The City of Swift Current approved its 2024 municipal budget this afternoon which encompasses a property tax increase of 3.24 per cent.

Swift Current's overall budget for the year will be $84.78 million with $11.7 million spent on capital projects and the remaining on operating & utilities expenses. 

Swift Current Mayor Al Bridal said on average, the tax hike will cost homeowners $61 annually.

"I believe the 2024 budget is a good example of doing what is right by the citizens who have entrusted us with their tax dollars," he said.  

The City increases its water & wastewater utility rate annually by two per cent and to avoid any debt have tacked on an additional increase this year of one per cent bringing the total jump to three per cent. 

Some of the larger capital purchases include a new fire truck ($1.3 million), a new drainage solution for Herbert Street East, and an extension on the Chinook Parkway ($160,000).

Swift Current Online will have a full story on this later today.