Around 35 people in or interested in STEM attended the empowering Lunch n' Learn presentation yesterday at the Swift Current Museum. 

The event ran from 12 - 1 p.m. and highlighted the exhibit, Iron Willed, Women in STEM as well as significant local women of the industry from over the years.

Barbara Cade-Menun Ph.D., research scientist at the Swift Current Research and Development Centre, was honoured to be the guest speaker for something she's passionate about.

"Today was a special luncheon and talk to promote the exhibit," said Cade-Menun. "As a woman with a Ph.D. doing agriculture research, I was asked initially to talk about my research but I thought it would be far more interesting to talk about all the women who have been so important over the years at the Research Centre."

Although it is more common in present times for women to lead careers in STEM, these are still male-dominated industries for the most part. 

Cade-Menun noted there are only four women senior scientists out of the 14 working at the research centre in Swift Current.

"Women need to see role models, they need to see that it can be done, that it can be normal," she said when asked about the importance of the event.

Cade-Menun originally had dreams of becoming a medical doctor, but after working as a summer student at the Agriculture Canada Research Centre in Summerland, she found her calling.

The event recognized women in the community and was free to attend, with the option of enjoying a lunch for $10. 

"Find the women in your community who do this work and apply for jobs at places like the research centre, we hire lots of students, and we do mentoring," added Cade-Menun, encouraging young women to dream big.