The rainy weather yesterday did not stop those attending Market Square for the annual Southwest Saskatchewan Pride flag raising. 

This week of July 3rd through to July 9th has been proclaimed by the city as Swift Current Pride Week and Dawn Caswell, member of Southwest Saskatchewan Pride reflects on what it means to hold this event as part of the annual celebrations each year. 

``Having this happen year after year after year is a justification or legitimization of everything that we have worked so hard to get and not had recognized. So we need to keep doing it each year for that very reason.

Caswell adds that everyone is part of the community and to think that some need to be shut up in a closet or not be a part of the community is a fallacy. She says they will keep pushing forward and personally, she is living for the day when this becomes normal. 

Another member of Southwest Saskatchewan Pride, Jesse Koethler stresses the importance of their presence in the community. 

`We have been told by some people in the community as well that after attending our events and getting to know more people in the community, they finally felt comfortable coming out as who they are. Whether that`s a different gender than they presented as or a different sexual or gender identity. It`s really powerful to hear things like that.

Caswell adds that they were in the Frontier Day's parade this year and received a lot of support from spectators and adds that they have a ways to go but are trending in the right direction and that's all they can really ask for.