Gull Lake was a portrait of days gone by during the Old Fashioned Christmas event.

The streets of Gull Lake were packed with folks enjoying the event, taking in vendors, food, and sleigh rides. 

Lindsay Aliban, the economic development officer for the Town of Gull Lake, was thrilled with how people made it out for the evening last night. 

"There were lots of people out considering the weather was so nice," said Aliban. "The streets were full of people and the sleigh rides were awesome. They went extra long because they had so many people that wanted to go, and the vendors had a good time at the trade show."

The trade show saw tons of sales, and the beer gardens were overflowing with friends and laughter. 

Parents could take their kids on the sleigh rides, which went longer into the night in order to meet the larger-than-expected demand for the holiday experience. 

Local bakers and handcrafters, along with a local Shaunavon grocer were able to increase their presence with the locals, showing off their goods and their crafts. 

"We had a couple of Shaunavon locals as well, including a new independent grocery store," said Aliban. "Aurora Bowery owns that, and a lot of people were interested in that."

Folks were able to take a tour through the Gull Lake campground, which was transformed into the Christmas Cove. It was transformed for the evening, going from campground to holiday wonderland. 

Given that this event was such a huge success, it bodes well for next year, even if the weather might be a bit more seasonal come then. 


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