The RM of Sask. Landing has offered up some clarity on a bit of miscommunication regarding the local drinking water. 

Last night's emergency drinking water advisory was a mistake, being that it's only a precautionary drinking water advisory.

The main difference stems from them knowing the source of the issue, rather than it being something unexpected or unknown, and that boiling water is only a precaution, instead of being imperative to sanitation. 

Corie Lanceleve, administrator for the RM of Sask. Landing offered apologies for the mishap. 

"That was by mistake," she said. "What we have on is a precautionary drinking water advisory due to the power outage. It was a planned power outage."

The power outage is due to work taking place along Highway 4. SaskPower is adjusting some infrastructure.

That means the precautionary drinking water advisory is also expected to last until next week. The requirement for it to be lifted is three clean samples of drinking water.

In the meantime, it is recommended that water be boiled before use in cooking or drinking, or other adjacent things like watering vegetables or brushing teeth.  

Anyone with questions can call the RM office at 306-778-2105.