Two southwest organizations are teaming up today in Shaunavon to break some barriers and stigmas in an afternoon of connection.

Crescent Point Energy recognizes Mental Health May every spring, and in honour of that this year, the gas company has collaborated with Better Together Swift Current.

Bob Karch, production superintendent for southwest Saskatchewan and North Dakota, said crews in the area are gathering at one of their facilities Shaunavon. 

"We do one barbecue a week and we invite all our people together," Karch said. "It's just about having lunch and about the importance of mental health, looking out for each other. [Today] Deb and Abbie are going to join us from Better Together and spend the day with the team out there."

robert karch crescent point energyRobert Karch wearing his Better Together besTee

Deb McNabb, co-founder of the non-profit, and Abbie Houston, who runs the southwest region, will be heading out to Shaunavon this afternoon to start a conversation around mental health.

Karch said that Crescent Point's admin Tanis Fahselt stumbled across McNabb's organization and immediately recognized the ways the two companies aligned.

It wasn't long before Fahselt reached out and the day was planned, with custom besTees designed that staff will be wearing at today's barbecue and around their facilities across the southwest. 

"Crescent Point cares about their people and they show it and demonstrate it by doing things like this," Karch added. "It's so important right now; mental health is real, and the more we can get out in front of people, the better off we'll all be—which lines up with Better Together."