Southwest residents have the opportunity to tune in for a webinar about 'scale-dependent relationships between habitat, insects, and birds in native grasslands', along with the more than 200 other people who have already signed up.

This Native Prairie Speaker Series webinar will be on Tuesday, April 30th at 12 p.m. sharp and anyone, anywhere, can attend for free.

Caitlin Mroz-Sailer, stewardship coordinator for the Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan, aims to inform community members of the significance of biodiversity and foster important conversations.

"Native prairie and grasslands are actually one of the most endangered ecosystems," she said. "In Sask. alone, there's less than 13 per cent of native prairie remaining. 

"Native prairie grasslands are important to Sask.'s environment, culture, and to our economy, so the more we can learn about it the better."

The speakers will include John Wilmshurst from the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Diego Steinaker with SODCAP, and Kevin Hawkshaw with Birds Canada.

"All three of these people are scientists that are working with grasslands birds, particularly in the conservation of grasslands birds, and they're doing work right in southwest Sask," said Mroz-Sailer. "So they'll be talking about their work and about the finds they've had from their research in this part of the province."

"Generally the speakers will be talking for about 45 minutes or so, then we try to save about 10 minutes for questions from the audience."

People interested in attending the webinar can register online at, email, or call (306) 352 - 0472.

Mroz-Sailer notes that the organization also has a YouTube channel, SK PCAP, where previous webinars on a plethora of various topics are available. 

"It's fantastic that so many people are interested in learning more about prairie conservation and species at risk, so I'd like to invite everyone to come and join us," Mroz-Sailer concluded.