This past Wednesday, 278 homemade kindness cookies were enjoyed by students and staff at Cabri School as a part of a kindness day activity. 

The heart-shaped cookies were homemade with care by 10-year-old baker and student at Cabri School, Dia Dunnington. 

"Since my daughter is a baker, I decided to volunteer her for the task!" said Dia's mother, Shannon Dunnington, who is a teacher at the school. 

Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying tradition acknowledged across Canada, also took place on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Making Cabri School's kindness day cookies so much sweeter. 

The cookies took several days to fully complete and Dia was grateful for the help she received from her friend Quinton.

On Tuesday evening, the Dunningtons put the finishing touches on the kindness cookies by decorating them in a pastel pink icing. 

"They were thoroughly enjoyed by Cabri students and staff!" Said Shannon.