The Swift Current SPCA sees many animals come and go on their way to find new owners and their forever homes, but one dog has been at the shelter longer than most. 

Sweet girl, Myka, is an adult pit bull terrier mix who has been at the SPCA waiting for a home for 330 days. 

Amy Dixon, operations manager for the Swift Current SPCA, remains optimistic that there's someone out there who will adopt Myka.

"After an animal is here for an extended period of time, they just start to be overlooked," said Dixon. "At first, there was quite a bit of interest, nothing that really stuck."

Myka is friendly, well mannered, knows many tricks, is great with people and kids, and has become a part of the team, hanging out with staff in the office and even appearing on social media.

"She's sort of one of the rare cases that ends up staying, we do sometimes get longer-term animals but usually it's a behavioural thing, she's just not that dog," Dixon noted. "We take her out on our events and things like that.

"It's just that she's quite dog selective, there are some dogs she gets along with just fine and there are other dogs that she doesn't."

Dixon is sure that Myka could integrate comfortably into a new family with a smooth and gradual introduction. 

"Just somebody who is mindful of her reactivity, or what could be that, but overall she's a really great dog, really nice demeanour," Dixon said."She's just a lot of fun, so it's kind of surprising that she is still here."

Although in some cases shelters will transfer a pet to another facility for them to have a better chance at being adopted, the Swift Current SPCA staff believe Myka has the best chance at finding a family with them.

"The stress of moving sometimes isn't worth the transfer, that said, it's not something we're against," said Dixon. "If another shelter wanted to take it on and made sure she had a nice smooth transition, we would definitely consider it.

"But right now I feel like we are the closest thing she's had to family and I don't want to traumatize her by giving her up another time in her life," she added.

Anyone interested in Myka can visit the SPCA in Swift Current or check out their website or Facebook. 

"She's just being overlooked, there's no reason for her to be here this long," Dixon concluded. "I feel like the right person is out there, they just have to find her."