There's what we do, and then there's what we leave behind.

For many, we can only hope to leave behind a legacy as cherished as that of Rick Biensch. Biensch was a farmer from Abbey who, after passing in an agricultural accident, is still being thought of fondly by the community.

This year, they are celebrating his memory by hosting a Rick Beinsch Memorial Bull Riding Event leading up to the Sandhill Roping Club Annual Rodeo this summer out by Abbey.

Organizing the event is Cody Strandquist, who will also be supplying the bulls for the riders.

"There will be a concession, beer gardens open in the Saddle Dome," shared Strandquist. "I think it'll be a pretty good evening to kick off their rodeo weekend."

This event hopes to draw in roughly 20 riders. It's an unsanctioned event, so while they aren't looking for amateur riders per se, they are looking for anyone willing to have a go.

The event being named for a figurehead of the local community serves to remind us of all the impact Beinsch had. Being remembered for sponsoring the local rodeo, volunteering and organizing it and other events, and always looking to lend a hand to those who asked. He is remembered fondly enough that they are honouring his legacy by hoisting his name on the title.

For Jenn Biensch, Rick Beinch's widow, this gesture is one she appreciates and has given her blessing to.

"The Rope Club committee approached me about it as a way to memorialize Rick. He passed away June 9th in a farming accident, and so this will be the one-year anniversary since his accident," shared Biensch. "I was really honoured that they wanted to do this in memory of him, and this is something that he would love. We're going to spend the day talking about him and having some fun and probably some tears, but it's a nice way to remember him."

If anyone is looking to ride, they can contact Strandquist at 306-375-7323. He will also be willing to take on volunteers and folks looking to contribute.

For anyone else that wants to come out for a fun time and remember a farmer who sowed more than a few happy memories in his community, they are welcome to come out when the gates open at 4 p.m. on June 9th, with rides starting at 6 p.m. This event will be kickstarting the Sandhill Roping Club Annual Rodeo, which runs from June 10th to the 11th. The location of the event is not the Saddle Dome in Calgary, Alberta, but is the Saddle Dome located six miles south of Lancer, or six miles west and three miles south of Abbey.