind for me. It's another example that the climate is changing and that we really have to double down on our effort to have more sustainable agriculture."

Bibeau says labour will also be a key focus.

"This is, I would say one of the most important issues. I hear that everywhere across the country and actually, it's not limited to agriculture and agri-food but it is extremely important in our sector. Temporary foreign workers is one part of the answer and I will keep working with Minister Qualtrough who is still in the same portfolio. We will be able to continue working on the reform for the Temporary Foreign Workers Program."

The country's agriculture ministers will be meeting next week in Guelph, Ontario to talk about the Next Agricultural Policy Framework.