The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation is providing notice of a one-day rotating strike, which will have some effect in the southwest.

Both École Mathieu de Gravelbourg and École Beau Soleil in Gravelbourg will be striking on Mar. 4.

During this strike, teachers will not be holding classes or performing any other teaching duties. 

Instead, they will be gathered in Regina with teachers from other centres, outside the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina. 

In an official release, STF President, Samantha Becotte, called out the Sask. government for refusing to answer calls on the issues of class complexity and resources. 

"Government has ignored calls, emails, meeting requests and office visits from teachers, parents and concerned citizens," said Becotte. "It will be awfully difficult for them to ignore us on Monday as they return for spring session."

Becotte goes on to reveal that since January 2024, Sask. residents have sent more than 110,000 emails to the government, all in support of the STF.

"In the face of this overwhelming support for the actions that teachers are taking for their students and publicly funded schools, it is deeply troubling that government remains so intransigent in their position," commented Becotte. "Students, teachers and families in Saskatchewan deserve much better."