Southwestern Sask. is bracing for blizzard-like conditions to batter the region this weekend.

A winter storm watch was issued this morning for southern Sask. by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The storm, expected to reach the southwest early Saturday morning, is being created by a low-pressure system in Wyoming and Montana currently.

Brian Proctor, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said locals will see a very active weather pattern for most of the weekend.

"It's going to be a very blustery pattern," he said. "The areas that are further to the west in the Grainbelt a really likely to see significant amounts of blowing snow along with the intermittent snow they're going to see."

The system moving northeasterly through the region will carry wind gusts of around 60 kilometres tomorrow. Saturday overnight is slated for the brunt of the storm.

Some parts of southern Sask. are projected to obtain 25-35 centimetres of snowfall by the time the storm passes but that's a bit of a reach for the southwest Proctor believes. 

"We will probably see on the order of about 15 centimetres of snow will fall over the area through that early Saturday morning through to Sunday," he said. 

The current winter storm watch out for the southern part of the province is expected to escalate to a winter storm warning shortly and possibly even a blizzard warning.