3:45 p.m.

The RCMP has released an update regarding the traffic collision and backup on Highway #1 earlier today.

“Firstly, no one has reported any injuries to our officers as a result of the road closure and traffic backup on Highway #1 between Regina and Moose Jaw today,” shares S/Sgt. Jason Sauve, White Butte RCMP Detachment Commander. “We want to thank our partners for their shared response during a very snowy and windy day on the open prairies. Officers on scene experienced reduced visibility and a patient queue of motorists who are now on their way to their individual destinations.”

RCMP officers have left the scene and are no longer redirecting traffic. Traffic is slowly moving and the roadway has been plowed. We do not have specific details available about the initial collision that occurred; however, it was the aftermath of four vehicles being stuck and snow piling up around them which resulted in the backup.

At one point there was a five-kilometre line of vehicles in both eastbound lanes at a standstill. In total, multiple police units and detachments responded including White Butte RCMP, Moose Jaw RCMP, Moose Jaw and White Butte Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan.

A number of vehicles are still in the ditch and/or on the shoulder of Highway #1 and will be removed in the coming days by their owners. Officers have marked several of them with police tape to show they have been checked for any vehicle occupants.

The snow is still coming down and with another end of workday commute beginning soon, we remind motorists to slow down and adjust their driving for winter conditions. Check the Highway Hotline frequently for changing weather conditions.

Original Story

Yesterday's storm continues to wreak havoc across the southwest as emergency crews continue the cleanup.

Early this morning, White Butte RCMP reported that they were on the scene of a collision in the eastbound lanes of highway #1 approximately 10 kilometres east of Pense.  Both lanes of traffic were blocked and as a result, a multi-kilometre lineup of vehicles was currently at a standstill.

As of 10:45 a.m. the highway remains closed to traffic between Moose Jaw and Regina.  Emergency Responders are turning motorists back from travelling on the eastbound lanes at the Moose Jaw/Highway #39 intersection in order to allow tow trucks to get through to open the roadway and clear the vehicles that remain stuck there.  They are asking all motorists to avoid the highway between Moose Jaw and Regina.

The public should also be mindful of RCMP officers on scene working to clear the roadway.

Anyone currently in their vehicle waiting for the road to open, do not leave your vehicle.  Conserve your cell phone battery.  If snow is piling up around the vehicle, ensure that the vehicle ahead of you has its exhaust pipe clear. For emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1.

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