Southwestern Saskatchewan certainly felt the wind more than the snow during yesterday's blizzard.

While most of the southwest only received 5 to 10 centimetres of snowfall, however, the top three wind gusts in the province belonged to southwest communities in Swift Current, Mankota, and Val Marie ranging from 113 to 108 km/h.

Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang said the low-pressure system that plaster Saskatchewan was the same one to hit British Columbia earlier this week.

"It was the same weather system that caused all the devastation... It had a lot of energy associated with it," she said. "Inject some cold air into a sub-tropical weather system, it will get quite a lot of energy and energy usually translates into wind speed. That's exactly what happened, what you guys lacked in snowfall you got in wind."

Large parts of southwestern Saskatchewan were without power for parts of yesterday, mostly in the morning period, but the wind also caused some damage including to the Liquor Store's roof in Swift Current.

"We had some power outages which we're expected," she said. "Not a lot of crazy damage [reported] or anything like that. Just a lot of bad highway driving and that type of thing. The roads iced up really quickly."

Swift Current's all-time wind gust record in November was recorded back on November 19, 1962, at 138 km/h.